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Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility

The search for the “one” can be difficult at times! As it happens to be, looking for the right partner to live a compatible life is indeed precarious. However, astrology as a subject deals with this situation in a more sensible manner by making sure that a correct life partner is chosen for an individual with the help of zodiac signs and their inbuilt characteristics. Depending on the position and the attributes of the zodiac star sign, one can definitely find a suitable partner!

The love compatibility between Aquarius and Scorpio is peculiar! There is certainly an attraction between the airy Aquarius and the watery Scorpio. But, the real question is will it stand the test of time? Will the relationship last longer? Are Aquarius and Scorpio compatible enough? Let’s dig deeper to find out more about this association:


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Aquarius And Scorpio Love

The water bearer is ruled by the planet of Saturn, making it more prudent, practical, tranquil, and methodical in its essence. At the same time, the Scorpion is ruled by Pluto, which makes it more mystical, brave, and persistent. So, will these guys gel well together? Will the Aquarius and Scorpio love find its way? Let’s find out:

  • As Scorpio itself is known to be one of the most intriguing and mystical signs of the zodiac, it will be quite attracted to the mysterious Aquarius from their very first meeting. Well, things can be pretty exciting and thrilling for the Scorpion once it gets to unfold the mysteries of the water bearer.
  • The open-minded and unbiased perception of the Aquarian makes the Scorpio feel really comfortable expressing their true feelings. This, in turn, creates a powerful attachment between the two!
  • These two signs complement one another V well, despite being very different from each other. Aquarius falls for Scorpio’s astute mindset and the latter admires the humanitarian attitude of the former. Both are as curious, and hence, are generally drawn towards one another!
  • Trust in a relationship is a must. In this case, there can be a stumbling block in the relationship with respect to trust, faith, and belief. As soon as these peeps get to know each other well, mistrust can seep in from various directions, which has to be looked after!
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Pros of Aquarius And Scorpio Relationship

They are contrasting and divergent, yet compatible in some ways! This is what the relationship between the water bearer and the scorpion will be like. Let’s dwell on some of the pros of this alliance:

  • Both Aquarius and Scorpio look for venturing out and having exciting experiences. Thus, they can have a varied date ranging from thrilling scuba diving to a stem-winding intellectual competition. For them, it’s all about stirring things up!
  • As long as they don’t become too full of themselves, the water bearer and the Scorpio can have a gala time together, talking about numerous interesting and weird stuff that one can think of! You see, communication plays a vital role for this lit duo to connect!
  • To add further, Scorpio exalts Aquarius’ ruler! Now, this is a great benefactor, for this increases their possibility to grow together in the relationship. Not only this, but it may also help in comprehending one another on a deeper level.
  • These souls are avant-gardist! They are unconventional in their approach and often tend to be away from society. This makes them accompany one another and build a common ground to set side by side!

Cons of Aquarius and Scorpio Relationship

Every relationship goes through peaks and valleys! So will the Aquarius-Scorpio pair. Given below are some of the cons of this association:

  • To start with, these are two stubborn fixed energies who may take their own time in settling down in the relationship. Well, the obdurateness in this association may hamper their tendency to be a more compatible couple.
  • Possessiveness is also a major factor that cannot be ruled out while dealing with the Aquarius and Scorpio love match! The Scorpio has to drill this in the mind that the water bearer is a gregarious individual and stopping it from being social because of the possessive attitude can seriously impact the relationship.
  • Aquarians have the tendency to go out to search for their answers, whereas Scorpio tends to go inward to look for his answers in life. Thus, such differences can only be curbed if they comprehend one another well.
  • Jealousy is also one of the aspects that act as a barrier in their progress towards a more sustainable relationship too! Scorpio is someone who uses its sweet talks to converse with others around, and if this makes the Aquarius jealous, then things may get out of hand. Furthermore, if both signs start questioning the others’ loyalty, then circumstances may become incorrigible!
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Aquarius - Scorpio Comaptibility

Aquarius And Scorpio Marriage Compatibility

It’s an alliance that can sway either way depending on how the situations are managed from both ends. Despite the differences, there are many facets to this relationship that prove to be beneficial in their marriage:

  • Both these signs have a strong set of communication skills that helps them to achieve the bonding needed. Their similar preferences and mindset glue them together like a strong adhesive.
  • One thing is for sure! Their marriage will never become boring, stale, or dull at any point in time. The Aquarius and Scorpio marriage compatibility can be described as a venturesome trip that entails brainy conversations and adventure trips every now and then. Exciting, right!?
  • Moreover, the water bearer has to make sure that it does not become aloof or detached, as this can create tension. Although Scorpio knows how to be more expressive, the lack of emotions of the Aquarius can demotivate the enthusiasm and zeal in married life.
  • Marriage can be called a synonym for trust. As a consequence, both the signs need to make sure that they have faith in one another, for it’s the basis of any relationship. Placing one’s trust in the other can work wonders!
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Are Aquarius And Scorpio Sexually Compatible?

Aquarius and Scorpio in bed is an exciting fusion. Henceforth, things can definitely be hot and steamy for these two zodiac signs. Let’s have a look:

  • The sexual chemistry between the two may not be as sizzling initially, especially from Aquarius’s side, as they can be a little tricky in the first go. However, Scorpios are full of emotions, and intimacy is something that they are pretty authentic at!
  • Once the water bearer becomes a bit laid-back and collected, things may start picking up some pace under the bedsheets. They will be more intimate and indulgent while performing this deed on bed!
  • Nothing is off the limits for these two signs! Both will love to experiment and experience a hell lot of moves that can turn them on in no time. There is enough passion and lust in both the signs to make them have an intimate time together.
  • For the Scorpio, making love is something mysterious and deep! However, Aquarius considers it to be a necessary act that humans involve themselves in. In spite of this difference, both look at sex as a natural and exciting process rather than an act of compulsion.

Thus, overall it seems like a couple who can pull it off together with ease but, feelings of jealousy and possessiveness may ruin their balance. So, if utmost care is taken pertaining to the drawbacks of this pair, things can be pretty turned up for this dank duo!

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