Commercial Building Vastu – Vastu for Commercial Buildings

Vastu shastra is the traditional Indian science of architecture and building. According to our ancestral, each structure or commercial complex must be constructed based on the art and science of architecture, i.e., Vastu Shastra. Vastu works by balancing five environmental elements – Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Space. With the help of Vastu, we can live in peace and take advantage of the benefits bestowed by nature. Its positive energy fills our life with an abundance of good health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness.

For the success of your business, it is essential to follow the Vastu shastra. Money is the most crucial factor in everyone’s life. But, from this money comes? Of course, from your business. So, it becomes even more vital to follow the Vastu when it comes to Business or commercial complex.

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Before buying any office, you should not ignore the Vastu for a commercial complex. After all, you will spend most of your productive time there. But, for that, you do not need to be an expert at Vastu Commercial. You have to read this article carefully. At the end of the blog, we promise you will learn all the essential tips of Vastu for Commercial Complex.

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Let’s guide you through the Commercial Building Vastu Tips.

Vastu for Commercial Buildings

For the commercial building, you should follow take care of the following things:

  • Ratio and Shape of Commercial Complex
  • The direction of the complex
  • Direction of parking
  • Direction of staircases
  • The direction of toilets, pantry and storeroom
  • The direction of water storage tanks
  • The direction of windows on each floor and in each room
  • Direction and area of open space
  • Types of plants and trees in the lawn in their directions
  • The direction of the entrance gate of the complex, as well as the shops in it
  • Placement of the electric equipment

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Ratio and Shape of Commercial Building

It is essential to have a look at the ratio and shape of your commercial complex. It affects the profit and loss of the occupants. According to the Vastu Shastra, the commercial complex should be of a rectangle or square shape. It should not be of any irregular shape as it creates loss and stress.

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When it comes to ratio, be sure that the commercial complex should be divided into 1:1 or 1:2 as this ratio is considered very auspicious for the occupants and the owner as it attracts the customers and ultimately attracts the money.

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Commercial Building Open Spaces

It is of utmost importance that the complex is attractive, open, and spacious to attract customers. According to the principles of Vastu, the north and east side of the complex must be left open as it attracts money, opportunity, and growth of the complex. You should have a look at the slope of the land. Also, it must be from the south to north and west to east. The lawn area should be in the north direction, and parking should be in the east order. Otherwise, it creates a financial loss.

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Commercial Building Main Gate Direction

The entrance of the main gate should be decorated and wide. It should be attractive so that it magnet customers and make a profit. According to Vastu, the height of the entrance gate should be more than that of individual doors. The main gate should be in the northeast direction as it attracts positive vibes in the complex. Also, it would help if you had to avoid the southwest direction as it affects the money and customers negatively.

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Commercial Building Vastu Tips

  • In the multi-storeyed building, the staircases should be running clockwise when anyone climbs on them and should be in the southwest direction.
  • The basement storeroom should be in the south or west direction of the complex.
  • The windows in the complex should be on the north or east walls so that the air circulation should be healthy and full of positivity.
  • It is auspicious to construct the temple in the northeast corner or at the centre of the complex.
  • Major construction of the building should be done in the south or west direction of the complex.
  • The southeast corner is the best opt for the placement of generators and other electronic types of equipment.
  • There is toilet or washrooms in every complex. According to the Vastu, there must be a toilet on each floor, and it should not be in the northeast corner as this corner meant to be kept clean.
  • If there is a lawn in the complex, there should be only natural flower plants and trees. Don’t use artificial things to decorate the lawn.
  • Also, clean the lawn every day and dumped the dry leaves out of the lawn as they attract negative energy in the complex.
  • To increase the chances of profit and success, the underground water tanks should be in the northeast direction, and the overhead water tanks should be in the southwest direction.
  • Any water leakage must be addressed and fixed immediately as it creates a monetary loss.
  • Avoid the thorny plants or trees at the main entrance of the complex.

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Vastu for Commercial Shop and Offices

  • The shop and office should be in the direction of North, Northeast, or Northwest. These directions are auspicious and attract positive energy.
  • Reception areas are the first place of the shops or offices which attracts the customers. It should be in the northeast direction, which attracts calmness and positive energy. The receptionist should east or north direction.
  • The shops or office walls should be grey, white, or light blue. In short, light colours should be used which depicts calm and positivity.
  • The shop owner or office owner should face the East or North direction while sitting.
  • The manager, director, and executives of the office should be seated in the Southwest, South, or West zone of the office as per commercial Vastu.
  • Facing the North or East direction is good for the employees while working in the office. These directions increase productivity.

Hope you consider the above tips while building any commercial complex or purchasing any shop or office. If you believe the tips mentioned above, you will touch the sky soon and feel positive energy.

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Vastu for Commercial Buildings FAQs

1. Which direction is good for business?

North, Northeast, or Northwest direction is good for the business as North direction is considered the direction of the Lord of Wealth, i.e. Kuber.

2. What should not be placed in front of the main door?

Any thorny plants, dustbins, or shoes should not be placed in front of the main door.

3. How do you attract more clients and success in your business?

Placing Awla and Tulasi plants at northeast direction bring quality clients and the Bamboo plant at southeast symbolises growth in all season.

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