Sun in Taurus: Sun effects, Personality Traits, Compatibility, and more

Sun in Taurus: Sun effects, Personality Traits, Compatibility, and more

Ruling Planet – Venus
Element – Earth
Date Range – May 14th to June 14th
Nature – Fixed Sign
Symbol – the Bull

The 2nd house in Vedic astrology is where the sign of Taurus naturally falls. This house is about your possessions, wealth, and the things that you accumulate including your identities. The symbol of this sign is ‘the bull’ which represents strength, power, and stubbornness. They belong to the Earth element which is about stability.

Their ruling planet Venus gives them immense love for all the fine things in life. Be it beauty, love, relationships, wealth, indulgence in pleasures, connectivity, or creativity, Taurus natives want to experience it all.

Sun in Taurus

The sun is a natural significator of your soul, willpower, fatherly figure, authority, vitality, health, ambitions, attention, status, light, and drive. It is your natural Atma Karaka. According to Vedic astrology, Sun and Venus are enemies. But do not get disappointed by this, it depends on the placements of other planets in your chart too.

When the sun is in the Taurus sign, the natives feel a bit of an identity crisis and try to fill it up with their natural tendencies. And in this case, it’s purely material pursuits. You will not settle for anything less. If you desire a car, you would prefer to get the best car, if you desire a home, you will want a luxurious home.

The 2nd house is ‘Dhan Bhav’ or the house of wealth and savings. Wherever the sun sits, it increases the intensity of that house. So, if the sun is in the 2nd or 11th house, the native will naturally be driven to accumulate a lot of wealth.

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Natural Tendency of Taurus

Taurus sun sign has a natural inclination towards wealth, money, creativity, beauty, pleasures, food intake, luxuries, amusements, desires and speech and connections with other people.

You are like the centre of pleasures, desires and attention as well. Not necessarily do you get all the attention, but you do make an effort for it. These zodiac signs are for someone who loves to wine and dine. Sun in Taurus might even be an accumulator of specific items such as precious gems, jewellery, artefacts, antiques or, at a subtler level – clothes. Malefic placement of the sun can make you a hoarder.

Whereabouts of Venus

When you are the sun in Taurus, you need to check the position of Venus in your chart. Suppose your Venus is debilitated in the sign of Virgo. This will make you overly indulgent. Sun in Taurus will be concerned about how much they can collect, make money, or indulge in pleasures. But if Venus is exalted in Pisces or in its own sign of Libra, then the sun is more stable and controlled. This can make you a good financier, art dealer, and artist, and inclined towards creating beauty around.

Grounding - Sun in Taurus

Since you are a fixed Earth sign, stability and security are of utmost importance. They are reliable because they themselves count on this quality when it comes to the connections they make. Sun in Taurus traits are the builders, and nothing can be built on shaky ground. Hence, this is an extremely grounded sign.

Sun in Taurus has a firm hold on their emotions, mostly. However, the intensity of anger can be lashed out if they have not worked on raising their consciousness. And when they do, they come out with a rare common sense on which other people can bank. They use the logical bend of mind and reasoning to come up with ways to get their desires fulfilled.

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Indulgence Spree of Taurus Sun Sign

The face is the area ruled by the sun in Taurus. If seen logically, the face has all the parts of the senses – nose, ears, eyes, and mouth. Hence, their senses are usually heightened. The mouth is about nourishment, and one of the desires that this sign has is indulgence in good food. It is certainly not limited to just the taste of it but how well presented it is, how it smells and where it is served.

Sun in Taurus is cautious about their looks. This makes them curious about fashion, the latest outfits, and trends. They can be shopaholics and extravagant too.

Something gets fulfilled when you get what you want. But it is short-lived. This is how you get into the trap of indulging over and over again. The key for the Taurus sun sign is to realize the futility of the need for indulgence. One of the ways is to turn inward and shift a bit of focus to spiritual practices.

Sun in Taurus - People Behaviour

Speech and communication are a must for establishing a good rapport with you. You are relationship-oriented and connectivity is one of the ways to win over you. Since the sun in Taurus is ruled by Venus, you can be people-oriented whereas the sun has a nature of being individualistic. This is one of the reasons why the sun in Taurus sign struggles a bit. Taurus sun sign natives are very friendly and have a huge social network.

You are family-oriented and carry out your duties diligently. You are someone who gives direction to the family and takes care of their needs. Sun in Taurus’s psychological and emotional bonds depend on how secure and stable relationships are. Your sixth sense makes you very resourceful as you can smell danger beforehand if only you refrain from unconscious habits.

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Accumulation is a Way to Security

In the accumulation of wealth and money, the sun in Taurus feels utterly secure. Depending upon your birth chart, you will either feel secure or burdened by the things that you collect. Your self-identity is also acquired very creatively. It is determined hugely by what you like and how you want others to view you.

Taurus sun signs are so determined to become rich that in the long run, they might lose a vision to understand what really is valuable in the universe – that you are alive. Thanks to the blessings of the sun you experience robust health. Stability is like your backbone, and you thrive on it.

Sun in Taurus - Fixed in Nature

Believe it or not, change is a smaller step to transformation and real happiness lies in transforming oneself into a higher being. But you resist the very first step – any kind of change that shakes your comfort zone. Sun in Taurus surely has the talent to remain comfortable and unmoving in your old ways. And still, you complain about things.

Stubbornness is like second nature, especially when it comes to getting what you want. Take care of the restlessness you have when the gratifications are delayed.

In your desires, lies the power to transcend your limitations. Material security is essential to have a balanced life, stability is important to walk through steadily. Solely relying on these can be dangerous. Life throws many challenges, especially to let you know who you are without the things that you own. Your lesson is to learn what the real treasures of life are and what really matters in the long run.

Sun in Taurus - Some Tips to Toe

You have an uncanny talent for people. You can give directions to them but for that, you will have to go through the metamorphosis. Step out of your comfort zone and discover the unknown terrain for with you lies the power of creating a strong ground for others as well. Your emotional sensitivity and connectivity can touch many lives.

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