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Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility

Relationships in life play a vital role in shaping the mental state of the mind! So forming connections, falling in love, having children, etc can have an impact on how triumphant you have been in your journey. However, discovering the best-suited partner is no picnic and often becomes very strenuous for some folks. Although, with the assistance of zodiac compatibility, one can inspect closely with respect to finding the right partner! This is because zodiac compatibility produces a better picture of the nature, traits, and personality of each zodiac sign according to astrology!

Here we are talking about the combination of air and water signs! One is fixed positive and the other is mutable negative. Being very close to one another, one is associated with the 11th house and the other with the 12th! Is this going to work for the better in the Aquarius and Pisces match? How compatible are Aquarius and Pisces in general? Let’s find out the traits of this zodiac couple that embrace their compatibility:


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Aquarius and Pisces Love Compatibility

Their unique position in the astrological wheel of zodiac signs gives them an added benefit in terms of their compatibility! These consecutive signs share some things in common as Aquarius (11th house) is placed just next to Pisces (12th house):

  • A special bonding is seen between the two when in a relationship! Albeit they are totally contrasting personalities, the Aquarius-Pisces love compatibility is strong as well as interesting!
  • Both are big dreamers! Neither can the water bearer stop day-dreaming nor can the fish not hanker after things they yearn for. Therefore, they believe in the power of dreams to achieve things in life.
  • The Aquarian is imaginative, creative, and cerebral, whereas the Piscean is intuitive, ingenious, and a rare bird! This fusion makes the association quite magical and unparalleled in its true essence.
  • Pisces will be highly impressed by the intellectual and free-spirited Aquarius, while the latter will feel deeply connected by the support and empathy shown by the former. Well, they will have a fun ride together!

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Pros of Aquarius and Pisces Relationship

One is linked to planet Uranus and the other to planet Neptune! This in itself makes this association enthralling, mystical, and newfangled. Let’s have a look at the pros of the Aquarius and Pisces match:

  • The fact that both are courageous and fearless in their approach towards aiming big in their life makes the couple explore a lot more and set a higher purpose together!
  • Aquarius assists Pisces in making logical and rational decisions, whereas Pisces helps the Aquarius to be more affectionate and considerate by nature. Hence, they learn what the other lacks to maintain a beautiful balance between the two!
  • It’s an amalgamation of the air and water elements here! Aquarius seeks for change, diversity, and freshness. On the other hand, Pisces looks for comfort, safety, and a sentimental longing for a period in the past. You see, they may be polar opposites, but once they settle for the middle path, things cannot go wrong!
  • They share quite a few things in common, but with a different perspective! Both love change, apart from being artistic, and freedom-loving people. Hence, it may not take much time for them to be on the same wavelength and hit it off!

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Cons of Aquarius and Pisces Relationship

We now know how different Aquarius and Pisces are, which only goes to say that they may come across complications in the relationship if situations are not handled properly. Here are a few cons of this alliance:

  • The emotional gap between the two is one of the biggest concerns in the Aquarius and Pisces relationship. While Pisces is very lovey-dovey and sentimentally driven, Aquarius is more carefree and easy-going! This difference hampers the bond that they share.
  • The needy nature has to be curbed and taken care of by the duo as it may poison the association with selfishness and egomania. Furthermore, Aquarius should make sure that Pisces is comfortable and feels secure enough in the relationship too!
  • Pisces, on the other hand, should come to terms with the fact that the water bearer values its freedom and space. Hence, they should ensure that the latter does not feel claustrophobic in the union or it may readily lose interest!
  • As they belong to two different elements, clashes may happen! But the more crucial aspect is to learn from one another and grow in the relationship! If steps towards ameliorating the alliance are not taken, then things may turn quite salty between the two!
Aquarius - Pisces Comaptibility

Aquarius and Pisces Marriage Compatibility

The Aquarius and Pisces marriage compatibility can turn out to be a V fruitful union, however, efforts have to be made from both sides! Here is what these two signs can expect in marriage:

  • Trust in marriage is a must, and if the relationship is devoid of trust, then things can get tricky and knotty! In this case, also, their level of success in marriage will totally depend on how much trust they have in each other.
  • You see, these two signs are like chalk and cheese, and undoubtedly it’s a tough nut to crack. Thus, developing strong communication can help bridge the gap between the two so that they can live compatible life.
  • They may often indulge in arguments pertaining to the insouciant attitude of the Aquarius. Aquarians are not too emotional, whereas Pisceans are weepy and sentimental. Not only will this trouble the fish but it will also irritate the water bearer who does not like anything Extra!
  • Their marriage will only work out if they try their best to comprehend one another well enough along with keeping patience as a virtue in the relationship! If this happens, there is a good chance that they will live a compatible life together!

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Aquarius and Pisces Sexual Compatibility

The sexual compatibility between Aquarius and Pisces can take some time to reach its peak, but once it does, their intimate life will never be uninteresting or monotonous. Given below are some aspects related to their sex life:

  • Aquarius and Pisces in bed are filled with passion and sizzling chemistry that they may not be able to deny. The former is creative and unconventional, while the latter is an ardent lover! Well, it’s definitely going to be steamy!
  • Aquarius, although inventive, takes sex as a recreational process rather than finding it a way to connect deeply. Things can get complicated when the fish finds out that the water bearer is not emotionally driven in the act of making love.
  • Besides, because of their ruling element and the positioning of the signs in the zodiac wheel, there is going to be a spark of intimacy that will satisfy both Aquarius and Pisces.
  • One piece of advice that can help build a strong foundation for a great sex life for this couple is to be emotionally involved while making love. Consequently, they will start reciprocating one another well enough to have an optimistic impact on their love life as well!

Well, it’s finna be a tough one for these two signs to gel well and live a reconcilable life together! That does not necessarily mean that they will never! Both have the capacity to excel in this relationship but only if certain parameters are dealt with seriously!

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