Saturn In Sagittarius - How It Impacts On Your Life & Personality

Saturn in Sagittarius – Let’s Know the Meaning and Impacts

Curiosity is the other name for humans. And we are always interested in our future and the future of our loved ones. We want to know everything beforehand, from the anticipation of a child’s birth to their education, career, marriage, grandchildren, and ultimately death. With the superficial knowledge of the future, we feel that we have conquered the world. We take calculated steps and risks once we know what and when to expect in what quantum. And all this is made possible with the help of Vedic astrology.

Vedic astrology analysis and studies the positions of planets in the horoscope which is a blueprint of the sky at the time of a person’s birth. With a deeper understanding of planetary positions and their conjunction with other planets and stars, the person’s characteristics are generally predicted. It also makes people aware of the possible career choices and paths in life.

Another aspect of astrology is the predictions based on the transit and retrograde of planets from one house to another or sign to sign. This article is going to help us understand what happens when planet Saturn transits in the Sagittarius sign. Let us get a brief knowledge about the nature of the planet Saturn and the zodiac sign Sagittarius.

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