Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility

A love that is bloomed out of friendship is the one free of judgment or hesitation. As friends, you discover a lot of things about the person! There is a fondness developed during the friendship that leads to Love. Friends turned lovers will always have a relationship which is cute and stupid but still rational. The Loveship incepted out of friendship tends to stand the test of times because of the understanding level they share. Be it marriage or relationship, it is often advised to be a bosom buddy to your BAE. Pisces are known to be the most emotional and sensitive zodiac sign of all. Fish are kind, gentle, extremely caring, loyal, devoted, and often know to put their partners' needs above their own. Pisces being a water sign, is highly adaptive and fine-tune to any situation around them. They focus on understanding and empathizing with their partner. Sag is more of a philosopher, who is flying from one destination to another or one prospect to another. They maintain a childlike glee in love, and along with them, carry an adventurous side as well. This fire element is often interested in the intellectual and physical connection.


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Sagittarius And Pisces Love

Sagittarius and Pisces love match is between two people with a rational perspective and conviction since they both are ruled by Jupiter. Another beauty of being affiliated with Jupiter is that everything in this relationship would make sense. It is either black or white, nothing is grey! They both share the same purpose: Change, however, they look at change through different lenses. For instance, Sag will need to travel and will take up physical activity, whereas Pisces will take up creative work, art, and decor. For an onlooker, this might look like a very odd couple, as Pisces is an introvert and an extrovert, however, they are perfect for each other.

  • The Archer and Fish are both compassionate and kind, they will never turn down an opportunity to help people and they are even proud of this quality they inhabit. The love between them will increase if they observe the same attribute in them. When together, Pisces will teach Sag to be more compassionate towards the world and the people around them. Furthermore, Sag will teach Pisces to go out and explore the world. They both will love to travel with one another. They can provide what their partner lacks and amp up the teamwork.
  • Both Pisces and Sag are mutable signs, and neither of them feels a need to dominate the other. They both love to share their ideas and have a brainstorming session on the same to implement them. Although they both are not interested in the results, they enjoy the journey more!
  • They both share a very emotional and complicated connection. They fall in love with each other very easily, however, it will be difficult for them to maintain that swing in the relationship as they both make decisions that are in the favor of the situation, even if it is against their wishes.
  • Sag is more social, open, and blunt. Whereas Pisces are less social, conservative, and in their own dreamland. Pisces builds castles in their dreams, whereas Sag travels around the world to see castles.

Pros Of Sagittarius And Pisces Relationship

The Sagittarius and Pisces compatibility admire each other’s qualities and strengths along with being highly adaptive. They are very emotional as well, with all the muchness, an instant physical attraction is bound to happen! They not only find their partners sexually and emotionally appealing, but they also find them interestingly mysterious!

  • Sag and Pisces give each other enough space and freedom in the relationship, which underpins mutual tolerance and also sets the base of a very healthy relationship. They both will be free to pursue their prospects whilst having their Bae by their side.
  • Sag will admire the overall caring nature of Pisces. They will admire how considerate they are about the environment, nature, and the people around them. Besides, Pisces will grow fond of how confident, bold, and direct Sag is! They grow a gripping relationship where they acquire different strengths as a team.
  • Sag is a dreamer and a philosopher! They have many thoughts and ideas which they rarely ever put into action or purpose. However, with Pisces, all the ideas are intended to be implemented. After all, Pisces are the doers and will help Sag execute and accomplish as well.
  • Being ruled by Fire, Sagittarius is known to have occasional outbursts, which the calm, composed, and ice-cool Pisces has the power to control.

Cons Of Sagittarius And Pisces Relationship

This is a match of two dreamers, and visionaries of adventure, travel, creativity, art, and all things pretty! They spend most of their time in their dreamland rather than in reality. When reality strikes, they both cannot face the wrath, leading them to part ways or have fights

  • Sagittarius is not an overly emotional sign, whereas Pisces is deeply emotional and can rift into melancholy from time to time. Sag, on the other hand, is optimistic and idealistic, to an extreme extent, that very few might even consider being careless. Fights could arise because of this difference in their thought process and emotional wavelength.
  • Sag Afterall is an Archer, similarly, his approach towards life is straight and direct. It is just about: aiming and shooting. Whereas Pisces is a fish who will follow a winding course of to and fro on his prospects. This attitude will irritate the Archer whereas Sag’s way will make Pisces look up to them as insensitive.
  • Tension could also arise in Sagittarius and Pisces relationship when Pisces would look for commitment or to put the tag of commitment on their relationship. Sag being less keen on commitment, especially at the initial stage, could drive the Archer away. Having said that, Sag cannot be tagged as commitment-phobic, however, they only settle when they feel the extreme need to do so.
  • Truthfulness is another issue that could arise in the relationship. Sag barely lies and will tell as it is. They cannot stand lies and are straightforward and blunt, which could make them look rude as well. Contrary to that Pisces, have a different approach. They do not lie much, however, they sugarcoat their words which could irk Archer driving a wedge between them.

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