All About Sun in Scorpio According to Vedic Astrology

All About Sun in Scorpio According to Vedic Astrology

Ruling Planet – Mars and Ketu
Element – Water
Date Range – November 17 to December 14
Nature – Fixed Sign
Symbol – The Scorpion

In Vedic astrology, the Scorpio sun sign has two ruling planets – Mars and Ketu. Ketu, in this sign, is exalted. It is a fixed sign. Scorpio is the sign of Transformation. It itself implies sudden changes. So it is basically fixed on constant change, be it internally or in an outside environment.

The element of Scorpio is ‘Water’, which represents deep emotions and feelings. This water is not deep ocean water in the initial years of this sign. It is the middle water layer that lies between the deep ocean bed and the surface water. Although the maximum turbulence could be seen on the surface, it arises from the middle water, and it is a huge contributor to their Transformation.

Sun in Scorpio: Karmic Arrears

Ketu is all about Moksha. It is a planet that drives to clear the karmic backlog as it is related to the past. So the transformation in Scorpio happens because it has a karmic backlog to deal with. Ketu and Mars together bring constant and sudden changes in the native’s life. Initially, due to the planetary influences, the native experiences a lot of confusion, restlessness, and instability.

No planet likes transformation except Ketu. In the Scorpio sign, Ketu represents the things that you have already achieved in your past lives. Hence, wherever Ketu is sitting in the chart, no transformation is needed in that aspect of the house. Any other planet sitting in a particular house for this sign implies a karmic backlog to be accomplished.

Sun in Scorpio is under the responsibility to learn its lessons. That means it has to change whether it likes it or not. You do not have control over past life karma. So, whether you want it or not, transformations will happen.

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Sun in Scorpio

Sun is your soul’s Karaka. It represents ego, dignity. self-respect, dedication, willpower, leadership quality, stamina, vitality, health, career, father, status, and government. When the sun enters Scorpio, it is not going to give any results directly. Here, it will depend totally on the placement of Mars and Ketu. These two planets will determine whether the sun will give positive or negative results.

Sun is the significator of your personality, and the Scorpio sign is the sign of sudden changes. So you will have a dynamic personality that will continue to transform as long as the karmic backlog is there. Sun is about stability and reliability, whereas Scorpio brings instability. This is why the sun is very uncomfortable in this sign. But this conflict between the two opposite natures brings amazing clarity if you consciously choose to assist your own transformative process.

Sun also represents father, so he will play an important role in changing your personality. If Mars and Ketu are well placed, your father will teach you very important life lessons, which you will utilize to come out of a dark period of your life. If they are not well placed, then the behaviour of your father will be on the negative side, and it is left on you to bring positive or negative change.

When the sun is in Scorpio, it is a very good placement for becoming a researcher and explorer.

Sun in Scorpio Impact: The Journey of Self Discovery

Being a Scorpio sun sign, you go through so many ups and downs that the frustration itself will direct you towards seeking answers. You become curious about who you really are as your personality keeps on changing. You start questioning life and your purpose in life. This is the reason why you might take the path of spirituality, as the restlessness of your own questions motivates you towards self-discovery.

Sun in Scorpio is favourable for spiritual growth and self-discovery. You will naturally be inclined towards hidden wisdom and knowledge, be it scriptures, spiritual texts, occult, ancient science, because you do not leave any stone unturned to find answers.

Scorpio is the sign of extremities. There is no central point in this sign. There are going to be either extremely positive or negative results, depending upon your level of consciousness. But the point is that both lead to transformation in you. The choice is completely in your hands, in which direction you want to go.

Sun in Scorpio: Mundane Daily Chores

You naturally have an interest in the occult, hidden knowledge, ancient wisdom, research, astrology, mysteries, religion, tantra, mantra, science, and spirituality. Sun in Scorpio will make you realize that your daily mundane activities or chores are not going to answer your questions, and hence, you might decide to give your full attention to these aspects.

The world sees this as a complete imbalance or disaster, but it is coming from a deep search and fearlessness towards what you are about. You might come across your Guru in your quest who will direct you towards Moksha.

More on Mars and Ketu Placements

If Ketu is well placed or by any conjunction or aspect in the 3rd, 8th, 9th, or 12th house, it is influencing the sun positively; then it makes the sun very powerful. You now will have good intuitive powers. It will also motivate you to take the path of dharma towards enlightenment because Ketu is the planet of Moksha. Your life experiences will be such that they will force you to move on a spiritual path. You can even become a Yogi.

If Mars and Ketu are ill-placed, then it will make your personality angry because you get frustrated by not finding an answer. There will be ego issues and aggression in you. It can create depressive tendencies, and you might take the wrong path. You might even get into addictions.

Human consciousness is such that no matter what kind of experiences you get, you have the power to choose your own path. Although things might look completely negative, the conscious transformations can lead you to the place you have never imagined.

Sun in Scorpio: Different Nakshatra, Different Results

There will be variations depending upon which Nakshatra sun is sitting in your chart. The three Scorpio nakshatras are Vishakha, Anuradha, and Jyeshta.

If the sun is in Vishakha Nakshatra, then there will be the influence of Jupiter. Good placement of Mars and Ketu will take you to higher learning and wisdom. If Mars and Ketu are not well placed, it will bring jealousy in you. You will be so determined to achieve your goal that you might not be able to differentiate between right and wrong actions.

If the sun is in Anuradha Nakshatra with good placement of Mars and Ketu, Saturn influence will instil patience in you. You will be logical, practical, and realistic. Your life experiences will transform you from within, making you a good observer, deep thinker, and composed.

If the sun is in Jyeshta Nakshatra, you will be influenced by Mercury. This is the planet of intelligence. Although you won’t like frequent changes, you will adapt to the transformative process through your intelligence. Initially, you might be utterly confused, though.

Do not judge yourself solely based on your sun sign or when the Sun in Scorpio comes to the picture. There are many aspects in Vedic astrology that determine your personality, life path, and way of dealing with things in life. It covers all the minute to big things in life and can give you a direction as to how to go about having smooth sailing. It is wise to consult a Vedic astrologer in case you are facing issues in life.