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Astrology can tell us a lot about who we are and how we are related to others, which is important to know when exploring a horoscope compatibility match. Our charts reflect chunks that reveal different aspects of our personality! Zodiac compatibility is a great tool for helping you to find the right match! It can help you learn why you are attracted to a person and not another, even though they both may tick your boxes! The complexity of Astrology helps to make horoscope compatibility a science. Who knew relationships could be so logical? The answers are symbolically and mathematically there for you to determine your love sign with the help of Astrology.

You have so many things in common, and might as well find out that you are a bit too much alike! But beware, it’s also ninety degrees apart! You think it’s a challenge!? Be prepared to work hard at this relationship, but know that things can work! The two make an excellent pair. The allure of Gemini is their indomitable spirit nothing is beyond possible in their minds. They are almost good at everything. Don’t be too much of a realist, Virgo, nor too emotionally guarded! Allow your Gemini lover’s playfulness to tickle your funny bone. Stop being so serious, too. Pretend you do and practice being open with your emotions. Virgo is a born perfectionist. Despite differences in individual traits both tend to blend like colors on a palette creating a masterpiece! If you two can click, you have so much to share!


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Virgo And Gemini Love Compatibility

Anybody can get along with anyone—no matter what sun sign you are? But at the end of the day, “If it’s in our hearts, it’s in our charts.” The same rings true for love between a Virgo and Gemini pair!

  • Virgos are known to be quite reserved, but with Gemini, they can have some cray times and be more carefree.
  • Virgo is highly attracted to Gemini’s ability to be quick at responses, while the Twin sign finds the Virgin’s mercurial side more enjoyable.
  • Both are intellectuals, who probably start as being good friends. It’s not at all in their habit to be passionate from the beginning. Only after they know each other better, the passion starts to surface.
  • So, if they can talk a lot and be best friends, betcha they can also be the best lovers! And believe it or not, they can be great life partners. Every astrologer will confirm this!
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Pros Of Virgo And Gemini Relationship

There’s more than what meets the eye in a Virgo-Gemini relationship. Both governed by the same planet – Mercury, the duo may not make a perfect couple! But, then why is the pair nicknamed a ‘power couple’? It seems so deceptive, isn’t it? Let’s clear the air!

  • The Virgo-Gemini relationship may well start as friends since these two signs connect more on an intellectual level than a passionate one in the initial phase.
  • They feel safe in the relationship because they were friends before that, so it won’t be a problem for them to give themselves all in and feel more secure.
  • The most beautiful part of this relationship is that both have good feelings for a natural friendship, and once it develops, it is not so difficult to bring their alliance to a whole new level.
  • Both make a dynamic pair! They find a language they both understand and thereby coordinate with each other to keep in sync. Despite their differences, it becomes easy for them to adapt and understand each other’s ways.
  • The relationship between Virgo and Gemini is full of satisfaction and loyalty. Both belief in maintaining amicable relations, avoiding unforgivable things, and extending their patience longer, simply to please their loved ones. All these traits leave no room for infidelity and love scarcity.

Cons Of Virgo And Gemini Relationship

A Meeting of minds is certainly promised between two of the most cerebral zodiac star signs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are on the same wavelength! Of course, not all love stories have a perfect ending!

  • Virgo and Gemini are totally different personalities in terms of practicality, preciseness, and organisation. This always remains a conflict point in the relationship.
  • Virgo can bombard Gemini with criticism to bring change in its behaviour. Though it always may come out empty-handed, for the Twin sign is too stubborn and aloof to be moved.
  • A free-bird as Gemini is always said to be! The Virgin dare not try to cage it, as a hidden rebel could strike back with all its might!
  • Gemini likes change, whereas Virgo does not like to get into an unprepared battle! Both stay charged with Virgo’s unwillingness to change, as it may be labelled as a lack of confidence and positivity by the Twin sign.
  • There are many times when Gemini/Virgo just seem hell-bent on making life miserable for each other – and as they are both prone to anxiety – trust is hard to achieve!
Virgo - Gemini Comaptibility

Virgo And Gemini Marriage

Can zodiac signs of different nature function well? Why not? After all, it can’t get any better than two different people expressing their feelings for each other. It’s marriage on the cards!

  • Gemini is cool and airy, whereas Virgo is gentle and earthy. Despite the many possible differences, they also share a lot of common love traits, which may mean the beginning of an interesting love affair between the two.
  • The Virgin adores Gemini’s way of tactfully and diplomatically handling tough situations on all fronts.
  • As both these signs are ruled by Mercury, they voice their feelings with spicy conversations that are often awesome and scintillating.
  • Virgo and Gemini are complementary signs. Gemini makes Virgo emotional in some aspects of life. At the same time, Virgo teaches Gemini to be more pragmatic and stable.
  • This relationship is full of love and attachment. Both have the same mindset and similar ideology on many grounds, making them a loving husband-wife duo!

Virgo And Gemini Sexual Compatibility

At first glance, this doesn’t look like a promising love match. Besides, what about sexual compatibility? Take a deep breath, it’s nose-diving in an ocean of passion, thrill, and romance. There lies a chance to create a secretive, seductive union. These two won’t let you miss a beat because it will be pretty clean and fun, as far as intimacy is concerned! Instead, it will be a v. fantastic union!!

  • The Virgin and the Twin turn each other on via mind first, and the heart second, making them find comfort in experiencing life’s ecstasies!
  • When they relate sexually, there are plenty of delicious and tender moments that the pair can experience.
  • Gemini is thrilled to lead the sexual part of the relationship that Virgo finds incredibly enchanting.
  • Both share a robust sexual life, and with those arguments, there’s bound to be lots of make-up sex as well!
  • Mercury rules this love match, which makes it a rendezvous for two brilliant minds to meet. Gemini helps Virgo to see the big picture, while Virgo teaches Gemini how to focus.
  • Gemini is a passionate lover – always ready to explore, while Virgo is shy and modest, but deep down, has plenty of sensuality to offer if it feels loved and secure with Gemini!

Virgo and Gemini sun signs are both strong-willed and good with communication. They can talk, negotiate, and flatter each other into resolving practically anything. If they honestly love each other, they can develop a beneficial relationship.

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