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Mercury in Virgo and How the Virgo Ruling Planet Complements the Sign?

Virgo is an earth sign, and its ruling planet is Mercury. Mercury in Virgo is a positive event for its Virgos since mercury is the planet of communication in all forms of speaking, writing, listening, thinking, and sharing thoughts and ideas. Virgos become more rational, logical, and practical in dealing with things personally and professionally. It is suitable for the natives who want to become entrepreneurs due to the fact that they possess business acumen. They have a good sense of judgment, observation, and know-how to get the work done. Mercury in Virgo has more positive effects than negative ones.

Virgo is intelligent, wise, and quick-witted. The most suitable career options are mathematics and accounts or anything else that involves calculations and numbers. They can also be good teachers, astrologers, and accountants. Mercury in Virgo zodiac sign natives study well and are highly educated. With their intelligence and education, they secure exalted positions in their profession and are financially stable.

Generally, they are smart enough to maintain their finances well. Whether they are engaged in a business or job, they are sincere, and practical, and tackle all communications wisely. Mercury in Virgo can be good writers since they excel in written communication as well. With their potential, they achieve their goals quickly.

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