Vastu for the Office – Vastu for Workplace, Work from Home, Interior & Shape of Desk

Vastu for the Office – Vastu for Workplace, Work from Home, Interior & Shape of Desk

Vastu is the art of structural design, layout, planning and designing. It maintains a balance between positive and negative energies. During the old days, the business did not flourish much in comparison to these days. Most of the business dealings were done from home. Finance is the heart and soul of every business and is required to set up an office as per the instructions approved by the traditional science of architecture, Vastu Shastra. In small business, the financial flow and transaction depend on the payments, cash flow and receipts. At the same time, big companies maintain their sources of financial stability.

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To avoid difficulties in business, the office should be Vastu compliant. The décor should be placed in the right corner and direction to achieve success and prosperity at the workplace. As per Vastu Shastra guidelines, you can attain success only when the ambience of your workplace is lively and serene. Hence, as per Vastu for office, the correct placement of décor, seating arrangement, and office entrance not only safeguards the monetary flow. It is also beneficial for the growth in career and good luck. Though, to maintain a balance between environment and work culture. It has become vital to stick to the guidelines of Vastu Shastra to attract positive vibes and peace at your workplace.

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Best Vastu for Office and Workplace

A positive, Motivating and blissful environment is the key to achieve success and growth in business. Known as “The Science of Architecture”, Vastu Shastra helps create a cheerful and professional work ambience for both the management and the employees.

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If you follow the norms of Vastu Shastra while constructing, planning and designing the exteriors and interiors of the workplace, it attracts good fortune, success and prosperity. Here are some of the helpful Vastu tips for beneficial offices and boost positivity and growth in the business.

  • Shermukhi plot is perfect for constructing, office, factory or any other commercial space. Shermukhi plots are wider from the front and narrower at the end. You can also buy plots adjacent to roads that are highly functioning.
  • Office buildings facing the North, North-East or north-West directions are ideal as it attracts good fortune and a positive vibe.
  • The office building’s main entrance or main door should be facing the East or North direction. According to the office, as per Vastu, please do not place any object close to or in front of the entrance of the office building as it creates hindrances.
  • The East or North-East corner is the perfect location for a Welcome room for a business house.
  • central part of the building should be kept empty.
  • According to the office room Vastu, the owner’s cabin should be in the South-West direction while he/she should be facing North. Avoid placing temple and holy statues behind the owner’s seating space. The desk should be rectangular. Avoid any glass structure behind the owner seating area.
  • North and East directions are perfect for employees. Their face should be in that direction while sitting.
  • Keep the North-West zone of the office building free from anti-elements and activities for a stable financial support system. Avoid building toilets in the area as it might create obstacles in the path of monetary flow. Keep painting or pictures of white horses in the North-West zone as it symbolises strong financial support.
  • The North and East corner is an ideal location, and employees dealing with cash and banking systems should sit facing the East and North direction. Do not keep your financial statements, records report in the wrong direction. Please keep them in the Central North or South-West corner of the office.
  • Business works on financial flow. Vastu Shastra acts as a support system for every business. Either it is a new order or receipt of payment, Vastu helps make every process smoother.
  • Do not construct a pantry or kitchen in the North direction.
  • Do not use red or pink colour for painting the North Zone walls. Avoid the use of green colour in the North corner. You can place green plants in that area.
  • The North-West direction is perfect for the construction of conference rooms.
  • An aquarium with nine goldfish and one blackfish can be placed in the North-East direction.
  • Workstations are desk should be rectangular or square-shaped. Avoid using L-shaped furniture according to Vastu tips for the office. The irregular shape should be avoided.
  • The South-East corner is perfect for placing electronic equipment.
  • If you are a manufacturer, you should start your business from the south corner and then move towards the North and West direction.

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Expert Vastu for Work from Home

These days, work from home has become a new concept in our life. Numerous home-based professionals and entrepreneurs find working from home more productive. Working from home gives you time flexibility. Most professionals working from home would like to work in a cosy corner of their house, including a dining table, a bedroom corner, a guest bedroom, or the corner of the passage. Setting up a suitable location for your workplace in a balanced ambience increases productivity.

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According to Vastu for home office, it is important to follow the norms of Vastu Shastra for positivity and good vibes in your home office. Here are some effective Vastu Shastra remedies that you should keep in mind while setting up a workspace in your home.

  1. Are you wondering which direction is good for office work at home? According to Vastu Shastra, for office, the West or the South-West corner of the house is perfect for the home-based office as this direction is beneficial for stability in career and business. The best part is that an individual can make decisions on their own.
  2. Use cream, light yellow, light green or light gold for your home-based office. Neutral shades are considered best for creating a balance between the work environment and home. Light shades like cream will create a sense of commitment and respect towards your work. A light yellow colour is the symbol of good health. Light green soothes your mind, body and soul and attracts positive vibes. If you want to increase the figure in terms of profit and productivity, light gold is best for your home office.
  3. Your chair should be comfy, sturdy and spacious enough to cover your head. As per Vastu norms, your seating arrangement represents the life support instrument for you.
  4. As per Vastu Shastra, the South-West location is the best direction for the office desk. While your face should be in the northeast direction. The door, windows and balcony should not be constructed behind your workstation. This will help in lessening the stress and increase the concentration power.
  5. For keeping files and important documents, place your wardrobes and drawers in the West or South-West direction of the house. Make sure that they open in the opposite directions (North, East or North-East direction). Citrine Cluster or a Gold Pyrite Crystal are the symbols of wealth and prosperity. Please keep them in your drawer and multiply your wealth.
  6. Do not use dark shade colours like black and blue for your home office. Black colour symbolises negativity and blue colour is not good for entrepreneurs. The blue colour is the symbol of water. It might disturb your emotions which may cause medical issues.
  7. Do not keep broken pens, torn papers and other stationery items. Keep your workstation neat and clean.
  8. According to Vastu Shastra for office, placing a small globe on the North-West corner of your desk is beneficial for your career growth. You may get opportunities from abroad.

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Vastu for Office Interiors for Success & Prosperity

The concept of positive, inspiring and peaceful work ambience is directly related to success and progress. Vastu Shastra, the science of architecture, helps create a positive work environment for the management and the employees. If you strictly follow the office Vastu remedies, it will attract success, prosperity and good luck. Below are some of the most helpful office Vastu tips for success and prosperity in business.

Prosperity at Work

  1. According to Vaastu Shastra for office, the North, East and North-East directions are the auspicious directions. The owner should face these directions only while working.
  2. The Sales and Marketing team should sit in the North-West direction facing the North-East direction. This direction is perfect for professionals and creates positive energy in the surroundings.
  3. To attract wealth and prosperity, the South-East zone is the perfect direction to sit in the office for account and finance professionals. They should face the North-East zone while working.
  4. Business professionals should face the North-East corner as this zone is the symbol of management and headship. Hence, this direction helps in improving their leadership skills.
  5. North and North-East directions are the most preferred locations according to Vastu Shastra for office. The North direction is being ruled by Lord Kuber (The God of Wealth). The North-East direction is controlled by water which indicates the financial status of the owner. Place a mirror or Kuber Yantra on the Northern wall of the Northern zone of the office. It will attract financial opportunities in business.

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Vastu for Office Shape of Desk

  1. According to Vastu Shatra for office, do not pile up finished goods in front of your workspace as it creates obstacles. North-West direction is perfect for placing finished goods.
  2. Financial reports, important documents and files should be kept in the locker in the South-West corner of the office. To increase the money flow and prosperity in business, the safe or locker should face the North-East direction.
  3. Reception area of the office is the centre of attraction for visitors. A bunch of fresh flowers on the reception desk will create a positive ambience. You can also place green jade on the desk. A four-leaf clover plant should be kept at the office entrance as it brings good fortune and success.
  4. Rectangular shaped table made from the best quality wood should be placed in the owner’s cabin. Do not place irregularly shaped tables in the cabin. As it endorses confusion, stress and disinterest from work.

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Create Positive Energy to Boost the Business

  1. Management heads, superiors, entrepreneurs should avoid sleeping at the desk in the office as it generates negative energy in the surroundings.
  2. Keep your desk neat and clean. Keep stationery items in the rack. Keep the file in an organised manner. Wrecked and damaged stationery products should be thrown away. It might create financial issues in business.
  3. Employees should sit facing the entrance. To create a sense of trust and commitment with your colleagues, you can place a mountain scenery at the back of your chair. Placing a tortoise pyramid on the desk creates a better relationship with superiors and the owner.

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Are you still juggling with the question like Which direction is suitable for office work at home? Is it reasonable to sit facing south in the office? If yes, then the above Vastu tips for the office will help you in a great way. Moreover, you can connect with our astrologers. They will guide you in detail about Vastu for Office in all aspects and provide you with the suitable options as per your requirement.

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