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Aquarius and Gemini Compatibility

To find a loving partner can be difficult at times! There may be many questions that arise in your mind – “Will he/she take care of me?”, “Is the relationship going to be smooth enough to sustain for years?”, “Is it going to be the same after marriage?” and many more! To ease you of this pain of thoughts, compatibility can come into the picture and help immensely.

If we mull over the Aquarius and Gemini compatibility, one cannot rule out the fact that both are intellectual, and have a thirst for knowledge! This common trait helps immensely to share a unique bond with the other. Moreover, this dynamic pair is also ruled by the air element, which makes them smart, nimble-witted, and communicative! Well, it seems like a perfect match!


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Aquarius And Gemini Love Compatibility

To astrology, this is a match that is written in the stars! The commonalities that the Aquarius and Gemini couples share lure them towards one another, like two opposite poles of a magnet. Let’s find out more:

  • Both the water bearer and the twins have a lust for knowledge as they are quite intellectual in their essence. Besides, they also value freedom, which makes their alliance all the more interesting.
  • As they both are individualistic and value freedom, trust is not a big issue for these folks. They will give each other the required space along with keeping full faith and trust in one another.
  • Although, the amalgamation of the mutable and the fixed sign is such that there is no denying of the friction between the two. However, they will make it up with all the intimacy and physical love!
  • Aquarius is ruled by the planet of Saturn, making him/her more practical, prudent, and a little stoic. At the same time, Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, which makes conversations pretty smooth for both. Hence, they are a perfect match for one another!

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Pros of Aquarius and Gemini Relationship

Both Aquarius and Gemini are woke people, and with so much in common, they will have a blast together in the union. The Aquarius-Gemini romance will surely soar in the sky as per astrology. No wonder they are made for each other!

  • One of the most crucial aspects of this association is that none of them become too competitive around each other. Despite being so well-informed, neither will look at one another with a vying attitude! They may have erudite conversations but it may not turn out to be contentious at all.
  • They make a great team together! Gemini’s bag of ideas will click with the imaginative mindset of Aquarius. Hence, together they can be creative as well as visionary in life, which makes for a great combo!
  • The water-bearer and the twins are self-dependent folks! Furthermore, they are not just an affectionate couple, but a match that will act as a pillar of strength for one another in every facet of life.
  • Their close mental connection and keen friendship makes them comprehend one another in a much better manner. This, in turn, also increases the compatibility between the two signs!

Gemini and Aquarius Friendship – Let’s Explore How Close They Are

Cons of Aquarius and Gemini Relationship

Well, life is not life if it’s devoid of the ups and downs that relationships experience. So is the case in the Aquarius and Gemini compatibility! While they have so much in common, there are some things that get on their nerves:

  • When the air turns acerbic, it’s time for acid rain! Similar is the case with this duo. For instance, Gemini may feel a little possessive at times, which can make the alliance between the two salty, for the Aquarian desires to be a free bird in the relationship!
  • While Gemini is someone who does not abide by rules and flows like a free wind too, Aquarius is not very adaptable to changes. It is quite determined and stubborn as a mule, and often feels like steering the path of this relationship. Well, this can definitely hamper their bond!
  • The water-bearer and the twin take their own time to develop emotions for one another. As they are self-willed and unsure at times about things, they may take time to attain a connection that is filled with love and trust!
  • To add further, even after being committed in a relationship of any sorts, both these signs tend to be V carefree if things don’t work out well! Thus, it may not take much time for them to part ways once they start experiencing the nadir of this alliance!

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Aquarius - Gemini Comaptibility

Aquarius and Gemini Marriage Compatibility

In terms of spending a life-long association together, the Aquarius and Gemini marriage can definitely come across as an interesting amalgamation. The similarities this stunning pair shares make squandering into each other’s personality and comprehending it a lot easier! Here are a few facets to this trill relationship:

  • Undoubtedly, if we talk about the communication and kinship-building aspects, they will hit a home run! This duo is very articulate and will have a gala time while being verbal. Both the signs will tend to be fascinated with each other’s ideas and standpoints concerning different aspects of life.
  • Another added advantage in the Aquarius and Gemini union is the fact that the latter is a mutable sign. How? Well, mutable signs have the capacity to be a little wiser to look at various perspectives. However, the water-bearer may not back down during arguments.
  • If one lacks, the other may have a hack! Yes. These two signs are a perfect combo when it comes to dealing with their shortcomings. Both complement each other and maintain a swift balance, for they help each other during times of need!
  • They are lured towards one another, have quite a number of similarities, and have a woke affair of the minds! This makes them establish a strong commitment that lasts forever in marriage.

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Aquarius and Aries Sexual Compatibility

Aquarius and Gemini couple in bed lead a very compatible life with respect to intimacy as well! It’s a sensual entanglement of the minds as they both are ruled by the element of Air! However, they are also influenced by the intellect and may look for a mindgasmic experience too:

  • Both the signs are ruled by the Air element, which makes them very curious and intellectual in their essence. Besides, for them a verbal dialogue can also induce a sexual connection between the two.
  • It is not that this couple is not interested in intimacy. It is just that they may not be as captivated with this idea. They rather may spend a lot of time being in each other’s arms, talking about innumerable things till mornin! For them, it will be as good an experience!
  • However, when they do try to get under the bedsheets, it will turn out to be a sizzling escapade. With a creative and a curious mind, things can get pretty exciting for the two!
  • To get to the act, both the water-bearer and the twin may have to manoeuvre the partner with their quick-wit and presence of mind! Gemini may become a little nervous, but Aquarius will try to use its grey matter and make it a fun ride for both.

There are no complaints as such with the Aquarius and Gemini combination! The pair is lit and if factors pertaining to trust and jealousy are carefully looked at, then this couple may pull together and live their life to the fullest! Their lack of patience may turn things around, but once they focus on their compatible interest, things will unquestionably take a U-turn towards the brighter side of the relationship!

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