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Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility

“Hey, bb, what’s your sign?” could have been a way to flirt since your grandma’s days. Knowing someone’s sign gives you a clue into your astrological compatibility—aka how well you get along romantically and sexually. If you ask an astrologer about compatibility, they’ll want to see your and your bae’s entire birth charts. Still, while it’s not the whole Astro story, your and your crush’s Sun signs give you some info to go on. You can draw upon these qualities to determine if two signs work well together, or if they have less-than-favorable chemistry. While it’s true that astrological compatibility goes beyond just your Sun sign, there are still ones you’re likely to get on with better than others! All that matters is, which signs are perfect matches for yours?

Virgo the Earth element and Scorpio the Water element are extremely compatible together, like “Rain is to plants.” In a relationship, one completes the other and nourishes it as Water does to Earth. What goes in to make a relationship work? Love, dedication, determination- these are the qualities that both these signs embody. The Earth, like the banks of a flowing river, guides the emotional Water sign towards a goal. In return, the Water sign softens the Earth sign and reshapes it! The culmination of both these signs results in an atmosphere full of warmth, passion, entertainment, determination, and understanding.


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Virgo And Scorpio Love Compatibility

What do you think will happen when the passionate Scorpio and the nurturing Virgo fall in love? Get prepared to see a whirlwind romance! This combo of the calm and composed Virgo and dynamic Scorpio is one to behold! A Scorpio can match a Virgo intellectually, while Virgo can easily satisfy a Scorpio’s lust yearning! Though both represent opposites elements, their union could turn into a blissful karmic bond with time.

  • The initial love attraction between Virgo and Scorpio is so intense that the duo often feels like they’ve known each other for their entire lives!
  • Both are practical and level-headed beings, making it easy for them to decide and go about their firm ways.
  • Behind Scorpio’s mysterious and tough exterior, is someone who loves discovering what makes their loved one happy. With their deep psychic gift, they can sensitively respond to Virgo’s needs for high standards and commitments.
  • As romantic Scorpio muses and daydreams about Virgos’ ultimate submission – they can become quite desperate and turn up singing love ballads.
  • There’s no doubt – things can be a struggle at the beginning of the relationship, but once Virgo and Scorpio clear initial hurdles, they are inseparable!

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Pros Of Virgo And Scorpio Relationship

The Virgo-Scorpio relationship is indeed very appealing. Paradoxically, what one is missing the other compensates for. Here’s why it is one of the best!

  • A soulful entwining! Both Virgo and Scorpio are reflective, spiritual, and fascinated by the tiny details of life.
  • Virgo turns to be Scorpio’s anchor when things go haywire, while it’s the Scorpion who teaches the Virgin to navigate the watery depth of emotions which leads to emotional connectivity between the two!
  • Both share complementary elemental influences which makes them a couple who can create a ‘Paradise on Earth!’
  • Virgos are enormously practical about life. It’s this level-headed quality which makes a Scorpio smile on the Virgin!
  • It’s a Sorcerer and a Healer combination that holds two mysterious, enigmatic beings, who wield a magical relationship together!

Cons Of Virgo And Scorpio Relationship

It’s a mirage out there! Often heard that an Earth sign can hardly vibe with a Water sign. Is there any truth behind the rumours? Yes, there is! Taken to extremes, this relationship can be very shaky and tricky. All that glitters is not gold!

  • Scorpios’ constant emotional outbursts and a crisis of consciousness will really play with the Virgos’ nerves and quite possibly break them apart!
  • Virgo is more practical than Scorpio, and so it may find Scorpion’s emotionally driven-decisions to be downright reckless and imprudent.
  • Constant pestering by the Virgin in petty matters can blow off the Scorpion who may freeze or turn bitter.
  • It’s necessary for the maiden to do her homework! It’s a stinging Scorpion! This aquatic is extremely possessive, and when it isn’t called for, no matter how much she is committed to him, it may retrieve back into its shell!
  • Beware, lady! The Scorpion may sting if betrayed!
Virgo - Scorpio Comaptibility

Virgo and Scorpio Marriage

Has the Maiden found true love? Yes, it’s a stinging Scorpion, whose raw and untamed wilderness passively lures this dainty Virgin!

  • But isn’t it a permanent battle of wills, where the two often resort to tearing strips off each other verbally!? Yes, it is! But sometimes the strangest couples have the longest staying power!
  • Virgo and Scorpio value loyalty, which adds a generous bonus to the couple’s compatibility chart.
  • A blissful union between the two can be captivating, as both sides tightly hold on to the reigns of respect and mutual admiration!
  • With an agreeable amount of ‘give and take, the Water-borne creature can find its Virgin more elegant, exciting, and sensual.
  • A strong marriage bond will assure the Scorpion that it has found a sincere soul-mate and it will offer protection to the Virgin who craves the most!

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Virgo And Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

Still, waters run deep! Don’t misread Scorpio’s silences. Offer your Scorpio your trust, and it will give you unimagined delights in return, with all the stability, fidelity, and security you also crave. Doubtful? Ask the Virgin!

  • Virgos need time to analyze a relationship but when it -’ I do!’ they mean it! With Scorpio by their side, it’s a whole new world of intense compassion, generosity, and loyalty.
  • As the stinger is lusty and erotic, it raises Virgo’s expectations of pleasure, as both bring forth a level of passion where they get carried away!
  • It’s a love nest where the duo enjoys their privacy staying indoors, watching romantic thrillers, or just cuddling up in each other’s arms all day long!
  • Sexy Scorpio makes the timid Virgin more adventurous as she joins in the pleasure game, inspiring the Scorpio to be her best sexual mate.
  • After thorough analysis, it’s the fearless Scorpion who trains the maiden about sex through hours of sensual and satisfying steamy sessions!

The combination of Virgo-Scorpio is a relationship of karma. This intense karmic bond shows remarkable potential for the two to become life-long partners. However, learning from each other, absorbing some of the other’s best qualities, and adapting to whichever approach is most appropriate in a particular situation, can turn it into a highly effective duo!

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