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Aquarius and Aries Compatibility

They say that matches are made in heaven! If it’s so, then why do people get in a fluster while looking for a perfect partner? Well, they may be made in “heaven”, but the search is on planet Earth, and to lay one’s eyes on their future bae is a must! It’s the same reason why vedic astrology and zodiac compatibility came into the picture. A perfect way to find your life-partner with respect to how well you gel together and the possibilities in this engagement. Let’s have a deeper look into this matter concerning Aquarius and Aries love compatibility!

The water-bearer has a dank persona, for he is quite open-minded and likes to think out of the box. Aries, on the other hand, is self-confident, optimistic and a daredevil. Together, this duo shares a benevolent relationship that can never seem dull because both just love to have fun!


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Aquarius and Aries Compatibility In Love

As far as love is concerned, the Aquarius and Aries relationship is gonna be a blast! Why? That’s because this relationship is finna be loaded with fun, zest, and some Extra drama! This, in turn, also helps to create a strong bonding between the two, in this beautiful journey.

  • Before they even fall for one another, this pair may tend to be best friends initially. They will draw closer to one another with time, to eventually entangle in the affairs of the heart! Hence, they will create a far better understanding as well. Way to go!
  • As they are not very gregarious, they may end up spending more quality time than being under the radar during social gatherings. No turnt for this duo! Perhaps, an intellectual conversation is more fun for these folks!
  • Being affiliated with the first house, the water-bearer holds a strong personality that works as a charm for the Ram. Although, it ain’t too easy because it takes a while to take the Aries into confidence. But, once they are on the same page of this romantic diary, things may turn out to be unputdownable.
  • Commitment issues can act as a fly in the ointment for the Aquarius, for they are indeed a little hesitant to confine and be in the game! This can probably irritate the hell out of the Ram too. However, once the water-bearer comes to terms with it, there is no stopping this lit pair to experience a fiery union.
  • This couple also exhibits a lot of commonality with respect to admiring the individuality that they carry, the spontaneity with which they roll, and the liveliness that they portray!

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Pros Of Aquarius – Aries Relationship

You see, the combo of Aquarius and Aries match is certainly going to be an epic one! With the fiery Ram and the Airy Aquarius, things will bloom like a beautiful flower. Here are some crucial facets of this association:

  • The duo is pretty woke! Additionally, communication plays a major role here, for this pair gets stirred up with intellectual conversations, and thus may have a blast together. Well, they have a high-brow!
  • Comprehending one another is one of the most essential items in the bag of marriage! And, guess what?! Both are V good at it! There is empathy and cognizance in the Aquarius-Aries love relationship.
  • The water-bearer has quite some forbearing powers, which makes him a tad little patient and restraint. Although the Ram is a bit uncouth and aggressive, it is also very action-oriented, which makes it a lot easier to deal with unwanted circumstances.
  • No one is a green-eyed monster here! They are generally on-fleek and do not let matters like jealousy and enviousness hamper their kinship. Respecting each other’s freedom and providing social-space is a must for the both!
  • Both the signs are masculine energies, making them a bit rational, confrontational as well as projective in their essence. Therefore, they can either click or clash!

Cons Of Aquarius – Aries Relationship

The air ploughs into fire! Yes, the Aquarius is ruled by the air element, whereas Aries is ruled by fire. Seems like an interesting amalgamation, right? But, there is more to it than just the dreamy association! Let’s find out how compatible are Aquarius and Aries:

  • Comparatively, the Aquarius desires more freedom and liberty than Aries. This can turn into a conflict if they don’t comprehend not to put the squeeze on one another! Things can get a little dirty, here!
  • The Mars-ruled Aries can be too impulsive for the Aquarius, often making it tough for the latter to manoeuvre the situation. The Ram overtly expresses its agony, and this can irritate the Aquarius too, hampering the equation at times!
  • Arian is self-motivated and pragmatic, who is good at implementing tasks. The water-bearer is a big dreamer, and oft-times lacks this skill, which can create resentful feelings in the Ram pertaining to the Aquarius’s devil-may-care attitude!.
  • This lit pair can either work wonders or create a ruckus when together. All depends on how they push themselves and each other in this alliance. If they comprehend well, it can be a fab union, if not, then it’s a disaster!
  • There are certainly some dissimilarities between the two which has to be taken care of with mutual understanding. The crucial aspect is to work out their differences and accept how the other person is, no matter the short-comings.
Aquarius - Aries Comaptibility

Aquarius-Aries Compatibility In Marriage

It’s a matter of patience and endurance when it comes to Aquarius and Aries marriage compatibility. It’s a happy trip for the couple, but hearing the wedding bells soon, can be an exaggeration. This couple may need some push, but in the end, they will beat the odds:

  • Building a strong foundation in this marriage safari can do the trick! This is possible when they make sense of the relationship and comprehend each other’s perspective.
  • As far as marriage is concerned, it may take some time for the D-day to come. However, if they are unequivocal and have no doubts concerning their loyalty, they will definitely hitch!
  • Their marriage will hit the spot! These free-loving birds who care for one another and have deep rooted connections, now, will experience an action packed buzz in this journey!
  • Their ability to be best friends before being a couple, can prove to be an added advantage as well! Their emotionally-charged soul will long for each other and make it through the phases of life.
  • They are zealous, venturesome, and love humor! Soaked in love and excitement, they will be venturesome, and strike a benign chord in marriage. It will be a dank union!

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Aquarius-Aries Sexual Compatibility

Air collides with fire! What will be the outcome? You see, when an Aquarius and Aries sexually meet, there is a big bang, where universes and galaxies merge.

  • The intimacy is filled with the oomph factor here. Both are as sensual and impassioned signs, and their sexual chemistry tops the chart.
  • At the beginning, they may just be close friends with benefits, but once the romance enters this steamy relationship, there is no stopping these savage lovers.
  • The couple may start slow, but if they find their comfort zone, they will give in to one another. When they unite, there is magic under the bed sheets that they will never forget.
  • In the early stages, the Aries may not experiment much, but with time, their Mars-ruled lust will make the union more beautiful. There is not much off the limits!
  • The emotional quotient of Aquarius may reach a more liberated path during sexual encounters too. Thus, it’s a perfect combo of sentiments and sensuality concerning Aquarius and Aries sex.

All in all, the Aquarius and Aries compatibility will perform miracles and may sail though the storm, if the pair is more au fait in the relationship! If they are mindful of the liveliness in this alliance and are conscious of their actions, they will hit the bulls eye, for real!

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