Amala Yoga in Astrology

Amala Yoga in Astrology

Generally, people want to know about yoga in their Kundli or in their birth chart. Many people are also curious about the effects of yoga on their lives. Let’s talk about Amala yoga in astrology and its effects on the natives born with this birth chart. Amala Kirti yoga is formed when there are auspicious planets in the tenth house from the moon sign or ascendant.

Amala Yoga in Different Houses

Any kind of yoga is known to be beneficial for the native. It is beneficial when it is one’s kundli. Amala Yoga is formed by three planets which are Jupiter, Mercury and Venus. If any of the planets comes into the 10th house without any negative energy then Amala Yoga in Kundli is formed. It is known to be the best yoga which offers many benefits to the natives. 

The 10th house is the primary house to which this yoga is said to be connected. This house is said to be blessed with profit in terms of income. If any of the three planets namely Jupiter, Mercury or Venus arrive in the 10th house then it gives a lot of success to the native. Not only this but one also gets encouraged to do charitable work as well as help others. 

When Amala Yoga is formed in the birth chart, it means that the native is smart, hardworking as well as wise. Amala Yoga helps the native to stand out in their career and become good employees or entrepreneurs. Everyone seems to love to stay with the natives too due to their intelligence. 

Amala Yoga means clean, pure, and spotless. This name relates to Goddess Lakshmi whereas the 10th house in astrology deals with profession, karma, fame, and prosperity. Benefic planets in astrology are Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Moon and if any of them resides in the 10th house then Amala Yoga in the horoscope is formed that blesses the native.

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Positive Traits/ Impact of Amala Yoga

Amala Yoga affects the horoscope of the native and the native might witness many positive effects of this yoga. Amala Yoga benefits are many and it gives a lot of success to the native. It is directly connected to the 10th house which deals with success and income. 

Here are Amala Yoga benefits:
  • It shapes one’s life as well as changes one’s character.  This yoga helps one to stay happy and when this yoga is formed in your birth chart you might feel blessed.
  • You might achieve your goals as far as your professional life is concerned. You might be loved by people around you due to your charismatic character. This yoga also indicates entrepreneurship in one’s profession. 
  • You might be a good communicator with the best leadership qualities if you are blessed with Amala Yoga. One might see a good life as well as a prosperous life. 
  • One with Amala yoga might see a good profit and might also help others in terms of finances.

Negative Traits/ Impact of Amala Yoga

Is Amala Yoga rare? Yes it is rare but if this yoga gives a back effect then it might create some negative energies towards the native and have a negative impact: 

  • Due to the negative energy, the native might become money minded and one might only think about money in his/her mind. 
  • It might also affect one’s mental health and create negativity in one’s mind. 

To Nullify the Negative Impact one can Consult an Astrologer About the Remedy.


Every yoga has its positive and negative energy but if sometimes yoga provides the native with negative energy, One might take expert advice for its remedies. You might also see the Amala yoga calculator to know whether you were born with this yoga in your birth chart.

Some of the Amala Yoga celebrities blessed in their birth chart are Warren Buffet, Mahatma Gandhi and Amitabh Bachchan.