Sun in Aquarius – The Combination of Brilliant and Eccentric Innovators

Sun in Aquarius – The Combination of Brilliant and Eccentric Innovators

Ruling Planet – Uranus and Saturn
Element – Air
Date Range – January 20- Feb 18
Nature – Fixed Sign
Symbol – The Water-Bearer

Sun in Aquarius people is very much focused on achieving more success and upgrading their status. The influence of the Sun makes them self-obsessed and materialistic. Since Saturn and Sun are enemies to each other, the natives may have a pinch of Sun in Aquarius traits which are more on the negative side. They need to open up and try to express themselves rather than only analyzing and calculating. There is a lot more to do in life other than materialistic achievements.

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Sun - The Basking Advantage

Sun, being the Boss, above all the planets in the cosmos, is the reason for maintaining life on Earth. Every item, whether living or non-living, is influenced by it. Fire is its power, and it radiates energy that energizes every living organism. As it is the biggest of power, it represents ego, power, authority, pride, and energy. It brings positivity and enthusiasm to humans when in a positive frame. Its presence in the natal chart of natives is a positive trait that can make one’s life full of wealth, good health, uprisings, strength, power, and grace with what they desire in life. It remains in one sign for one month before moving from one sign to another.

In Vedic astrology, Sun is the biggest planet and kind by heart, and it plays the role of Father. Taking care of others is the nature of the Sun, and so it does for its natives as well. Sun is quite friendly with Moon, Mars, and Jupiter, and has an opposite relationship with Venus and Saturn, and a neutral relationship with Mercury. The Sun does have a negative influence leading to poor health and performance, which can be disappointing at times.

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Aquarius- The Intelligent Creative Aqua

Aquarians are the natives born between 20th January and 20th February, having Air as their natural element and Saturn as their ruling planet. Being water bearers, they are seen to be the nourishing agents to earth, and the same is shown in the natives born with this sign. Sun in Aquarius individuals are intelligent, creative, progressive, idealistic, and different from others. They do not have a definite thought process, but then also they love to be alone and enjoy their time alone.

The Aquarius native is more humanitarian and tries to bring change in society with their efforts, whether the results are evident and visible or not. They get recharged when alone. With this, they are eccentric and more logical. The Aquarius sun sign doesn’t believe anything till there is some concrete proof of that. Overall, Aquarian zodiac signs are ambitious, progressive, and carry a zest in mind to bring positive change in society. They dare walk out of the track and think out of the box for the better of not only themselves but the whole society.

Sun in Aquarius - The Unique Innovators

Understanding the detail about Aquarians, a combination with the father of all planets, the Sun in Aquarius seems to be a unique combination. With all the uniqueness, innovation, and unexpected next step, the natives with Sun in Aquarius do what they want and do not keep any regrets in mind. They are eccentric in their thoughts and action. Being the combination of the heat of the Sun with the Air element of Aquarius, they are the pioneers with excellent thinking ability to go beyond the edge. With Sun in Aquarius, a person tries to positively contribute to the future with all possibilities in the realm.

Sun in Aquarius traits shows both positive and negative aspects. Taking the positive side, Sun in the Aquarius man and woman both enjoy partying and getting involved in a social gatherings with friends, family, and loved ones. They have a good sense of humor, which can be surprising to others. But in reality, they are aloof kind of people and get their energy from being alone. They go beyond their limits to bring change in society with their limitless thinking skills.
The Sun in Aquarius finds it comfortable to work alone. But later on, when they try to open up with people, no one likes to entertain them, though they keep saying what they want, without caring much about others.

As they are Air elements in the zodiac, what they think in their minds may not exist in reality anywhere. As they have a rational approach towards everything and their mood swings leave less or no room for others, they are considered detached or aloof personalities.

The Sun in Aquarius’s different houses has multiple effects. The Sun in the 1st house of Aquarius Ascendants are natives who believe in God and get their energy and power from God. But they are not healthy and handsome personalities. They get a good life partner indeed. Overall, when Sun is in the 1st house of Aquarius ascendants, they are influential and intelligent.

The Sun in the 7th house of Aquarius Ascendants natives is likely to get strength and support from their father-in-law, longevity of life, legacy, and lead a good peaceful life. They are restless kind of people and are good in business skills and earn well from offshore assignments. With all this Sun in the 7th house of Aquarius ascendants, are not so good-looking but receive all kinds of plentiful pleasure in life. They are influential and progressive but, at times, may get unhealthy and catch some diseases.

Concluding the Sun in Aquarius

The Sun in Aquarius makes natives full of energy and enthusiasm, and with their air element and power play of the Sun, things come into reality, which used to be hanging in the air earlier. With extensive thinking skills and zeal to change the world, the natives with Sun in Aquarius may cross their limits. But at times, they are lonely kind of people and can be alone in a crowd, even in their world aloof.

The Sun in Aquarius 2021 is going to bring a lot of changes in the native’s life. This time, the natives will get what they have not received in the last transit period of Sun in their sign. This time, it will bestow the native with a different aura, with more energy, enthusiasm, and prosperity. With all this, it may create some health issues related to the skin, and stomach. One needs to be careful. Otherwise, the rest is all going to be the best of what one would like to have.

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