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Virgo and Pisces Compatibility

See, you don’t need to break up with your boo if your signs aren’t listed as one of the best matches! But you might end up learning a lot about each other’s character traits and how you work together as a couple. This can help you adjust things and improve your relationship further. Perhaps, you would like to know if your relationship is going towards a higher level or you want to know if someone you fancy could be the right person for you. Astrology does offer you some definitive answers; but it’s YOU who has to decide, in the end! However, it could be eye-opening, interesting, and useful to know if stars are inclined towards a happy future for you and your bae.

Virgo, the Visionary lover of the zodiac and Pisces, the Visionary lover of the zodiac and Virgo, the Healer together? Now that is some pairing! As a Water sign, the Fish can dive into the depths of Earthy Virgo’s soul. The Virgin’s attraction can make it swim into deeper emotional waters and feel things it has never felt before! Pisces finds the analytical capabilities of Virgo helpful, while the latter finds the ‘dream big’ mentality of the Fish exhilarating! What’s missing then!!! It’s like a metaphorical moth to the flame!!


24 Aug - 22 Sep
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19 Feb - 20 Mar

Virgo And Pisces Love Compatibility

Two gentle souls falling into the “Spice of Life!” Can one imagine Earth’s magnetic energy having the power to attract a Fish out of Water?!

  • Love is all about ‘giving’- Pisces is a sign of unconditional love, while Virgo is all about well-being. Perfect dyads!
  • It’s the ‘imagination’ from the Water sign and ‘practicality’ from the Earth sign that creates a magical love bond between the two.
  • The duo shares a strong emotional connection that acts like glue in the relationship, holding them strong.
  • The Fish is highly sensitive and quick to understand its Virgin’s feelings, which makes them a legit combo who comprehends well with one another.
  • When Virgo is around Pisces, it feels that magical aura, which gives it a sense of possessing a part of the magic!
  • People fall in love! But with a stable Virgin and a flexible Fish, both stand firmly united in love!

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Pros Of Virgo And Pisces Relationship

A relationship that aims for the stars and lands right on the Moon! Sometimes differences make for incredible combinations! Here’s the best example.

  • Virgo and Pisces create a relationship that covers all fundamentals and looks set to be blessed with longevity.
  • Communication is paramount to this efficient and successful relationship as it plays a vital role in bridging the gap between the two.
  • The Virgin and the Fish’s compatibility soars in an atmosphere of mutual appreciation, and as time flies, they easily become each other’s ‘biggest fans!’
  • Virgo-Pisces compatibility provides the couple with the best of both Earth and Water elements as the two are natural allies.
  • Truly, the relationship between a Dreamer along with a Healer is magical, entrancing, and deeply romantic, one that can be envied!
  • Earth and Water nurture each other in abundance, and so do the differences in a Virgo-Pisces relationship, which strengthens this bond into a long-lasting union.

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Cons Of Virgo And Pisces Relationship

Not all Swiss cheeses have holes in them! It’s more than what meets the eye! Let us look at what can bring these two down in the association:

  • Virgo is more grounded than Pisces and may get frustrated with Pisces ‘head in the cloud’s nature.
  • As a Water sign, the Fish is sensitive to get over the critical Virgin’s sarcastic jokes!
  • Clinginess has no room here! Both these natives are free birds and value their liberty and prefer individual leisure time.
  • With things going topsy-turvy, the situation can turn vicious as both drains each other’s self-confidence and energy bringing out their worst. Watch out, folks!
  • It’s a partnership that involves dominance, criticism, and frustration, making circumstances turn turtle with neither of the two ready to turn their nose up!!
Virgo - Pisces Comaptibility

Virgo And Pisces Marriage

A sacred knot tied by angels who witness two sweet, tender, and romantic love bugs move ahead to exchange wedding vows for connubial bliss! You’re invited!

  • Pisces has an innocent dreamlike personality that melts the icy heart of the ravishing Virgin. It’s the Fish who gives Virgo a glimpse of the depths of emotion and passion.
  • Virgo and Pisces couples can see right through each other as if they are peering through a window!
  • When Virgo and Pisces meet up in marriage, they feel a kinship and deep connection they have never felt before.
  • Compassion and authenticity fuels love in this bond as possibilities are endless when they become ‘two bodies, one soul!’
  • The depth of emotions in this alliance is breathtaking as their sincerity in love leaves people awestruck! They are the OTP!

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Virgo And Pisces Sexuality Compatibility

With an architect couple at work, the final product can be nothing short of a masterpiece! Below are some noteworthy points concerning the sexual chemistry between the two:

  • When Pisces gazes up into the Virgin’s sultry eyes, she feels like a Demi-God who just appears out of nowhere. It’s the bewitching glance that breaks the ice!
  • As Virgo’s tantalizing gaze makes the Fish surrender, it’s Pisces who is overjoyed to help the shy and timid Virgin escape the confines of inhibitions.
  • Electrifying!!!! When the Fish and the Virgin have set eyes on each other, sparks instantly fly off amidst passion, thrill, and sexual turmoil! It’s a superbly matched chemistry that is simply outstanding and awesome.
  • The romantic fantasies and intangible magic that Pisces adds to the act of sex, leave the Virgin wanting more! Unquestionably, they have the hots for one another!
  • The adventurous and fun-loving nature of the Fish completely unwinds the Virgin and makes sexual intimacy an enjoyable affair for both!

Virgo Pisces compatibility is sometimes unpredictable and difficult to comprehend. But, the word ‘impossible’ only exists in the dictionary of pessimists! It’s possible to expect a couple who are fanatical extremists one day and perfectly reasonable human beings the next! It’s easy to see these two reaching their 20th, 30th, and even 50th wedding anniversary- a long-loving partnership awaits them! Love conquers!

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