Home Vastu Shastra – Vastu Products for Home & Home Vastu Items

Home Vastu Shastra – Vastu Products for Home & Home Vastu Items

Vastu Shastra is an art and technique of combining five natural elements, including earth, water, fire, air, and sky, at a place in complete harmony. People may believe or may disagree with the fact that Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture and has scientific reasons behind every element.

A few of you may know that Vastu products for home bring prosperity, good fortune and peace in life. Use these Vastu products to decorate your house. Vastu products help in lessening the effect of Vastu Dosh and attract success, wealth, and happiness in life. Laughing Buddha, Gomti Chakra tree, HorseShoe Amulet, Wind Chimes, and Aquarium are some of the Vastu products that you can use in quashing the effect of Vastu dosh.

Either buy these Vastu home decor from the local market, or you purchase Vastu products online. These are easily available and can be placed to beautify your home and office area as well. Have you recently bought a new house but not getting positive vibes? Else do you own a house but don’t have a good relationship with your spouse and other family members?

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Home Vastu Items

Vastu Shastra is the one-stop solution for all problems. Be it your office or home, the effects of Vastu dosh can be eliminated by placing Vastu products. Nowadays, Modern homes are also following the guidelines of Vastu Shastra, and remedies are being used to make the house Vastu-friendly at a nominal expense.

If your home or office is not Vastu-friendly, don’t worry! You need not rebuild your place. You just have to check these Vastu products from any local market or opt for Home Vastu Items online. These products can be used to decorate your home and office as well.

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When we talk about Vastu dosh, Home Vastu Items for the home are considered to be the best option. They look attractive, and pocket-friendly and remove negativity from the surrounding. Vastu products are beneficial in all aspects. They are the best source of bringing happiness, prosperity and peace in life.
These products can be placed in every room as per Vastu Shastra norms. Just be careful about the directions when you place these Home Vastu Items. Place them at the right location to get the maximum result. Here are some of the best Vastu products that you should buy for good fortune.

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Three-tier Tortoise for your Well-being

If you are looking for success in life, good health, and prosperity, buy a three-tier tortoise for good luck and health. Tortoises have a long life and have a strong shell to protect them from misfortunes. Three-tier tortoise is a symbol of growth, successful life, and good health.

Peacock feather for Positive Vibe

Peacock feather acts as a safeguard of the positive vibe of your home. It is a symbol of spirituality, joy, and harmony. The colourful feathers indicate that life is full of colour and celebrations. According to Vastu items for the home, keeping peacock feathers at home will attract positive energy.

Crystal Shree Yantra for Well-being and Success

Crystal Shree Yantra is among one the most beneficial Vastu Yantras that you can buy for your home. It attracts well-being, prosperity, success and good luck. This Vastu product is used by kings, leaders, businessmen to accomplish fame and success in terms of finance. Place this yantra in the East location facing towards the West direction.

Crystal Tortoise on Plate for Bond and Emotional Wellbeing

Tortoise helps in enriching your luck in terms of career, endurance, long life, wealth, family and education. Keep this item in the North direction of the living room or dining room. You can place the crystal tortoise at the business premises for better career growth. Keep it in your office and activate your career future. It will help you to achieve a successful work-life with continual support from your seniors and subordinates.

Attract wealth with Flower and Water

Bring home wealth and good luck with flowers and water. This item is affordable and easily available in the market. Buy a Vastu flower bowl made of crystal and add water and some rose petals. This beautiful combination invites positivity and wealth to the home.

Wind Chimes for Harmony and Happiness

Bring home wind chimes for peace and happiness to your home. Wind chimes add beauty to your home. This beautiful decorative piece brings positivity, peace, and joy. The beautiful sound of wind chimes brings peace and harmony to your place. North, West, and North-West directions are perfect for Metal wind chimes, while you can hang wooden chimes in the South-East, East and Southern Corner.

Buddha Statue for eliminating negativity

Buddha is the symbol of peace and prosperity. Place the Buddha statue at the main entrance facing towards the East direction. It will protect your home from negative vibes. As per Vastu products for home, the laughing Buddha has its own importance in Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui as well. Bring Buddha to your home and eliminate evil energies and make your home ambience peaceful and prosperous.

Arowana Fish Statue

According to Vastu products for home, the Arowana fish statue is one of the appealing decorative items that you can buy for your home. It attracts wealth as Arowana fish is considered the ruler of the fish kingdom and known as the powerful stimulator of wealth. You can use this product if you are residing in a rented apartment.

Fish Aquarium

Fish aquariums are considered the best remedy for Vastu dosh. Adorn your home with a fish aquarium and bring life to your living area. It has been said that aquariums help reduce stress, blood pressure, and anxiety.

Feng Shui Elephant with Frog for Affluence, Power, Perception, and Success

As per Vastu Shastra norms, elephants are a symbol of power and strength. Wealth frog is popular in Vastu as it symbolizes good fortune. The combination of these two animals is considered auspicious in Vastu Shastra. They bring firmness and victory in all aspects of life.

Gomati Chakra

Gomati Chakra tree is another Vastu product that you can place in your home for good fortune and prosperity. It is considered one of the precious Vastu products for your home. It has been believed that this auspicious decorative piece is a favourite of Goddess Laxmi as it looks like Sudarshan Chakra (Weapon of Lord Vishnu). To eliminate Vastu dosh, place this tree in the South-East direction of your home or office. You can keep it in your shop, office, and other commercial space.

Horseshoe Amulet

Horseshoe Amulet is a symbol of peace. This product is dedicated to Lord Shani. Buy this piece and bring good fortune to your home. Hang the horseshoe on the entrance of your home. Bringing horseshoe amulets at home will keep away evil eyes and spirits.

Elephant with Tortoise

A tortoise placed on an elephant’s back has its own importance in Vastu Shastra. Place it on the front door of the house as it is the symbol of perception, victory, and pride.

Flowing water fountain for your homes flowing good luck

Decorate your interior with a flowing water fountain. It is among one of the auspicious Vastu products for the home, which you can keep on the North, East or North-East corner of your home. Just remember, water should always be flowing.

Spiritual Vastu Items for Temple

Spiritual Vastu products, including the Divya Mantra Trishakti Yantra, Trishul, Om, and Swastika, will safeguard you from evil effects and spread divine energy. It ought to be the lucky charm and also safeguard the family members from evil spirits.

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Vastu Decorative Items for Home

Most of Indian families strictly follow the guidelines of Vastu Shastra. In case if your home is not Vastu-friendly, you need not panic. Numerous pretty and attractive home décor are available that you can choose as per your requirement. Below are the 6 best vastu decorative items for the home for good luck and prosperity.

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Let’s have a look at these pretty-looking Vastu products for the home.


Plants are believed to be the creator of a relaxed and soothing ambience in and around the house. Green plants have a great effect on the health of family members. A wide array of plants is available in nurseries. If your home does not receive abundant amounts of sunlight, keep low maintenance indoor plants. Do not place thorny plants in your home as they attract negative energies. If you love big plants, place them in the North-Eastern corner of the house.


Paintings are the perfect Vastu wall décor for decorating your home walls. Paintings with calm landscapes, greenery, and scenery with soft colours keep a balance in the house. Select paintings that portray a sunrise, waterfall, flowers, and birds. Do not select a painting that represents the symbol of war, depression, crisis, devastation, sadness, and poverty. According to Vastu Shastra, abstract paintings are not good for home walls.


Mirrors hold a very important position in the Vastu world and are considered as the vital Vastu products for home, beneficial in balancing positivity in the house. So, place them on the walls facing East or North. Avoid the use of mirrors in the bedroom.

Water Feature

Vastu is connected with all the natural things found in our universe. It has been said that water elements attract good vibes. Place a flowing water fountain and omit tension and distress from your place. However, a small aquarium or indoor fountain adds beauty to your living room. You can place them in the North, East or North-East corner of the house. Keep the flowing fountain in that particular direction only.


Blue colour is the symbol of peace and absorbs negative energy. Use blue coloured curtains in the Northern corner of the house. Do not use colours like black and deep red. Dark colours can be used in the living room. According to Vastu norms, light shades are much preferred.


Soft lights give the feeling of positivity and peace in the house. Ensure that the living room and other areas of the house get abundant light. Large shadows can create an imbalance in the environment. Give your home a warm and inspiring look by using lamps, candles or any other source of natural fire.

Bring the above Vastu decorative items for good luck and prosperity. You do not need to make major changes to your home. If you are keen to know about the Vastu decorative in detail, download MyPandit App to have detailed insights into Vastu Shastra.

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Home Vastu Shastra for Prosperity

Are you planning to decorate your house during this festive season? Ensure that this time you purchase Vastu-friendly home decors. As per the science of architecture, there are several home decors you can bring to your home for financial stability, wealth and prosperity. Diwali is a very important Hindu festival and there could be no better occasion to start the new journey of your life. To improve the wellbeing and financial stability, here are some Vastu tips that you can follow for achieving financial stability and prosperity.

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Entrance of the House:

Design your entrance or main door of the house according to Vastu norms. It can bring happiness and success. The North or East direction is an ideal location for constructing the entrance. Use teak wood for the main door. Keep your entrance neat and clean. It should have enough space to move in. Do not keep footwear near the main door as it blocks the flow of positive vibes in the environment.

Better Sleep

Foul and pungent smell in the bedroom has an adverse effect on peace and prosperity. Keep the doors and windows open for at least 20 minutes for a smooth flow of fresh air in the room. Natural lighting and air bring good vibes to home. Place your head in the South corner for attracting prosperity.

Buddha Statue

The statute of Buddha is the symbol of peace and prosperity. Place the Buddha statue in the kitchen, living room, or garden for a striking look. If the living area or garden is quite spacious, then you can place a king-size statute.

Vastu Paintings

Vastu Paintings are known for good fortune. Choose a painting of a waterfall, a goldfish, or a flowing river. Those who are looking for career opportunities in foreign countries should opt for painting like flying birds, racing bikes, cars, and foreign currency.


Windchimes are a good source of attracting money in the house. Hanging windchimes at the main door brings wealth, while hanging windchimes at the bathroom entrance will avert wealth from draining out.

Money Plant

The money plant is known for bringing good luck and health. You can place them inside the house. According to Vastu Shastra products norm, placing a money plant in a green vase in the North direction brings money and attracts better career opportunities. You can place a bamboo plant, a painting of a thick forest, or a lush green field that brings wealth and copiousness.


Fishes are known for attracting finance. As per Vastu Shastra, an aquarium brings financial stability, good health, and harmony. Keep fishes that are quite active. The best location for keeping aquariums is in the South-East direction of the living room. You can also place it in the North direction of the other room.


Clocks are known for energising direction. Ensure that all clocks should be in working condition. It has been said that non-functional clocks are the symbol of delay in finance or stagnation in your monetary flow. North and North-East directions are ideal for placing clocks.

Opt for Purple

Purple colour is the symbol of wealth. Orchids or purple coloured plants are considered lucky for the house.


Mirrors are important as per the Vastu Shastra norms. Keeping a mirror in your cash drawer increases the flow of wealth. Avoid keeping broken mirrors, watches, clocks, or electronic appliances as it creates obstacles in terms of wealth.

Feed the Birds

Everyone loves the chirping of birds in the morning. Birds are the symbol of concord, prosperity, and happiness. To entice wealth and positivity, keep a bird feeder in your balcony or terrace and fill it with water and grains.

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Apart from the above tips, there are few other tips that you can follow to attract money into your home.

  1. Get rid of Home Vastu Items that are broken or unnecessary. Sell them, throw away or give them to the needy.
  2. Use vibrant colours like green, orange, red, and violet to draw prosperity in the house. Use these colours on the wall. Use them in the form of furniture, cushions, or other home décor. Combine these colours with white and give an attractive look to your home. A combination of red and white attract energies; hence these colours are a perfect blend of purity and motivation.
  3. The entrance of your home should be attractive. A beautiful lawn with soft green grass, soft lights, and an appealing main entrance will attract good vibes and prosperity.
  4. Always keep your kitchen neat and clean.
  5. To ensure a good flow of energy, keep your floor tidy and the room organized. Keep plants and fwing water fountains for the continuous flow of good energy and wealth.owing water fountains for the continuous flow of good energy and wealth.

Vastu products are perfect for adding beauty to your home. They act as a safeguard against negativity and offer positive solutions to remove Vastu dosha. Numerous websites are available that offer Vastu products for the home at very reasonable rates.