Vastu for Basement - Is Basement Good for House & Office?

Vastu for Basement – Without Basement House – Is Basement Good for House?

Basement Vastu

Vastu for Basement Tips

According to Basement Vastu, it is ideal for designing your cellar in the North, North-East, or East bearing as these sides are highly beneficial.

There is a chance that some sunlight will enter the storm cellar and illuminate the energy levels.

You can also use beautiful colours to paint the basement’s dividers, emitting positive vibrations.

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It is suggested that one-fourth of the storm cellar be above ground, allowing enough light to enter to illuminate the area. This helps to keep the site dry and warm, which keeps the dividers solid and flawless.

Setting all of the heavy items in the basement’s South and West sections can be highly encouraging. It will sift through the sweltering night sunbeams if the South-West corner is kept over the ground.

Also, planning the construction so that the South-West corner bears the load’s brunt can create an extraordinary storm cellar establishment.

Because this location is below ground level, make sure the cellar’s height isn’t compromised.

For a more casual encounter, the size of this location should be nine feet or higher.

The basement’s overall impression should be in the shape of a square or square, as this helps to spread amiability and quiet vibes.

When the scene is cluttered, resentment enters the picture. Trying to keep the basement area perfect and clean for the mugginess levels may be more difficult than expected (as this spot is somewhat dull and soggy).

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Basement Vastu Things To Avoid

Because it is unlucky, the basement should not be located in the south, south-east, or west directions.

Heavy objects should not be placed to the north or East. Keep that space open to allow light to enter and brighten the area and allow for ventilation.

The staircase leading to the basement should be sturdy and free of flaws. Take the stairs on the north-east side instead. It will be more profitable to make it in the south-west corner.

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Using dark colours to paint the walls may create a pessimistic atmosphere, so avoid using such colours.

Basement Vastu FAQs


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