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Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility

What is compatibility? The answer to this is as simple as it is complex! Compatibility is when two people can coexist without any conflicts or complications whatsoever. This can only happen when two personalities merge and find common ground or comprehend each other well enough to not let the relationship go through strain and stress! However, one can also discover how compatible he/she is with another person with the help of zodiac compatibility! It’s like an open diary to know how a person behaves, and the traits and characteristics affiliated with the person with the help of the sun sign!

One is ruled by Saturn, and the other is governed by the Moon! It’s a tricky business when these two signs meet together. The water-bearer is an intellectual sign which needs its own space and freedom to roam about the grassland. On the other hand, Cancer is a sensitive star sign who follows principles and guidelines. They put emphasis on what is right and wrong, and develop their perceptions! So, what can drive them towards a common goal? Is Aquarius compatible with Cancer? Let’s find out!


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Aquarius and Cancer Love Compatibility

Even though these signs are totally opposite to each other, the Aquarius and Cancer love compatibility can reach heights if the relationship is well balanced from the extremes. Their distinct nature can either assist in the formation of a strong bond or can create havoc:

  • Despite the polarity between these two signs, the water bearer and crab will be great friends. This is quite obvious as the air sign Aquarius is pretty intellectual and is conscious of its actions. At the same time, the crab will let its guard down for a person with such wit and emotionality!
  • In turn, Cancer provides a secure place for Aquarius to be in, reminding the latter of a homely experience. It helps in stabilizing the water bearer, who is usually in a constant motion of things.
  • Both the signs are V sensitive by nature. Hence, these folks are generally able to sense the mood of the other person and act accordingly! Sick, right?
  • Aquarius is someone who is free-flowing like a whirlwind, and can be indifferent to circumstances with respect to the attachment one feels. On the contrary, Cancer is a little conservative, possessive, and demanding at times. However, if both can learn the facets they are not aware of from one another, they can inevitably experience a fantastic union!

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Pros of Aquarius and Cancer Relationship

Interestingly, there are a lot of similarities between these two signs as well! For instance, both are self-confident, ambitious, persistent, single-minded, and do not like to get into conflicts of any sort! Here are a few attributes in this association where it clicks:

  • The most beautiful feature of the Aquarius Cancer love compatibility is the fact that both have a desire to please one another. This couple will do anything but push each other in awkward and uncomfortable situations, for they will try their level best to make the other at ease and content.
  • Aquarius and Cancer are bold and sensible signs, that is, they won’t mind experimenting to understand and recognize the relationship they share. This, in turn, also helps build a strong foundation of this association that is free from worries and burdens.
  • The communication between these two signs is a life-saver! It may not be their best set of skills to converse, but it definitely comes to the aid in bringing the two signs closer to one another.
  • Moreover, they can both try to learn from the other! As an example, Aquarius should learn the emotionality pertaining to the relationships from the crab, whereas Cancer should absorb how to open up and taste freedom from the gregarious water bearer.

Cons of Aquarius and Cancer Relationship

Isn’t it inevitable to meet contrasting people in life’s journey, not just in professional, but personal relations as well? But does that mean that they should give up on them? Such is the case with this action-packed Aquarius and Cancer match!

  • Saturn-ruled Aquarius is obnoxious, cold, querulous, and non-adjustable. In contrast, the Moon-ruled Cancer is tender, warm, receptive, and adaptable. It’s antithetical! Consequently, one can witness some war of words, here and there!
  • It is crucial to realize how Aquarius loves to be independent and footloose as an individual. Hence, if Cancer imposes any restrictions, a backlash is always possible!
  • Beware of the moody Cancer as it can undoubtedly frustrate the Aquarian if things go out of hand! The sudden change of emotions may irritate Aquarius, who may not restrain itself from bursting out in anger!
  • Trust and security are other ingredients that may be missing in this pair. Does not necessarily mean they may never pin their faith on one another! All they need is some time and patience to sort things out.

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Aquarius - Cancer Comaptibility

Aquarius and Cancer Marriage Compatibility

As far as marriage is concerned, despite being poles apart, their marriage can certainly see a ray of silver lining if the required steps are taken to fill in the gap between the two. Let’s dig deeper:

  • It’s a splendid fusion of two distinct people learning from one another to maintain a balance in their married life. You see, the water bearer can help the crab to come out of their shell and explore the world. While the latter can show the former the beauty of family, responsibility, and commitment.
  • The union of these two signs makes for good parents in the later stage of their married association. Aquarius will be a progressive and cool parent, whereas Cancer can imbibe the emotional quotient in the kids.
  • Both these signs have the capacity to become excellent friends even before they hop into the alliance. One comes to the aid of the other to maintain an equilibrium in the relationship.
  • One thing is for sure that the Aquarius and Cancer marriage will be a beautiful one, if a comfort zone is found that suffices both their personas. For this, patience is a must!

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Aquarius and Cancer Sexual Compatibility

The water sign and air sign do combine to form a healthy sexual life in this case! Well, both enjoy good sex, but there can be sentimental differences that can hamper their sexual compatibility:

    • An intimate relationship is felt when Aquarius and Cancer in bed share their physical body filled with love. Cancer is susceptible and intense, whereas Aquarius is creative and fun. This combination can make for a good sex life for both.
    • If the water bearer teaches Cancer to let loose and be freer, and if the crab teaches Aquarius to be more emotionally involved with the act, they can have a great sex life with a deeper connection.

Both the signs of Aquarius and Cancer can experience a great union if they develop patience! It may take some time for both these signs to find a mutually comfortable space in the relationship. However, once they hit it off, there is no way that they will not have a gala time with one another in this association. As it happens, it’s all about the timing!

  • They may face an awkward moment if Cancer becomes a little rigid for experimentation, and Aquarius becomes less engaging and uninterested in the unusual act of love-making.
  • It is of utmost importance to have a more open mind to share a sizzling sexual chemistry. Only when both decide to give in their inhibitions and become an open book to the other person, will they be able to completely immerse in the act!
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