Effects Of Venus Transit In Virgo (11th Aug) On Zodiac Signs

Effects Of Venus Transit In Virgo (11th Aug) On Zodiac Signs

Venus is the benefic planet, which is the significator of beauty, creativity, artistic skills and love life. It takes nearly a month to stay in one zodiac sign. Currently, the feminine planet Venus is passing through the Leo sign. On the 11th August 2021, Venus will move to Virgo sign until the first week of September.

Since it’s a benefic planet, it may not have any serious effects on your life. However, results may differ because it actually depends on the placement of planets and signs in the individual birth chart.

The Virgo sign is ruled by the second hottest planet Mercury, which is a good friend of Venus. Therefore, this combination is expected to tick all the boxes right for the individuals. Here, Mercury would be pleased to give shelter to the transiting Venus. On the other hand, Venus may have other plans. This would be because the placement of Venus will be in different houses for the natives associated with the different zodiac signs.

To learn about the Venus Transit in Virgo Impact on the area of life, find below the expert-written updates.

Pros and Cons Of Venus Transit In Virgo

Venus transit in Virgo sign may insist the natives to accept the unwanted changes or may bring harmony in your love life. Venus Transit in Virgo meaning defines that married natives or lovers may experience hiccups. Single natives may also find their life partner by the grace of Venus. Alright then, let us know what astrologers predict about the Venus transit in Virgo.

Venus Transit In Virgo 2021 Effects For Aries Moon Sign

This placement of Venus in the Mars-ruled sign may result in fascinating outcomes. The blend of fire and water elements would make you seek more time with your spouse. However, you may not get the desired response from your partner. You may indulge in social activities and night outings with your close buddies.

Business owners connected with the Aries sign can expect a smooth flow of cash. You may plan to buy luxurious items as well. Married natives may see a rise in unnecessary issues in their relationship.

Things To Follow: Please Maa Parvati and Lord Shiva by offering them rice

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Venus Transit In Virgo 2021 Effects For Taurus Moon Sign

This is one of the favourable placements of Venus as it governs the Taurus sign. Natives connected with the Taurus sign may receive love and honesty from their spouse or dating partner. However, in terms of finance, you may need to be attentive, or else you may succumb to financial loss. Bulls would be at their best when it comes to sending gifts to their loved ones.

This transit of Venus would help you improve your listening and grasping powers. You may plan to visit newly-launched restaurants to get the new taste of food. In short, you would have a favourable time.

Things To Follow: Listen or read the ancient stories related to Lord Parshuram

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Venus Transit In Virgo 2021 Effects For Gemini Moon Sign

For natives of Gemini, it would be the perfect time to improve their personality. Venus transit in the sign of Mercury may bring opportunities for you to learn new things. Your humour and wit may attract others to get your intervention. Slowly, you may expand your friend circle. Those who are working in a corporate workplace may lose their focus from their work.

The twins may incline towards the art and creative field. You may have unique views and thoughts to apply at your workstation. Overall, this transition may bring positive changes.

Things To Follow:  Worship Maa Saraswati with full devotion on Fridays. 

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Venus Transit In Virgo 2021 Effects For Cancer Moon Sign

Individuals with Cancer signs are likely to enter a new relationship with someone special. You would be on your toes to accomplish your relationship goals. You may take special care of your spouse and friends. On the professional front, you should be attentive to your work. Otherwise, your haste decision may create issues at your workplace. You may perform yoga and meditation to improve your lifestyle and fitness goals. Cancer-bound business owners are likely to take bold steps, which would be risky for them.

Things To Follow: Start your day by drinking hot lemon water in the morning. 

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Venus Transit In Virgo 2021 Effects For Leo Moon Sign

Those natives who are representing the Leo sign can expect a joyful and pleasant love life. This placement of Venus may make a person a very kind-hearted person. You may want someone to listen to your ideas or the one who can walk miles with you. Lovers who recently ended their relationship may find it difficult to get back. Leo natives are likely to spend money on expensive clothes and fashion garments. You may pick up gifts to send to your old friends. There are chances that Lions may get involved in speculation or gambling activities.

Things To Follow: You should put rose quartz crystal in the southern direction. 

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Venus Transit In Virgo 2021 Effects For Virgo Moon Sign

Individuals who are associated with Virgo signs are likely to become more judgemental. You may have the busiest love life among other natives. You may give serious effort to build a strong and formidable relationship. But, after some time, you would feel insecure. At times, you may use harsh words for your partner, but this would be a part of nurturing. You may like to purchase new things so that you can show off. Married couples may have a practical approach and they may surprise their partner with expensive gifts.

Things To Follow: You should recite Venus Beej Mantra religiously.

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Venus Transit In Virgo 2021 Effects For Libra Moon Sign

Libra individuals may have a suitable phase as it is the own-ruled sign of Venus. You are likely to express yourself by meeting and greeting everyone. Lovers or dating partners connected with the Libra sign may stay committed to their partners. Also, they may spend quality time with their spouse. Besides, in professional life, things may not work in your favour at your office. Your colleagues may seek your suggestion or intervention in the project work. Natives who are in the field of marketing or advertising may inch closer to their desired success.

Things To Follow: You should carry silver in your wallet or purse. 

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Venus Transit In Virgo 2021 Effects For Scorpio Moon Sign

Scorpio natives may find new contacts in the coming days as you may indulge more in social activities. Those who are connected with the corporate world may find success by putting extra effort into their work. You may feel extra responsibilities on your shoulders, so it is advisable for you to handle things with care. You may enhance your intuition power and may have mood swings several times. This placement of Venus in the sign of Mars may give you satisfactory results in the areas of your life.

Things To Follow: You should donate grass to the cows and buffalos. 

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Venus Transit In Virgo 2021 Effects For Sagittarius Moon Sign

This combination inspires Sagittarius individuals to achieve their life goals. In this process, you may expand your friend circle. Slowly, you are likely to come into the limelight. In regards to your relationship, you would be ready to sacrifice your time to your spouse. And therefore, it is likely that you may build a long-lasting relationship. Natives who are in the teaching or acting field may spend an enjoyable time in their work. This placement of Venus assists you to earn stable growth in your cash flow. You may put effort into achieving your financial goals. Overall, it would be a quite favourable time for Sagittarius pals.

Things To Follow: Eat aniseed after having your meal on a daily basis.

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Venus Transit In Virgo 2021 Effects For Capricorn Moon Sign

Capricorn is the Saturn-ruled sign, and so, Venus transit would be a lesson for Capricorn natives. Saturn may judge your performance and according to that, you may earn the result. Others may not give you support in your views and ideas. You may struggle to accomplish your work targets with this placement. Single natives with Capricorn signs may attract others to start their new chapter of the relationship. Small or big business owners are likely to mint money through their newly-developed strategies. Overall, it would be a great time for you. 

Things To Follow: Start wearing suitable gemstones to get the positive effects of Venus.

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Venus Transit In Virgo 2021 Effects For Aquarius Moon Sign

Those Aquarius natives who are working in the corporate world may put their innovative ideas into their work. You may earn appreciation from your seniors. Some of you may even complete your work before the deadline. However, this won’t be easy as Saturn would be observing you closely. Entrepreneurs born under the Aquarius sign may get a great start in their business. Your new strategies may give you positive results in running your newly-developed business. Your colleagues and staff would be supportive of you. Investors may have a fair time to make an important decision.

Things To Follow: Send a surprise gift to your spouse. 

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Venus Transit In Virgo 2021 Effects For Pisces Moon Sign

Venus transit in Virgo can bring peace and harmony in the love life of Pisces individuals. At the same time, you may expect more from your spouse. You may spend time in the cosy arms of your partner. You two may build a formidable bond to put your name on the list of perfect matches.

Moreover, you may lend support to your old friends. Job professionals born under the Pisces sign should seek advice from their seniors before making any significant decision about their projects. This transit of Venus may positively influence your personality and therefore it is likely that you may earn name and fame. In short, you may have a suitable time.

Things To Follow: Start reading Durga Chalisa on Fridays.

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Venus Transit in Virgo astrology aspects suggests that individuals may experience changes in their marriage life or in financial matters. Astrologers believe that those who have auspicious yoga in their kundali may get benefits from this phase. The upcoming transit will be in the holy Shravan month, so it would be a perfect time to organise a Rudrabhishek Puja as well. By doing so, you can get blessed with the divine powers of Lord Shiva.

Wrapping Up

Venus transit in Virgo means that you may get blessed with the fresh energies of the benefic planets. We understood the effects of transition on the native’s lives, as suggested by best astrologers.

If you have any concerns regarding the Venus transit, you can ask our experienced astrologers for their guidance. On the ending note, we wish you a pleasant time ahead.