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Virgo and Taurus Compatibility

You like someone but not quite sure if you have a future with them? Or maybe, you’re already into a relationship and clueless if it is going to end up with wedding bells with your charming one! Or perhaps you want to get married to the ‘special someone’ and also want to be sure if the both of you are compatible enough to have a great married life ahead? No matter what the reason is, it’s always wise to see what the stars have to say before you tie the knot! If you are scrambling to find a way to flip the off switch on your worries, just keep your chin up… way up! As astrology can be your ‘Agony Aunt’, who can help you aim towards the stars to predict which antidote could help you alleviate your stress!

Taurus loves to be in love! From candlelit dinners to long-stem roses, couples massages to long walks on the beach, this earth sign is enthralled by romance. This is a heavenly mix, so if you are attracted to a Virgo, grab this lover and hold on tight! Both of you are earth signs, indicating a common ground for breeding! A productive life, cash reserves for commendable lifestyle, and some leisure time for cerebral and enriching activities. Venus the God of Love is entranced by Mercury the messenger of God, you can guarantee an exciting instagrammable courtship! When it comes to matters of the heart, this Bull takes bonds very seriously but ironically, that’s where things can get a bit tricky!


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Virgo And Taurus Love Compatibility

Is it love at first sight for Virgo and Taurus? But, didn’t the horoscope say the two often take it slow when it comes to romance? Isn’t it true that both prefer analyzing all the potential and perspectives before getting committed? They are quite reserved and shy to approach their crush, so who makes the first move?

  • When Virgo and Taurus are paired up, it’s indeed love at first sight! Sparks fly immediately once the Bull and the Virgo encounter.
  • The Bull is charmed away by the beauty and charisma the Virgin possesses. While the Virgin falls head over heels in love with the magnetic Bull.
  • No relationship can flourish without communication. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet for communication, which makes it play a vital role in expressing love to its Taurus partner.
  • Virgo has zero tolerance for fakes or flirts, and this compliments the basics of Taurus, who admires the former for its originality.
  • The duo doesn’t mind showing a great deal of devotion and loyalty towards one another – and this is what takes their association to a whole different level.
  • Indeed, a match made in heaven and sanctioned on Earth between two Earth elements!
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Pros Of Virgo And Taurus Relationship

The Earth signs have a steady approach to life and like to keep things around them beautiful. A slow start to the match with the Earth Sign energy, but one that will lend excitement to both zodiac signs as soon as it picks up speed. And it will! Let’s get into the details and analyze how it leads to a genuine coupling.

  • Earth sign match is one that will stand the test of any time. That’s because Earth signs are good at the ‘slow and steady wins the race kinda philosophy, every single time!
  • Taurus and Virgo can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. As Earth signs, they share an urge for loyalty and stable affection.
  • Both zodiac signs value things, such as fidelity, trust, and respect. They strive for perfection, and this definitely includes stability in everything they do!
  • When Virgo is clouded with worries, Taurus’ natural gift can easily appease and calm the chaotic mind of Virgo.
  • The Bull and Virgin are nature lovers, for things like walking in the park or dinner over a nice view can really mean so much to them.

Cons Of Virgo And Taurus Relationship

Life, in the end, is repetitive and mundane, and so is romance itself! With fluctuating moods colliding and dramatic fights escalating, the result could be a cold war! Although, the Virgo-Taurus relationship also has more sunny days!

  • The Virgo Taurus combination is very similar to the spendthrift versus the penny pincher correlation! Taurus, the budget planner, can blow out of proportion with Virgos’ unnecessary lavish shopping. Taurus gotta save some dough for bae!
  • The duo can sometimes be flighty; their “easy come, easy go” attitude makes it difficult to form attachments, and they often need time to settle down.
  • These contrasting perspectives can result in frequent differences of opinion, which although rarely ill-natured, easily turns into a hard-hitting war of words.
  • Taurus’ arguments are often peppered with humour, whereas Virgo can be mercilessly critical and cruelly sarcastic at times.
  • Virgos are believed to be perfectionists, but they must learn to see past their faultlessness. At the same time, Taurus must lengthen the level of patience and understanding.
Virgo - Taurus Comaptibility

Virgo and Taurus Marriage

Strong wills and sharp tongues- but both truth-seekers! Well, this can be tricky! A little criticism won’t be a deal-breaker! After all, this is a couple that rocks and shocks people with brutal honesty. Whether it be acid-tongued wounds or physical maladies, it’s a perfect bond destined to keep each other healthy and comforted in marriage!

  • An enduring association in marriage for Virgo-Taurus! It’s likely to be a practical, successful partnership in terms of living a comfortable lifestyle.
  • The Healer and the Lover are a perfect match indeed! Each will provide just what the other is looking for in an ideal relationship.
  • The compassion and kindness of Taurus are matched by a sense of fun and ambition that Virgo finds highly motivating.
  • Taurus is not only kind and giving, but also strong and independent – a rare and prized mix in the eyes of Virgo.
  • With two great personalities getting close, the couple would much sooner be a dream team capable of accomplishing their goals than the cover stars of a tacky romantic novel!
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Virgo And Taurus Sexual Compatibility

Are you a Virgo who is interested in a Taurus partner? Or vice versa? Are you that curious soul to know what’s in store for you, when it comes to romance and the love-making department? Hopefully, this piece of information may make you slip into a world of colourful fantasies enriched with passion and intense moments!

  • Virgo can give Taurus one heck of a fantasy ride filled with some steamy and spicy experiences. The gift of Taurus to Virgo is their ability to relax their sexual partner by giving enough attention to their obsession and satisfaction.
  • A great combination where the generous Virgo completely feels safe and secure in the arms of the sensual Taurus.
  • Taurus is sensual and passionate, while Virgo practical and daring. The duo complements each other well enough and thus share great intimate moments together.
  • Virgo and Taurus’s abundance of sexual desires is fully and totally satisfied by their partner as they have an intuitive sense of how to go about it.
  • The magic adhesive that bonds them is magnetic desirability and immense hard loyalty, which is practically impossible to break!

There’s definitely some wonderful chemistry at play between Taurus and Virgo, and this magic (although they’re far too rational to call it that) will shape everything these two do together!

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