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Virgo and Leo Compatibility

What is compatibility? It is the capacity of existing or living together in harmony without problems or conflicts despite differences. Today man seems to be governed by his stars and so the most relevant question that one asks today is, ‘Am I astrologically compatible with X or Y?’ People underestimate the importance of compatibility in a relationship. They tend to follow their heart! Well, ’Who wants to follow the head!?’ ‘It is not romantic to be practical!’ Though compatibility is very cautiously measured, faults do occur. The alignment of the stars guide us, but they can never be solely responsible for our blemishes!

Virgo and Leo couldn’t be more different, right? Is there hope for a relationship? Sure, but this love affair is going to take some work to develop it into a long term success. Give this a try! You could have other aspects in your individual horoscopes that could make this relationship glow positively. Love is never just about Sun signs. After all, this is a pairing of the optimist Lion and the pessimist Virgin!


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Virgo And Leo Love Compatibility

Once each learns what makes the other tick, love can grow within the context of compromise, unlimited patience, and understanding. When smitten, both Leo and Virgo are loyal, and when they commit, they’re in it for keeps! Let your lover show you the rainbow that’s hanging just above your head. You missed it when you were focused down on the hard, cold earth. Get attentive darling!

  • Leo gets an ego boost from Virgo’s specialized attention, for Leo loves to feel special.
  • Being an earth sign, Virgo could make Leo a little more grounded as Leo’s fiery nature could bring out the fun in Virgo.
  • Together, they not only make each day magical but also productive, because they love to be effective and see tangible rewards of their hard work.
  • It’s not flattery but sheer admiration! Virgo will never offer Leo idle flattery for the sake of it, but if it does, the Royal knows that the praise is sincere and genuine.
  • The Lion and its Virgin are very devoted partners, and once in love, the relationship is notable for the honesty and sincerity that both partners contribute!
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Pros Of Virgo And Leo Relationship

A flamboyant Leo and a quiet, studious Virgo seem like an odd couple! Can a vast difference create a perfect fit that can propel a relationship? What do they see in one another, outsiders wonder!? But, it’s there! See how love shapes this abstract combination.

  • It’s the initial attraction that clicks instantly! Leo falls for a charming and gentle nature that is the hallmark characteristic of a Virgo, while Lion’s passion stunningly tempts the dainty Virgin.
  • Leo and Virgo have a hard time getting started, but once they do, they are unstoppable as their differences make them shine together.
  • It’s good that Leo is authoritative and domineering because Virgo has no probs being submissive and cuddling under Lion’s protective umbrella!
  • There’s love with some fun and teasable harassment! The attraction between the two gets electric when Virgo turns a bit of a tease for the much ‘falling in love’ Leo, who shamelessly begs for morsels of affection.
  • The key in this relationship does not lie in changing each other, but on the contrary, in bending a bit to make the relationship work for a lifetime!

Cons Of Virgo And Leo Relationship

Masters Of Sarcasm – Virgos Are Here!!! But even though the Lion is the king of the jungle, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t need guidance! They are an unpredictable couple with two contrasting moods, who could turn to dime-kissing in one minute and throw vitriol bombs the next! Does this relationship sound like- once a mistake, twice it’s a blunder!

  • Let’s not forget Lions are kings after all, so they naturally assume they should be the ones giving orders, which can be unnerving for the freedom-loving Virgo.
  • Virgo’s nature can be frustrating and may lead to quarrels. Too much to this and the King of Beasts could be seen hunting in another part of the forest!
  • Fault-finding is what Virgos are natural at, as they wear no rose-coloured glasses to see their partner’s flaws, but prefer an HD view. And with Leo’s craving for constant appreciation, fumes could be seen rising from the King’s Den!
  • In case of arguments, the two need to fall apart to simmer down before explosive injuries cause fatal bruises!
  • Acceptance goes a long way between two personalities which are poles apart! This love garden takes a lot of weeding and special care to survive!
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Virgo - Leo Comaptibility

Virgo And Leo Marriage Compatibility

The Virgin is a voracious loner and dares anybody to enter her personal space! But how can she resist the King who seems so intrigued!? Virgo is all up for the challenge! It’s the majestic Ruler exploring her private chambers, moving ahead to go down on its knees with a promise ring! We can hear the wedding bells!

  • When the Virgin says a ’Big Yes’ to her daring Lion, it’s an amazing marriage that develops from their profound love, dedication, and care.
  • It’s Leo who takes Virgo out of hesitation and anxiety, by its passion for loving the meek and gentle Virgin with its commitment to marriage.
  • The forgiving nature of the Virgo and loyalty of the Lion increase the chances of a thriving married life.
  • Though Virgo is not explicitly romantic, it can be easily wooed by Leo, who takes pride in pleasing this fatal beauty.
  • Leo is able to shine their light of ambition on Virgo, motivating them to get out into the world and make things happen
  • Despite having different exterior personalities, both these individuals are loving, and caring, and work towards stability in marriage.

Virgo And Leo Sexual Compatibility

The loyal and guileless Virgo believes in, ’What’s mine is yours!’, while the bold and romantic Lion in ‘See me!’. Then why settle for just being friends? Put some passion into your starlit nights! Your attraction feels so fated, it’s impossible to resist! It’s a spicy sizzling dish sprinkled with an aroma of passion and vigor!

  • A Leo/Virgo couple will be devoted to one another and work through their problems while keeping the romance alive by curling up every night in each other’s arms.
  • A creative and open-minded Leo is always willing to try something new with Virgo, who is no prude either, as a willing follower. Together, these two can go to sexual heights they’ve never experienced before.
  • Intimate moments are often preceded before an emotional connection is established between the duo. It gradually transforms into a spicy affair with both rocking one another’s world!
  • As Leo is sensual and erotic with a large appetite for intimacy, Virgo will not stay on the back foot and be ready to contribute her due share!
  • The Virgin is likely to teach the Lion the nuances and tricks she has up her sleeves, making the King roar with pleasure!
  • Just like fire, they are bright, warm, and enticing. But as fire does good like cooking and bringing light, it is also capable of burning down a house! Hope you are getting the metaphor here!

There is a vast difference between temperament and philosophy, indeed – yet, if aligned just so, could well lead to an alliance of complementary energies. The Virgo-Leo pair is indeed a mix of logic with passion.

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