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Ever found someone who you thought was a great match, but suddenly things took a 360-degree turn and it didn’t work out pretty well? You see, apart from experiencing the relationship, there are other astrological factors as well that take a part in deciding the fate of your partner. Compatibility, which uses your sun sign, is one such aspect that needs to be taken into consideration while knowing your bae! Well, the next time you date somebody, do ask him/her about their sun sign!

In this case, Air crashes into the fire! It’s an interesting amalgamation of the water-bearer and the lion because they are opposite signs altogether. Just imagine how the fiery hot sun will interact with the free-flowing air! It will either act as a nuclear explosion or a subtle source of light, in both cases, there is some heat produced in the union. However, all in all, it’s a pleasing association in terms of the Aquarius and Leo compatibility!


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Aquarius and Leo Love Compatibility

Well, this pair is considered to be one of the most compatible out of all the zodiac signs. Why? That is because of the strong attraction between the two fixed positive signs! Additionally, these signs are able to tackle the ups and downs of the relationship quite smoothly, so as to not disturb the peace in the association. Let us explore the inside story!

  • It’s a smashing fusion of the lion and the water bearer! What else can you expect when two massive personalities meet? Both are magnanimous, thoughtful, and kind-hearted, which adds to the cherry on the top for both.
  • Another crucial aspect is that they are ambitious and considerate, helping them to maintain a relationship filled with love and excitement. They also think of life as an Elysian field where one can make a great social change too!
  • With such similarity in the persona, they tend to click pretty well in no time. Their shared interests become very evident once they meet, and hence, fall for one another!
  • The Aquarius and Leo match is very zealous and lively! Let’s not forget about their spontaneous and creative mind as well, which will never make their alliance boring or dull in any way whatsoever!

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Pros of Aquarius And Leo Relationship

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and imbibes qualities pertaining to being punctual, introspective, humanitarian, independent and woke. Whereas Leo is ruled by the Sun and assimilates traits like being ambitious, ardent, optimistic, warm, and radiant! Unquestionably, the Aquarius and Leo relationship will get along like a house on fire:

  • The air sign will definitely boost, encourage, and inspire itself from the great lion! At the same time, Aquarius will also fire the imagination of Leo concerning ambitions and aspirations! Thus, both will push each other to achieve more than what they have already!
  • The water bearer is often apprehensive and conservative to open up to people! This is where Leo uses their charming and intimate persona to make the other person feel at ease, sowing the seed of a friendly connection.
  • Both signs are bold, impassioned, and courageous. Ergo, they will connect on a different level altogether! They will feel safe and secure in each other’s company, which will lure them all the more towards one another.
  • If you praise the lion king, you will be rewarded! That is how it is in the den, and the water bearer will be quite good at it! It will eulogize the lion, and in turn, Leo will shower all the affection and warmth that the Aquarius will like to hear!

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Cons of Aquarius and Leo Relationship

Aquarius and Leo are genuine lovers apart from being quite loyal and faithful. Even though they are one of the sickest love matches in the zodiac, there are some factors that can trouble and hamper this relationship. Here are a few:

  • The association may face issues if the person feels that the love showered on them is not enough. They both feel that love should be a two-way process, and if it isn’t, it will not work!
  • Aquarius and Leo live on their humps! They are free-spirited and this sometimes can be a disadvantage, as feelings of jealousy and possessiveness can take over these free birds and cause a setback in the union.
  • It is also essential to maintain clear communication for this lit duo! As the Aquarian is not very selective like Leo with respect to choosing their company, there can be clashes when the former invites people without the former’s permission. It may tick off the lion who feeds on pride!
  • A ding-dong between these two can oft-times initiate a fiery brawl! The couple may have to go through a hubbub whenever there is a difference of opinion. The sun majorly influences this in Leo, and Aquarius may not go easy on this too. This can sting this union with a swollen wound unless they compromise!
Aquarius - Leo Comaptibility

Aquarius And Leo Marriage

Yaas! Aquarius and Leo’s marriage will definitely work wonders! However, is it easy peasy lemon squeezy for this pair? Well, we certainly see a silver lining, but awareness in the actions is what is called for here:

  • It is a give-and-take tie-in for this couple, as they tend to complement one another in various aspects. The Aquarian learns how to be fearless, generous, and people-friendly. At the same time, Leo can know how to be more creative and ambitious from the water-bearer. It’s a unique alliance!
  • They are also rid of unwanted tensions for they comprehend each other quite well! Aquarius’ adaptable nature and Leo’s warmth and affection can materialize into something very beautiful in this association.
  • The water-bearer loves to be loved, and Leo is pretty good at it! The lion also seeks fun and excitement in the relationship, which is taken care of. Moreover, both are loyal and faithful which adds to the cherry on the cake.
  • Aquarius also gets the privilege to act a little vulnerable in front of Leo, for the lion showers out-and-out love that no other sign can provide. In turn, Aquarius lets the lion take charge of the alliance without letting it feel inferior. What more can anybody want from a relationship?

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Are Aquarius and Leo Sexually Compatible?

Both the water-bearer and the lion are as passionate and daring, which makes for a perfect combination for sexual compatibility to flourish in the relationship! Hot and sizzling chemistry awaits this dank duo:

  • It’s an amalgamation of creative and zealous souls! Hence, there is no escaping the fact that this couple will have innumerable ways of expressing their love for one another. Right from conducting experiments to experiencing deep love, they are set for the carnal ride!
  • Leo is the king and it is always the centre of attraction in the room! This lures the Aquarian, who is readily charmed by the lion’s flare! On the other hand, Leo is V intrigued by the Aquarius’ grace, intellect, and fascinating air.
  • The sexual intimacy between the two is intoxicating and effectual. This keeps them glued together, making their sexual chemistry irresistible and strong! Aquarius can make the lion weak on its knees, and the latter can provide the vehemence with the former needs!
  • Aquarius and Leo in bed consider sexual relationships a process to dig deeper in terms of understanding one another. They push the boundaries and seek pleasure to connect on a profound level too! Therefore, this is quite a hot pair in the zodiac wheel!

Therefore, the relationship between Aquarius and Leo can surely reach great heights if proper adjustments are made by both signs. Although they are two completely opposite signs, they can find the perfect balance to live a compatible life together once they become more conscious of their actions, and compromise in their journey towards a healthier relationship!

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