Bhratri Dwitiya 2024: Date, Time, Significance, Celebration and Katha

Bhratri Dwitiya 2024: Date, Time, Significance, Celebration and Katha

Bhrati Dwitiya is commonly known as Bhai Dooj and is a very important festival for brothers and sisters. The festival is celebrated on the second day of the Krishna Paksha of the Chaitra month i.e. the second day after Holi. The day holds great significance in the Hindu religion because on this day sisters portray their affection and trust for their brothers by performing an Aarti and applying “Tilak” on their brothers’ foreheads.

The day is called Bhratri Dwitiya because “Bhratri” means brother and the festival falls on the “Dwitiya” after the Phalguna Purnima. In the year 2024, the Bhratri Dwitiya falls on Wednesday, March 27, 2024, as per the Gregorian calendar and the 2nd Chaitra 2079 as per the Hindu Panchang. So now let us find out about the Bhratri Dwitiya Muhurat in the year 2024.

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Bhratri Dwitiya 2024: Date And Time

Holi Bhai Dooj or Bhratri Dwitiya 2022 DateWednesday, March 27, 2024
Dwitiya Begins02:55 PM on Mar 26, 2024
Dwitiya Ends05:06 PM on Mar 27, 2024

The Significance of Bhratri Dwitiya

On the day of the Bhratri Dwitiya, sisters apply “Tilak” on their brother’s foreheads in order to protect them from all kinds of troubles in life. According to a legend, The God of Death and Justice, Yamraj visits his sister Yamuna every year on the day of the Bhratri Dwitiya. He had blessed her with a boon that said that any brother who visits her sister on this day gets “Tilak” applied on his forehead by her and eats food at her house shall have all his wishes fulfilled and will never be afraid of death.

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According to Hindu scriptures, the tilak on the brother’s head on this day frees him from all diseases and troubles in life. All women celebrate this festival as a mark of their affection for their brothers and wish for their well-being by performing an Aarti for their brothers and applying “Tilak” on their foreheads on this auspicious day.

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How to celebrate Bhratri Dwitiya?

The celebration of Bhai Dooj is simple and extremely beneficial. By following the right rituals on the Day of the Bhratri Dwitiya, sisters can wish for the well-being of their brothers and protect them from all the troubles in life. So let us take a look at how one should celebrate the Bhai Dooj in 2022.

  • On this day the brother should visit his sister at her house.
  • To celebrate this Bhai Dooj, the sister first must prepare a plate of aarti for her brother that consists of the following items: coconut, batashe, sweets, fruits, paan, roli, kumkum and rice.
  • After preparing the plate the sister should light a lamp on the plate
  • Next, the sister should apply “Tilak” made with kumkum and rice on her brother’s forehead and performs the aarti for her brother.
  • After the aarti, she must offer sweets, fruits, and coconut to the brother.
  • And in the end, brothers must give gifts to their sisters.

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The Bhai Dooj Katha

There are certain stories related to the Bhratri Dwitiya. Below are some of the legends related to this beautiful festival of brother-sister bonding.

Legend One

One of the popular legends of Bhai Dooj is about Lord Yamduta, god of death and his sister the Yamuna. Yamraj visited the Yamuna on the second day of Diwali. He was happily welcomed by his sister. On the arrival of Yamduta, Yamuna applied Tilak on his forehead, performed aarti, and prepared delicious dishes.

After seeing such a heartily welcome, Yamduta gave her a boon that every time a brother visits his sister on this day, they are blessed with health and wealth. Hence, this day is also called “Yam-Dwitiya”.

Legend Two

In another story, Lord Krishna, after killing the Narakasura-the demon king, went to meet his sister Subhadra. That day was of Bhratri Dwitiya. Subhadra welcomed Lord Krishna, wholeheartedly and applied tilak on his forehead as a symbol of sisterly protection.

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Legend 3

One more story about Bhai Dooj which may originate from this festival is about Bhagwan Mahavir, the founder of modern Jainism. He attained nirvana and his brother King Nandivardhan was sad as he was missing him. In these times, it was his sister Sudarshana who comforted him. Hence, women are greatly admired on the day of Bhai dooj. Therefore, Bhratri Dwitya is also an important festival in Jainism.


We hope the above-mentioned details helped you to understand the story and the rituals of Bhratri Dwitiya. By following all the rituals properly, a sister shall be able to protect her brother from all troubles and ensure his well-being. We hope this Bhratri Dwitya brings joy and happiness to your family.

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