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Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility

People usually look for someone similar when it comes to relationships as it then becomes easier for them to comprehend one another. A congruency in the traits, attitude, and personality surely helps in leading a more compatible life. However, this chase of finding a perfect partner for yourself can be burdensome at times, if you end up meeting people in vain. This is exactly why people turn to zodiac compatibility as it aids in discerning the detailed aspects through sun signs depending on the time of your birth month!

Air meets air! Saturn meets Saturn! Well, this love story is finna be freaking amazing, for it will be infused with intensity, passion, and fun! Hence, the Aquarius and Aquarius love match can be seen as a positive outcome. Although, things get pretty dirty too when two similar people come together! Why? Maybe because they may start knowing each other too well!


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Aquarius and Aquarius Love Compatibility

Two cerebral and whip-smart geniuses on a coffee date trying to show their humanitarian and creative side to impress the other! How else can a perfect date be described? Given below are some facets of the Aquarius and Aquarius love compatibility:

  • Aquarians often follow the “slow and steady wins the race” attitude in a relationship as no one is in a hurry to fall into the pit of commitment, These freedom-loving birds feel all the more comfortable when things go at a steady pace and thus end up forming a great bond!
  • The Aquarian man will be lured by the beautiful and intellectual Aquarius woman. On the other hand, the latter will be intrigued by the charming and bright young man. This only goes to say that their first impression will be spot on!
  • The water bearer is known for its adventurous and daredevil persona! Thus, the union of these two souls will be full of zest and excitement. Right from scuba diving to paragliding, it’s all so electrifying for this duo!
  • Although they may be shy initially, once they get to know one another, they will not be reserved anymore and may become open books to the other. This, in turn, helps in understanding each other as well!

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Pros of Aquarius and Aquarius Relationship

The combination of two Aquarius signs is similar to a nuclear explosion. What comes out as a result is pure fun and thrill! Let us look at some of the pros of the Aquarius and Aquarius relationship:

  • One of the major reasons why this duo clicks is the communication skills that both hold. The conversations between them can flow like a river, gentle yet powerful. Their cerebral connection proves to be an added advantage in this union.
  • Both are intellectual folks who can enjoy stimulating verbal orgasms. They are easily impressed by one another and this leads to an inclination in the right direction for the association to tread.
  • The fact that they take their own time to settle in the relationship gives them a lot of freedom to explore. With time, they unlock themselves, producing the best of their qualities that can help them engage in an alliance.
  • Therefore, love evolves progressively, and along with it the badge of trust and friendship that creates the fundamentals of this union. A strong bond that blooms with energy!

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Cons of Aquarius and Aquarius Relationship

Despite the fact that they click so well, there are chances where they may fumble a little in their balance of maintaining relationships. So, how compatible is the Aquarius and Aquarius love pair? Given below are some of the cons:

  • Everything is great until these somewhat detached individuals become less expressive emotionally. Emotions play a vital role in any relationship and if it’s devoid of expression, then things can turn salty for the both.
  • Another crucial point of clash happens when either of them become less responsive or relaxed. This laid back attitude often creates a difference in opinions that may infuse some bitterness in the alliance.
  • Known for being stubborn, the water bearer may hold strong opinions and may not step back during arguments. This collision of the egoistic nature may give a hard time to resolve any complications or issues in the relationship as well.
  • It is important to understand that such altercations and a bit of argy-bargy may have a negative influence on the relationship. Thus, having patience and being calm is a virtue both should follow!
Aquarius - Aquarius Comaptibility

Aquarius and Aquarius Marriage Compatibility

It’s an out-and-out fusion of two Aquarians who will spend a happily married life together! With so many similarities, one can surely hear the wedding bells. But is it a piece of cake? Given below are some noteworthy points:

  • Although Aquarians may take their own time, marriage is a big possibility for this couple. They may take their own time and not rush into things, but eventually may end up tying the knot!
  • The trust factor in the relationship helps in gaining more confidence in the Aquarius and Aquarius marriage compatibility. They silently comprehend each other’s feelings without the use of words. Their mental connection is always on-point!
  • Affiliated with the 12th house, they usually connect well with their values pertaining to their upbringing and the homely feelings attached to it. Their married life will be filled with adventure, affection, and loyalty!
  • The fact that they communicate so well without leaving any room for doubts and misinterpretation makes their married life V blissful! It’s definitely a strong point to hold onto.

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Aquarius and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

Apart from experiencing a cerebral connection, there is also an optimum amount of sexual intimacy that can make this pair quite lit!

  • Aquarius and Aquarius in bed is full of experimentations. Their creative side takes over while making love, which makes their physical relationship interesting and exciting.
  • Their sexual chemistry is such that they will try to fulfill all their fantasies and desires, helping them to create a strong bond under the bed sheets as well.
  • Despite such positive points, it will be of utmost importance for both to also involve themselves emotionally in the act. The lack in the sentiments can make situations a little tipsy!
  • Mental arousal for both these signs is also necessary apart from being sexually stimulated. Therefore, a sweet blend of both aspects can be very beneficial!

Thus, the combination of these two signs can be enough for them to live a compatible life. If they infuse more emotion and patience in their actions, there is no stopping this pair from having a gala time in the relationship! Good luck folks!

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