Virgo Man and Virgo Woman: Your Ultimate Compatibility Guide

If you’ve come here to read about two Virgos, it is very likely that you are a Virgo yourself or you know a Virgo who is precious to you–yes, else you wouldn’t have been here!

One important thing that you must be informed about Virgos is their quality of being the most loyal secret keepers. Their tendency to be super-loyal makes them one of the best lovers on planet Earth. No matter what you are going through, your Virgos will always have your back! If you want to know more about Virgos, this is your perfect place to be!

Nature of a Virgo

Virgos want to help, especially. They are sociable, friendly and supportive, and they use their incredible intellect and resourcefulness to solve problems. The opposite sign of Virgo, Pisces, is spiritual guidance, but Virgo wishes to help on a practical level. These earth signs always aim at providing feasible solutions and improving systems that are broken. They make excellent teachers, healers, editors and musicians in terms of methods, commitment and hard work.

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Virgo Man and Virgo Woman: Nature of Bonding

A Virgo male and a Virgo female co-exist in an environment filled with trust, loyalty and a lot of affection. Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and has its ruling planet is Mercury. The Virgos are earnest, factual, serious-minded and one of the most trustworthy beings, as they are a representation of the element of Earth.
The Virgo man along with the Virgo woman has a lot of traits that are not very ideal. Both of these individuals are in constant worry for nothing. They overthink things like crazy and distress themselves a lot. They are not exactly capable of overcoming and dealing with things that trouble them. Due to this repeated pattern of overthinking, they leave themselves agonized over petty matters, being enslaved to their worries and being too harsh on themselves most of the time.

Being very sentimental, both the Virgo man and Virgo woman often put themselves into difficult situations. They can also lead others into mistrust if things are not communicated properly.

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Virgo Man and Virgo Woman: The Love Affair

Talking about the Virgo woman- Virgo man compatibility, these two make a great bond and understanding with each other, thus making them highly compatible for each other. One aspect on which they are not very strong is the intimacy aspect. The physical intimacy between a Virgo man and a Virgo woman makes their relationship a little at risk, as none of them enjoys a very amazing sexual life because the performance pressure in bed gets them nervous every time they try to be intimate. Yeah, a Virgo man in a relationship keeps everything clear, straight.

The Virgo male and Virgo female love match are extremely pragmatic, judging even the tiniest aspects of their relationship, starting from their emotional bond to every action performed, to every shared opinion and to every conversation that they indulge themselves in. They try to keep an account of everything and calculate them, and once these individuals find answers to all of these, they start putting an emphasis on each of them, worsening the situation even more, by means of overthinking.

The Virgo have a great intellect, engaging themselves in the deep analysis of situations and things around them. Logic plays a predominant role in their lives and all their actions are governed by logic.

They possess a fault-finding tendency that forces them to generalize things, which limits their creative tendency as they are further forced to constrain themselves to rationality as well as to reasoning almost all the time.

The ruling planet of Mercury helps the Virgo men and Virgo women to be born naturally with some excellent communication skills.

Though both the Virgo man and the Virgo woman are known to be individuals who can communicate well, they cannot communicate very well while being involved in intimate acts with each other. A very methodical or rehearsed kind of foreplay is used by the Virgo man while in bed. Even if he would want to, he will find it difficult to experiment with his sexual fantasies while in bed with his partner with whom he is closest.

The Virgo man in love would resort to any other method to satisfy his partner but will not play with sexual fantasies very easily. While in bed, the Virgo man in bed would resort to and preach the idea of monotony, as it is the most comfortable for him. He would do anything but sexual fantasies to satisfy his significant self. As the Virgo sun sign is ruled by the planet of Mercury, it is certainly possible for the Virgo-Virgo duo to engage in proper communication and solve all the discomfort related to their physical relationship.

A Virgo man and Virgo woman are habituated to measure their progress and success on the basis of society’s views. They feel they have made progress only if the progress is ideal to society’s thinking.

They have this view about themselves that tells them that they are the most imperfect beings on this planet. This is because they believe that they are never able to match society’s standards, as only these standards are the definition of perfection for them. Due to all of this, they sometimes prove to be very harsh on their own selves.

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Virgo Man and Virgo Woman: Level of Understanding

The Virgo man and Virgo woman love compatibility are remarkable as the Virgo-Virgo duo shares an exceptional mutual understanding. They are highly emotional beings and share even their most vulnerable feelings with each other. As the period of their relationship increases, the communication between them increases. This leads to them sharing almost all of their problems with each other and trying to put an effort to solve all of them together.

The Virgo woman and Virgo man will be in a relationship in which both of them will be completely aware of the fact that they are very judgemental and critical in their respective opinions. So, both of these Virgos will make an effort to not each other with their actions or their speech but might end up hurting themselves in the process.
They take their own time to analyse the relationship that they share, and with the help of good communication skills that they exhibit, they do come up with answers pertaining to the same.

But it is important to note that if they do not convey the issues that they suffer from or the issues that they are having trouble with, then they end up keeping all of it within their own selves, which often leads to keeping secrets. This practice is definitely not healthy in a relationship.
The Virgo woman-Virgo man marriage compatibility is predicted to be excellent if they look into certain negative aspects of their relationship and try to fix them.

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Virgo Man and Virgo Woman: Pros and cons in the relationship

The Virgo male-Virgo female compatibility will be remarkable and their love life will be excellent, given they do not have any communication gap between them.
Vulcan, which is the esoteric planet, might have an impact on the Virgos as it is believed to bring in a lot of positive vibes pertaining to strength, will power and adaptability. This will assist them in overcoming all the impediments or troubles that they encounter in their lives.

Both the Virgo woman and the Virgo man must understand that talking about their problems is always a wiser and a better option, than being distressed about their problems all alone and obsessing over it the whole day. They need to understand that their proneness to anxiety and panic can greatly be avoided if they just decide to have a simple conversation about their issues.

Therefore, the Virgo-Virgo duo has to make it a point to avoid overthinking about the tiniest of inconvenience in life and try to be more calm and relaxed. They should also try to make sure that they have a ‘talk-over things’ motto rather than an ‘obsess alone over things’ motto in their relationship, in order to have a successful relationship together.

The individuals in this duo must also try to accept each other as they are–which is actually very important in every relationship. The Virgos in this compatible relationship can try to be more empathetic towards each other and try to be more considerate with each other. They must make an effort to not push things or stress themselves over petty things and take things in a lighter manner. Criticism is also one factor that they must be careful about.

Criticizing each other too often must be avoided in order to share a peaceful, uncritical bond. They should always remember that nobody is perfect and when they say nobody, they mean the Virgos too!

The Virgo man and Virgo woman compatibility will prove to be extremely magnificent if they keep a few things in mind and thus work towards making their association an amazing one.

The mutual understanding that the Virgo-Virgo couple has, can defeat any negativity in the world and thus they can end up saving their relationship in the process. And dating a Virgo man or woman is not a bad option at all. You go, Virgos!

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