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Zodiac compatibility charts profess to help daters find ideal mates based on how well the personalities of people with different signs align! You don’t have to be an astrological fanatic to know your Sun Sign ruling element- after all, there are only 4 to choose from! What’s more? Well, zodiac signs may be a fun topic to discuss with friends! Or simply get blushed when you see your and your bae’s love chart leading to wedding bells!

Can Earth and Air sign elements mix well? This is not a typical astrological blend, but it’s still possible! Like anything else, your destiny is not in your signs but within you. Overall, Virgo and Aquarius appreciate harmony and balance and are grateful for each other’s intellect. When they embrace shared goals and traits, it’s a match that will last long, as it is deep-rooted in ‘real talks’.


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Virgo And Aquarius Love Compatibility

An amazing team with a combined pool of strengths. A Virgin knows all knacks to bring out the romance of the Water Bearer, and once it is kindled, there’s no turning back on fire!

  • Virgo and Aquarius share a compatible romantic affair full of passion and zeal.
  • When in love, the Virgin and the Water Bearer share a combined motivation that pushes them to accomplish miraculous things together!
  • Moreover, Virgo can nourish Aquarius’ weird habits and quirks. It’s a unique relationship that mingles attachment, sexuality, and vivacity to create unforgettable memories.
  • The duo stays united in their intellectual abilities, love for innovative ideas and concepts, and aims to create a better world not just for themselves, but also for mankind!
  • As both signs are loving and caring in their own special way, neither will hurt the other for the sake of it and try hard to get to grips with their elusive love compatibility.
  • The love story between the two can be playful and full of intellectual satisfaction as it involves two eccentrics totally lost in brainy love!

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Pros Of Virgo And Aquarius Relationship

Two incredible astute people exploring the many undiscovered aspects of existence with a loved one! What else could be more fascinating and intriguing!? Let’s peep through the hole and see what lies ahead!

  • Virgo and Aquarius complete each other superbly. The former brings stability whilst the latter the well-needed excitement in the relationship.
  • Together, as they set out on an explorable journey to discover new worlds, their differences go unnoticed, because of the fun they have together.
  • It’s really a master stroke, a grand plan when the Maiden and her Water Bearer transform their efforts and erudite prowess into successful endeavours!
  • When something interesting shows up at their doorstep, both will not hesitate to take the bull by its horns! Despite quirks and oddities, the duo finds equilibrium in almost everything.
  • Savage minds at work! Really looks like they’re making it big! With Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson investigating, you bet they’ll be solving the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries!
  • Virgo and Aquarius are definitely not a couple that makes people go ‘aww’ but can surely cite an example of a relationship that is full of passion, feelings, and warmth!

Cons Of Virgo And Aquarius Relationship

Ouch! These two are so able to rub each other up the wrong way! Virgo-Aquarius are so much like warring political opponents!

  • An Earth and an Air sign relationship are likely to create a sandstorm that could blind both to their true potential, rather than to the heights of joy they seek.
  • A spat between Virgo and Aquarius can make sparks fly with a love-hate relationship building up!
  • Lady, you have created a Frankenstein monster! The Water Bearer will have a hard time getting past the Virgin’s criticism!
  • When two intellectuals fuel, they’ll riff off each other’s opinions, making it tough to come to negotiating terms.
  • The dreamy Aquarius is a complete chatterbox, and if the critical Maiden doesn’t lend her ears, she’s bound to crush a healthy ego!
  • Cleanliness is not the Air sign’s cup of tea, while the ravishing Virgin is a synonym for ‘tidiness’! Witness two divergent personalities clash into an epic battle of untold proportion!!
Virgo - Aquarius Comaptibility

Virgo And Aquarius Marriage

If the zany Aquarius is going to be romantic with anyone, it will be a dear and gentle Virgo. It is likely to admire this priceless and stunning beauty and try to make her own to the best of her abilities! A lady worth working for!

  • A Virgo-Aquarius relationship can be an all-consuming marriage where the duo binds together and shuts their door to the rest of the world in positive ways!
  • Both are likely to clear the air in a fair and justifiable way so that the union stays intact.
  • There’s no room for dissatisfaction as both are assets in marriage and create a delightful home conducive to raising healthy offspring.
  • ‘Home is where the heart is!’- Truly, this is the best marriage combination that involves two intellects who work as confidants rather than soul-mates!
  • The duo easily pulls together as a team as both possess superb abilities to communicate in each other’s ‘language’.

Virgo And Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

If you give the fire a place to burn in, it can turn into a mighty conflagration! There’s seamless energy that makes Virgo-Aquarius pair a pleasure to be in each other’s company. Here is how:

  • Virgo squeezes every ounce of passion out of Aquarius and assuages its loneliness by introducing it to a world it has never seen or experienced!
  • Sex between the two is a precious form of communication, never emotionally exhausting or physically demanding!
  • Their sexual dimension is marvellous as one is an Earthy sensuality, and the other is all about some Airy experiments.
  • Aquarius, with their rebellious and spontaneous nature, can seduce the gorgeous Maiden into something naughty, risque, and wild.
  • Sexual compatibility between the two can be described as ‘fun’ as Aquarius comes up with new ideas and all kinds of improvisations, and Virgo simply loves it!
  • It’s a sexual union that has loyalty at its forefront, but with changing times, it moves on to be a spicy and hot-flavoured dish with sexy surprises!

When we combine the Virgo and Aquarius compatibility, we bring two very different perspectives to the table. Both Virgo and Aquarius are committed to appreciating differences, and despite the many differences between the two, it is this quality that leads to the success of this union. It’s a shared vision in love that gets them on the same page; indeed, it’s a match with energy and practicality that could stand any test of time!

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