Saturn in Sagittarius – Let’s Know the Meaning and Impacts

Curiosity is the other name for humans. And we are always interested in our future and the future of our loved ones. We want to know everything beforehand, from the anticipation of a child’s birth to their education, career, marriage, grandchildren, and ultimately death. With the superficial knowledge of the future, we feel that we have conquered the world. We take calculated steps and risks once we know what and when to expect in what quantum. And all this is made possible with the help of Vedic astrology.

Vedic astrology analysis and studies the positions of planets in the horoscope which is a blueprint of the sky at the time of a person’s birth. With a deeper understanding of planetary positions and their conjunction with other planets and stars, the person’s characteristics are generally predicted. It also makes people aware of the possible career choices and paths in life.

Another aspect of astrology is the predictions based on the transit and retrograde of planets from one house to another or sign to sign. This article is going to help us understand what happens when planet Saturn transits in the Sagittarius sign. Let us get a brief knowledge about the nature of the planet Saturn and the zodiac sign Sagittarius.

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Saturn - Synonym of Limitation and Restriction

The planet Saturn is considered one of the cruelest planets in Vedic astrology. It makes a person fall straight from the sky to the ground without showing any mercy. The merciless planet is cold and dry, resulting in barren life for the native. The malefic Saturn shows up at the time when the native is going through multiple challenges. With the entry of Saturn, life becomes altogether more difficult for the native. They may suffer a significant loss related to people or property.

The loss may also be afflicted Saturn over the health of the native. Saturn is considered to be the one who punishes, one who is strict and imposes limitations and restrictions over the native. It takes away all the joy of life and gives only pain and misery. But if Saturn is happy and strong, which means it is posited in a favorable house with a friendly zodiac sign, it will bless the native with a rising career and abundance.

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Sagittarius - The One with Free Will

The ninth zodiac sign in astrology is Sagittarius, ruled by the biggest planet Jupiter and influenced by the Fire element. The happy planet Jupiter makes the natives gregarious and happy-go-lucky kind of people. They have a strong sense of humour and love to enjoy every aspect of life.

Under the influence of Jupiter, the Sagittarius natives are always ready to learn and explore new ideas. They are always hungry for more knowledge and wisdom. They are always charged with energy and are passionate about their work, credited to the zodiac’s Fire element.

In general, the Sagittarius zodiac natives are energetic, intelligent, loyal, wild and very caring. But at the same time, they are very boastful and always seek attention from others. They are very careless and often behave impatiently. Sometimes, when things are not in their favour, they may get brutal too.

When in love, the Sagittarius leave no stone unturned to keep their partner happy and hold planning surprises for them. But they believe in giving space to each other in a relationship and not invading each other privacy. They don’t like to have a boss over-head.

Because of their humorous and outgoing behaviour, Sagittarius is always surrounded by good friends and loved ones. They are completely dedicated to their family and always available for friends and family. On the career front, they are full of energy and enthusiasm and always keep working with zest. Positivity is in their blood, no matter how worse the situation is. But all this works wonders only if they have their space and privacy. Again, they don’t like to have a boss. They want to be their own boss.

Saturn in Sagittarius – When the Disciplinarian Holds the Wanderer

As mentioned above, Saturn is all about discipline, restriction, limitation, grief, and pain, while Sagittarius is just the opposite. It’s all about love, joy, happiness, no restriction, freedom, and beauty. So, it will be interesting to know what would be the condition with Saturn in Sagittarius.

  • Saturn and Sagittarius may seem to be quite the opposite of each other in all respect. But there are some important common features in both of them. Because of it, with Saturn in the Sagittarius sign, the native becomes serious about life.
  • The Saturn Sagittarius gets more curious than before. This makes them pragmatic in approach. But with this, they start over-analyzing situations and even people. The Saturn in Sagittarius makes the natives aware of the philosophy of life. The native gets eager to know the spiritual purpose of life and tries to get involved with more people searching for their way.
  • With greater wisdom endowed by Jupiter and Saturn, the native is likely to get attached to some social upliftment cause, which will eventually help attain a great and respectable position in social life. With Saturn in Sagittarius, the native gathers the courage to fight against injustice done to anyone. And for this reason, Saturn Sagittarius often become an inspiration for many people around them.
  • But there is another side of Saturn transit in the Sagittarius picture. With Saturn in Sagittarius, the native becomes repellent to criticism. They would not like to acknowledge anything that is said or done against their wish or what is considered right by him/her. They believe that only they can understand the correct thing and that others should follow them. With Saturn Sagittarius, the natives become quite ruthless and self-centered. They underestimate and belittle others.
  • With Saturn’s return in Sagittarius, the native may get self-obsessed and believe that he knows it all. This makes him close the door for new knowledge and ideas, which is not a trait of normal Sagittarius. With Saturn in Sagittarius, the native sets unachievable or rather difficult targets and overestimates self-worth and potential.
  • With Saturn in Sagittarius, the career of the native will not be so badly affected as Saturn and Jupiter have a neutral relationship. With high intellectual abilities and analytical skills, the native will certainly make his way out through the phase of Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius.

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Wrapping Up with Saturn Sagittarius Man and Woman

When Saturn is in the Sagittarius sign, the man seems more like a gentleman, well-mannered and intellectual than ever. The Saturn Sagittarius man is a loving and loyal partner and parent. And the same implies to Saturn in Sagittarius woman, as she also turns out to be intellectual, independent, and a wonderful mother and partner.

Both the man and woman with Saturn in Sagittarius are inclined towards the upliftment of society and are compassionate people. The last time Saturn transited in Sagittarius was from September 2015 to December 2017. And from April to August 2017 was the period of retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius.

We conclude by saying that Saturn Sagittarius is not as bad or inauspicious as one would expect the combination to be. In fact, it brings some positivity to society and an individual’s family.

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