Significance of Hora

Every stroke has significance in Hora. The calculation is also different according to each attack. Let us know about the importance of each Hora here.


Today’s Hora Sat, 02 Mar 2024

Rahu Kaal
Day Hora 07:00
Saturn - Sluggish 07:00 - 07:58
Jupiter - Fruitful 07:58 - 08:57
Mars - Aggressive 08:57 - 09:55
Sun - Vigorous 09:55 - 10:54
Venus - Beneficial 10:54 - 11:52
Mercury - Quick 11:52 - 12:51
Moon - Gentle 12:51 - 13:50
Saturn - Sluggish 13:50 - 14:48
Jupiter - Fruitful 14:48 - 15:47
Mars - Aggressive 15:47 - 16:45
Sun - Vigorous 16:45 - 17:44
Venus - Beneficial 17:44 - 18:43
Night Hora 18:43
Mercury - Quick 18:43 - 19:44
Moon - Gentle 19:44 - 20:45
Saturn - Sluggish 20:45 - 21:47
Jupiter - Fruitful 21:47 - 22:48
Mars - Aggressive 22:48 - 23:49
Sun - Vigorous 23:49 - 00:51, Mar 03
Venus - Beneficial 00:51 - 01:52, Mar 03
Mercury - Quick 01:52 - 02:53, Mar 03
Moon - Gentle 02:53 - 03:55, Mar 03
Saturn - Sluggish 03:55 - 04:56, Mar 03
Jupiter - Fruitful 04:56 - 05:57, Mar 03
Mars - Aggressive 05:57 - 06:59, Mar 03

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Surya i.e. Ravi Hora

Talking about Surya Hora, this Hora Muhurta is considered auspicious for political work, meeting government officials, applying for jobs, court related transactions and shopping etc. Surya Hora is also considered auspicious for wearing Ruby

Moon Hora

The relocation is done in Moon Hora. This Hora is used for change of residence, travel, property related matters, meeting beloved in love affairs, purchase of jewellery, sale of clothes etc., works related to water as well as creative and artistic works. Pearl can be worn in the Hora of Moon.

Mangal Hora

Mangal Hora is used for agricultural matters, purchase and sale of vehicles, electrical and engineering works. Along with this, it is also auspicious for giving and taking loan, martial arts etc. Time is good to join a new job. You can wear coral or cat's eye in this Hora.

Budh Hora

The Hora of Mercury is considered auspicious for matters related to business and medicine. Apart from this, Budh Hora is also auspicious for learning, astrology, religious works, writing, printing, etc., buying jewellery. Emerald stone can be worn in the Hora of Mercury.

Jupiter Hora

Hora of Dev Guru Brihaspati is considered auspicious for all auspicious works. In this Hora, Mercury's Hora is auspicious for joining a job, starting a business, starting a new course, as well as for court related matters. In this, this Hora is also auspicious for religious work, pilgrimage etc. Topaz can be worn in this Hora.

Shani Hora

Saturn's Hora is considered good for hardworking people. Apart from this, Saturn's Hora is also suitable for business related to oil and iron. Sapphire or Gomed can be worn during this Hora period.

Venus Hora

Hora of Venus is auspicious for love and marriage, purchase and sale of jewellery, entertainment, purchase of vehicle etc. Diamond, opal or new clothes can also be worn in this Hora.

Important Auspicious Muhurat

Udveg Muhurat

In astrology, the effect of Sun is generally considered inauspicious, that is why it is marked as Udvega. However, government work can be done in this Choghadiya.

Shubha Muhurat

Jupiter is a very auspicious planet and it is considered a benefic planet. Hence it is marked as auspicious. Shubh Choghadiya is considered especially suitable for conducting marriage ceremonies.

Labh Muhurat

Mercury is also an auspicious and beneficial planet, so it is marked as benefic. If the work of learning education or any learning is started in the choghadiya of profit, then it is fruitful.

Kaal Muhurat

Shani is a malefic planet that is why it is marked as Kaal. No auspicious work should be done during Kaal Choghadiya. However, in some cases it can prove beneficial for activities undertaken for earning money.

Chara Muhurat

Venus is considered an auspicious and beneficial planet. Hence it is marked as variable or fickle. Due to the mutable nature of Venus, Char Choghadiya is considered most suitable for travel purpose.

Amrita Muhurat

Moon is a very auspicious and beneficial planet. That is why it is marked as nectar. Amrit Choghadiya is considered good for all kinds of work.

Rog Muhurat

Mars is a cruel and malefic planet. That's why it is labeled as a disease. No auspicious work should be done during Rog Choghadiya. But Rog Choghadiya is recommended to defeat the enemy in war.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is Hora?

Hora has great importance in astrology. This is one of the important aspects of horoscope analysis. The duration of Hora is considered to be one hour. There are total 24 Hora in a day i.e. 24 hours. Every day i.e. Vaar Ki Hora starts with sunrise.

What is the significance of Hora?

Hora has great importance in astrology. Through this, information about wealth and property can be obtained. Hora is used in any kind of difficult situations. Planets play an important role in this.

What is Hora chart?

Hora chart is prepared for Faladesh. Every person has a zodiac sign and on that basis his nature and other things are decided. Hora chart is also prepared on the basis of this.