Vastu for Residence – A Complete Guide for Vastu For Residence

Vastu for Residence – A Complete Guide for Vastu For Residence

Vastu Shastra is connected with various sorts of energies like sun, moon, light etc. While developing a building, people may come across various issues. And to eliminate those unnecessary obstacles, we need to follow the rules of Vastu. Vastu is a significant part in giving an idealistic vibe and energy across the house, be it your living room, kitchen, restroom, pooja room, garden area, private plots, tanks, borewell, storage space, or numerous different zones. It goes more into subtleties when it is related to the flight of stairs, balconies, pool, and so forth. In this way, private Vastu is of the most extreme significance that can help in acquiring a ton of advantages for the ones living in the house.

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Vastu for Residence

If you follow the rules of Vastu, then you and your house may receive positive and idealistic energies, and it will acquire extraordinary well-being, abundance and joy for the family. Vastu for residence incorporates building a house/room/space in a specific bearing (North, South, East, West, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast and Northwest) as every one of them may either impact the house.

Firm adherents of Vastu-shastra consider that if a house is developed without coordinating the Vastu Tips for Home, it fills in as a danger to the development just as the inhabitants. Negligence to enormous power places a family in incredible danger, a solid battle against clashes of life carrying genuine entanglements to it. People believe that with the assistance of reformists, restorative advances and Vastu Shastra for House development, it is never past the point where it is possible to hold fast to the standards of Vastu Shastra or to offer peace.

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Basic Vastu Tips for Home

Below is what our experts have to say about Vastu Guidelines for different areas of your house.

Vastu for Doors and Windows

Firstly, your house entrance should consistently point toward the east direction. Positions of entryways and windows should be facing the Northeast, East of Northeast, or North of Northeast directions. This situation allows positive energies into the room. One can put an insignia image on their entryways beside substantial decorations.

House entrance Vastu proposes that the house ought to have two presentations. They ought not to be adjusted, and the one utilized as exit ought to be similarly more modest and should have just a single Louver.

The fundamental entryway Vastu for home suggests that the main entrance should have two shades. Also, it should be made using teak material for great equilibrium.

Vastu for Living Room

Lounges are a customary spot in any family and are mainly located in the front-facing space of our house. They can be pretty much as wide or small. Vastu for Drawing Room suggests that it should be positioned with the most extreme need. Nonetheless, one should remember the bearing that the occupant would confront when inside the room. Pointing towards the East direction gives better outcomes while pointing toward the North likewise demonstrates that the lounge room is in the front rather than the middle.

According to Vastu Tips for lounge, abstain from having the parlour the west or south way from the receiving area as these bearings don’t yield the appropriate vibrations of the infinite energy.

One can have more than one entryway for the front room, given that they are the correct way and as per Vastu Shastra. Additionally, one should keep up the magnificence and artfulness of this room as it advances a way of life with immaterial hardship and more bliss.

Vastu for Bedroom

It is ideal to have the room and windows pointing toward the south or southeast, as it guarantees great well-being and joy. According to the Bedroom Vastu, the bedroom should be in the southeast direction.

The bedroom or rooms of married couples should be in a perfect world spot the southwest way. Additionally, if the house is multi-celebrated, the main room ought to be on the subsequent level. In any case, the kids’ room ought not to be in a similar region/second level as it brings inconvenience. If not, then it can be an awful sign for Couples Room.

Vastu for Children's Room

Vastu Shastra has certain intriguing proportions of how to improve and put the kids’ rooms. Those actions are that kids rooms are proposed to be in the east or northwest ways of a house. The beds ought to be in the south, west or southwest bearings of the room. Their heads should point toward the east, while their feet should point toward the west, as energies identified with insight and memory are said to stream in those ways.

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Vastu for Residential Flats Restrooms

Restroom Vastu says that the ideal headings for having the washrooms are west and south, and waste ought to be towards North-East direction. These positions propose the sun falls straightforwardly on the body after washing. The washroom should be in the West or North-West direction and ought to be at a degree of 30 cm to 60 cm.

The restroom in the event that is connected to the structure ought to be situated in the West or Northwest corner. Also, bathtubs and sinks should be on the North-East, North, or East side of the washroom.

Vastu For Living Room

The lounge area should be near the kitchen and southwest, northwest, or upper east directions. The lounge area ought to be the western way of a structure. Or should be away from the kitchen position in the southwest corner as it deters economic development and falls apart the proprietor’s wellbeing. Also, the eating table should be placed in the middle and not in the southwest corner of your home.

Various floors for kitchen and lounge area should not exist as conveying food starting with one story then onto another, may causes burden.

Vastu for Kitchen

Vastu shastra for kitchen ought to preferably be in the southeast or northwest ways, and the cooking ought to be done eastwards. Abstain from utilizing the north-eastern bearing of the house as kitchen as it brings negative vibes and causes quarrel among the family.

The arrangement of washing area should be pointing towards the north-eastern bearing and away from the oven as it allows harmony and love inside the family.

The kitchen must not be in the north-eastern corner of the kitchen since it brings forth trouble among family members. Storage racks should be south or west-bound. Particularly the substantial ones.

Vastu for Pooja Room

This is perhaps the most significant and promising room of all in a house, and according to home Vastu, it should not be in the north-eastern corner of the ground floor. Then again, east, south or west headings can likewise be thought of.

The pictures or symbols of god should be kept in east or west, while the admirer should be facing eastwards or northwards. The special stepped area should be 2.5 cm from the divider.

The situation of petitions can be anyplace and not bearing explicit since supplications are heard from anyplace and wherever because of commitment and regard to god.

Vastu for Study Room

The best course to concentrate as per Vastu suggests that an investigation room is a peaceful spot and should be the northeastern way. Spot it close to the puja room or supplication room. This makes the room a better living place. Likewise, the room should be east or north-bound.

The library should confront the west and never be in the corner, and the shelves should be either in east, north or west bearings as opposed to being in the north, upper east or west.

We recommend that this room have a two-covered entryway situated in the North, Northeast, or West bearings of a room while the windows should be in the East, North, or West headings of the room.

Vastu for Swimming Pool

The pool, underground water tank, wells, or bore-wells should preferably be in the Eastern or North-eastern heading of the house.

Water represents the steady progression of money and bank adjusts, correspondingly beginning the pool or water body from the north-eastern direction and finishing off with the eastern course. The north-eastern heading and finishing off with the northern course yield the advantages of water, exhorted pool Vastu.

The incline of the pool should start from the west or east side. If the pool is situated in the Northern way, then incline should begin in the South and end in the north.

Vastu for Water Tank

As per the Vastu Shastra, the water tank should be placed in the Southwest since it fills in as the best area. Then again, the Western corner of the property can likewise be considered as an ideal area for putting the overhead water tank. Be that as it may, it ought to never be put in the structure rooftop.

Vastu for Home water tanks prompted that the overhead water tank can be the North-western way, just if the tank is minimal and is about a meter away from the structure’s rooftop.

According to Vastu for Water Tanks, remedially, the overhead water tanks should be set on an ethereal stage from the rooftop level.

Portico Vastu

The galleries and verandas should be placed in the upper east looking from the house since they represent great wellbeing and thriving in the event that the house is now devised in the south-western direction. The other changes to the overhang area can be made with glass installations.

Portico Vastu recommends that the rooftop or shade of the gallery is prudent at a lower level than the floor of the primary structure. Also, a decent overhang or veranda are placed on the bases of a marginally coloured rooftop over it, of which the corners are painstakingly organized and not totally round.

Vastu for Staircase

Stairs in the house are viewed as a costly undertaking alongside it being a substantial establishment. If one should choose to have it in the house, it should confront the south or west piece of the house. Using the northern or eastern headings as flights of stairs demonstrate be disadvantageous as it makes the struggle between substantial items and lighter zones of the house.

Nonetheless, here are some flight of stairs Vastu Tips to keep away from any disarray while setting the flights of stairs, they are:

The all outnumber of steps should never end with a zero, for instance: 10, 20, etc. Additionally, steps should not end with even numbers. This is because one should consistently put the correct foot first as it carries best of luck and steps finishing with a considerable number advance the left foot, which represents misfortune or sick destiny. Vastu shastra for home steps should try not to have around the flight of stairs.

Vastu for Parking Space

One should remember that the North-west corner of the property is an ideal heading. So, it should not be associated with the compound divider or the fundamental structure. Vehicles should be parked in the north or east directions and not in the south as it requires a long excursion for the owner. We also recommend that the car parking area should be painted with light colour lines.

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Wrapping Up

Folks, this is how Vastu play a vital role in providing peace and harmony in our house. And to receive those good things, one must obey the rules of Vastu for Residence Plots or buildings. Also, one should keep Vastu Guidelines in mind while purchasing their own property. This may give you positive results and good health to your family members as well. With this, hope you have a lovely time reading this.

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