Know All About Aquarius Ascendants According to Vedic Astrology

Know All About Aquarius Ascendants According to Vedic Astrology

The Symbol for Aquarius Ascendants is the ‘Water Bearer’. Their ruling planet is Mercury and the element is ‘Air’. You are an Aquarius Ascendant if, at the time of your birth, the Aquarius sign was ascending on the eastern horizon.

General Personality Traits


There is no shortage of kind people in the world when Aquarius ascendants are there. Yes, this ascendant sign is naturally inclined towards giving service to others. They help in whatever ways they can. Their support is not just confined to their loved ones. They are also associated with NGOs, and social workers and also do it on their own. They establish themselves first in order to extend their support to humanity.

Social and Humorous:

If someone can win the hearts of people, it’s an Aquarius ascendant. They are extremely good at social networking with their intellect, communication skill, humor, and witty approach. Their friend circle comprises people who are highly intellectual and pioneers in their area of work. They prefer to be around people who are broad-minded and knowledgeable. They also have a lot of fan followers.

Intelligent, Wise & Philosopher:

They are well-read and are up to date with current affairs. They possess critical thinking skills in order to unravel their own conditioning which is definitely not an easy task. Although they gather a lot of knowledge, which is well organized in their mind, they have their own independent views. Consider them to be philosophers of a different kind. They can engage someone and push them into deep thinking due to their wise words.

Innovative Visionaries:

Aquarius ascendants are out-of-the-box people. Their imagination goes beyond time as they are way ahead in life. This is the reason why they become great visionaries and come up with many solutions for the world. The question ‘How’ is mostly in their mind – specifically related to ‘How’ to create something that will serve the population at large. They are in tune with the new age technologies and can come up with more advanced technologies.

Curious Explorer:

They are natural scientists and physicists. They don’t need a degree to prove that. They are curious about everything and anything. They are always curious to know how nature works, what life is about, what triggers human beings, genetics, quantum physics, and more. The list is never-ending.

Freedom Lovers, the Rebels, and Eccentric:

Aquarius ascendants need their space to think and explore. They can’t be bound by social dogmas and conditions. They are the ones who will rebel against any injustice; mind it – imposing beliefs on them comes under the purview of injustice. They are quite eccentric in nature and so unpredictable that it’s quite fun to be around them.

Equal Treatment Methodology:

If they believe in something, they will apply it equally irrespective of what relationship a person holds with them. Their idea of equality is not just an idea but a practice in day-to-day life. The social status of a person doesn’t make any difference to them. Aquarius rising sign anyway treat everyone with the same kind of respect.

Secretly Competitive:

Once they know what they want to do, they are unstoppable. They have a deep desire to be number one in the field of their work. Aquarius ascendants do not show it but they are competitive and also can get mildly jealous. When it comes to their position in society, they will strive hard to reach the top level. Aquarius ascendants are proud people when it comes to success and achievements, hence they take it seriously.

Spirituality and Religion:

Spirituality is a part and parcel of their life. It’s a weird combination – they are spiritual and scientific at the same time. Even when it comes to religion, they are not at all extremists, unless Venus is debilitated in their chart. They are curious about occult, esoteric things and mysteries. They have balanced views on spirituality and religion.


Aquarius ascendants love to explore different cultures and places. They travel to faraway lands and interact with different kinds of people. Delicacy and cuisines are something they definitely don’t forget to dig in. But in the end, they always want to come home. They don’t like to stay away from home for a very long time.

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Recognizing an Aquarius Ascendant by their Physical Appearance

They try peculiar styles. Their gesture is very friendly and gives a vibe of being understood. They have an angelic appearance. Their body language is very warm, and welcoming and gives space to the other to fully express themselves. It’s difficult to recognize them as they are so unpredictable in their appearance too. Sometimes they will be dressed up well and sometimes totally casual.

Aquarius ascendants can appear delicate, small and elegant. Their eyes have a soft gaze in a calming and soothing sort of way. Their faces are very expressive and their expressions go along with the stories going around them. Aquarius rising zodiac sign can keep their face stone cold at times. Their noses are pretty prominent and strong. The tip of the nose is quite bulky or sort of Roman nose. Their foreheads are a bit noticeable. They might have pointed or sharp chins.

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Relationships in the Life of Aquarius Ascendants

They love to communicate with their close ones. They adore their mothers but somehow deep down they feel they have not received a lot of attention from them. Their family background usually has something different about them from the rest of the community. Either the family would be a bit esoteric, unorthodox, creative, or forward in lifestyle.

Aquarius ascendants are very emotionally connected with their family but at the same time maintain detachment in order to keep their independence. The relationship with siblings is also extreme, either it’s good or bad, there is no in-between.

Aquarius ascendants prefer a partner who shines out in the world – probably a trophy spouse. The partner could be a good artist or politically connected or extremely successful in work. In simple words, someone who can give a boost to their ego and becomes a reason to show off. Their children turn out to be artistic, creative, communicative, and smart because of the upbringing they receive from Aquarius’ ascendant parents.

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Aquarius Rising Sign Work & Career

With so much knowledge and wide areas, Aquarius ascendants can excel in any field of work. They are completely ruthless in the media, inventors in the technological field, great screenwriters due to their communication skills, social workers, activists, environmentalists, doctors, orators, astrologers, spiritual healers, owners of companies, hosts, anchors, union leaders, scientists, and researchers. Their innate sense of equality and justice can make them good lawyers and judges. Because they are so wise and knowledgeable, they are loved & respected as professors and teachers.

Whatever they do, they do it wholeheartedly. Aquarius zodiac signs always have a purpose behind and mostly that is to serve others with their work. They simply thrive in a work environment where they have their independence and NO micro-management. Daily routine jobs are not preferred by this ascendant sign.

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Aquarius Rising Sign Money and Wealth

Money is directly proportional to their efforts but Aquarius ascendants do get lucky in wealth. When wealth arrives, so do disputes. They might face litigations with respect to inheritances from their family members and relatives. This is not a hard and fast rule. Of course, it depends on the individual chart. But they do gain a lot of money and wealth eventually such as Aquarius rising celebrities.

They can also get drenched in debt. They do not stop to show off the money they have even if it is borrowed money. There would be a time in their life when they will be deep in debt and then suddenly all the debts will be cleared with an inflow of large amounts of money. They are very calculative and smart about their joint assets.

Aquarius Rising Sign Health

These individuals may enjoy good health in the early days of their life but as they cross thirty, their health undergoes frequent fluctuations. Aquarius ascendants need to be careful about their health. According to Vedic astrology, the body parts concerned with this zodiac sign are calves, ankles, and the circulatory system. They can face heart-related issues, arthritis, blood clots, diabetes, general weakness, hypertension, fractures or injuries, and nerve damage.

They also can get carried away by fluctuating daily routines which cause irregular sleep patterns. It is seen that during their teens or near twenties, being quite adventurous, they try a lot of substances that are detrimental to health in the long run. Although they do this just for fun, there are chances that they can get addicted to these substances. This causes a lot of health problems in their life.

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What do Aquarius Ascendants Need to be Careful of?

  • Unpredictability begets troubles, not for you maybe but for others. The social structure is interdependent and interlinked. Being a bit mindful about how your unpredictable decisions can adversely affect others will be helpful.
  • There is a difference between stubbornness and independence. You have a tendency to be fixed on your ideas and self-beliefs. Adhering to any fixed idea is not independence, be it yours or others.
  • You will have to be careful about borrowed money. It might land you into big financial troubles.
  • Extreme competitive behavior is not suitable for anyone, so for you. Same goes with jealousy. These are obstacles in the blossoming of your inner being.
  • You might have a general approach towards everyone but family and loved ones do seek exclusiveness at least in the realm of emotions. You might sometimes be too cold towards their feelings.
  • Understand that every being is different and everyone has their own shortcomings. Being kind towards their emotions won’t cost you anything.

Being an Aquarius ascendant can make your whole personality and approach towards life in accordance with this sign despite different moon or sun signs. To have a better understanding of your overall traits, consider consulting an astrologer.

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