Know All About Virgo Ascendants According to Vedic Astrology

Know All About Virgo Ascendants According to Vedic Astrology

The Symbol for Virgo Ascendants is ‘Maiden’. Their ruling planet is Mercury and the element is ‘Earth’. You are a Virgo Ascendant if, at the time of your birth, the Virgo sign was ascending on the eastern horizon.

So what is your life map if you are a Virgo ascendant sign? Let’s discover it.

General Personality Traits

Aspects of the 6th House:

When it is about Virgo descendants or Kanya Lagna, then the aspect of the sixth house comes into the life of these individuals naturally. So all the signs of the 6th house are now an integral part of these ascendants. The 6th house is about daily routine, diseases, hurdles, enemies, services, and competitiveness.

Power of all the Elements:

The symbol of Virgo ascendants is a Virgin or Maiden, which is represented as a young damsel sitting in a boat holding some strands of weed in one hand and fire in the other hand. Virgin implies that it is a pure sign. The water body on which the boat floats is the ‘Water’ element. Air is required to sail it, so there is an element of air. One hand of the maiden has fire representing the fire element and one hand has weed which grows in soil symbolizing the earth element. This is the only sign which has the strength, power, and energy of all the elements, although dominantly it is an Earth sign.

The ‘Fire’ symbolizes ambition, ‘Air’ is a communicative ability, ‘Water’ is intuitiveness & intelligence and ‘Earth’ is the security, stability & practical side of the Virgo ascendants.

Self Driven:

Virgo ascendants are self-driven. This is the only sign where the planet that rules it, which is Mercury, gets exalted in the same sign. All other planets get exalted in different zodiacs, not in the same sign.

These people know that they need to be self-sufficient and they do not prefer to depend on others. They are self-made individuals who achieve a lot with their own hard work, disciplined daily routine and their ability to face all hardships. They are self-motivated individuals.

Gain Oriented:

They are in the mode of action all the time and keep moving towards a goal. They are very practical people, hence their goals take a shape after much weighing. They will not enter a project unless they feel that they will gain from it. They will keep weighing the pros and cons till convinced of what there is to take away. Once they have decided, stick to it.


They do not trust easily. Virgo ascendants are very suspicious. No matter how genuine or straightforward someone is, they will take time and observation to trust. They will always think about what the motive is. This is reflected in their pursuit of a relationship. Even though the Virgo ascendant sign wants to enter a relationship, they will be very suspicious and think about the pros and cons – whether they are getting the things they want from the prospect or not.

Health Freaks:

Since this is the 6th house sign in the 1st house as the ascendant, it includes the aspect of diseases and health. Subconsciously, they have fear of diseases. At home, they will have an entire wardrobe of different kinds of medicines. They can be prone to diseases if there is any affliction on the ascendant. They love to exercise or go to the gym. Yoga and meditation might also be their daily dose. They have a tendency to suspect any minor ailment to be a symptom of a major illness. They are also very particular about the food they eat.

Perfectionists and Self-Critical:

Even if Virgo rising sign see a perfect picture, they will find a fault in it. Because they are ‘Perfectionists’. This is not limited to things but also to the people around us and everything in the universe. They also can be self-critical up to the extent that they become obsessed with being perfect. They will be in good shape but still would be finding faults in themselves.

They are extremely conscious of their environment. They want it spic and span, of course depending upon how Mercury is placed in their chart.


They have the nature of serving others as the 6th house is the ‘House of Service’. They want to do their best in the job. They go the extra mile when it comes to putting in effort, provided the job is paying well. Virgo ascendants are visionaries and ahead of time. They excel in teamwork. They feel that the world is not very systematic and try to help others to bring structure to their life. Besides, they are quite generous and do everything to uplift someone. They are very nurturing. The first aim is to take care of their own needs and then serve others.

Question Bank:

Virgo ascendants tend to ask a lot of questions. Although they don’t listen much and usually share their own opinions. They ask questions because curiosity is quite natural to them but at the same time, they are also analyzing the other person.

They always want to learn from their own experience, not others. It’s difficult to make them listen and they might seem quite fixated on their viewpoints.

Spiritual and Religious Beliefs:

Virgo ascendants want to rise above all practicality and attain higher grace. They can be rigid about their religion or spiritual followings and views. Their ego itself becomes an obstacle to their spiritual growth since the sign of Leo falls in the 9th house of this ascendant sign. But in general, this ascendant sign is extremely driven to achieve higher learning.


They like to travel a lot and prefer to stay in expensive hotels, eat good food and spend lavishly on vacation. As they work relentlessly, they understand very well that they deserve a recreational break with all the comforts they can get.

Intelligent & Addicted to Work:

Ruled by the planet Mercury, Virgo ascendants are extremely intelligent. Their mind is quite sharp and they always want to do something or the other. They are very experimental with everything they come across. They work incessantly towards their ambition. They find it too hard to relax.


They take risks but calculated ones. Once they decide on something, they are ready to face all the hurdles no matter what comes their way. They are very practical, structured, and systematic and have everything planned. They love to make lists and follow up, especially on their expenditures. They are very particular about accounts and too fussy about wastage of money.

Social Circle and Networking:

The sign of Cancer rules the 11th house of the Virgo ascendants. Depending upon how the moon is placed, these people have strong emotional ties with their social circle. Sometimes, friends become more important than family.

Communication and Emotions:

Depending upon where Mars is placed in their chart, their emotions will take shape. The 3rd house is about communicative ability and Virgo ascendants have a tendency to pour out emotions better in the words rather than speech. They can be great writers. Their emotions are deep, hence they are cautious about getting hurt.

At the workplace, their way of communication can seem to be a bit bossy or harsh.

Nature Loving:

Virgo ascendants are nature-loving people. They are very much attuned to it. They have an innate desire to serve mother nature and all the living beings in it. They can be associated with contributing environmental protection organizations, animal care centers, or other NGOs.

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Recognizing a Virgo Ascendant by their Physical Appearance

‘The Frown’ on their face is popularly known. One of the main things they will have is a set of several lines or one central line on their forehead or between the eyebrows when we talk about the Virgo rising appearance. This phenomenon occurs due to their constant thinking mode. Usually, they have an expression of, “REALLY?”. It’s difficult for them to understand why someone behaves the way he or she behaves.

They are very well-mannered and neatly dressed. Virgo ascendant females wear light and elegant makeup. They tend to possess a quiet type of beauty. They appear to be younger than their age. The males always have a well-set and intact hairstyle.

The eyes of Virgo ascendants exude curiosity but their gaze is short and wandering. They appear to analyze the world most of the time. They can seem to be a bit reserved. They may not speak until they feel it is necessary.

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Relationships in the Life of Virgo Ascendants

Virgo ascendants have pretty a chaotic life in the family they are born. They run into hardships in their family and keep trying to balance them out. They have a constant worry for the family and the home environment. Their mother is usually amiable and social. She could be extremely religious or spiritual. Depending upon where Jupiter & moon are placed, there will be proper nourishment in the family or utter neglect by the mother.

Virgo ascendants might marry someone of a different religion or totally different culture. They are inclined towards a partner who is very intelligent and academically accomplished. Mostly, the spouse is very spiritual, deep into esoteric things, and could be doing something that stands out in society.

They expect a lot of discipline in their children’s lives and take pride in raising them.

When it comes to siblings, relatives, and people they are close to or their everyday environment, they are deeply involved and quite emotional with these people.

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Virgo Rising Sign Work & Career

Virgo ascendants are good at professions related to communication, business, and accounts. They can be superb accountants, doctors, orators, writers, salespersons, teachers, media personalities, researchers, mediators, lawyers, healers, and successful business people.

Virgo ascendants have a deep desire to share their insights and wisdom. Because of this quality, they become popular professors and teachers, who truly is an inspiration to students.

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Virgo Rising Sign Money and Wealth

Virgo ascendants mostly create wealth rather than getting it in abundance from the older generations. They do not rely on anyone when it comes to inheritances. They are very headstrong about the joint assets with their family. They are quite individualistic when it comes to assets. They come across severe financial hardships which makes them pursue financial stability on their own.

Virgo Rising Sign Health

Virgo ascendants majorly face illnesses due to overthinking and stress. They can be their own enemy due to excessive thinking leading to mental disorders. The body parts associated with this sign are the liver, intestines, abdomen, and related arteries. Hence they could also get ailments related to these body parts, poor blood circulation, skin diseases, physical weakness, extreme lethargy, insomnia, and migraines.

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What do Virgo Ascendants Need to be Careful of?

  • Nature is not perfect but the most beautiful creatures to witness. Perfection is an endless chase.
  • Expecting yourself or others to fit into the standards that you set will limit your involvement with others.
  • Meditate. An overactive mind can become your own enemy.
  • Work-life balance is real. Please don’t think it can’t apply to you.
  • Be easy on children and give them some space to bloom into the life they are meant to be for, instead of imposing too much structure and system on them.
  • Being critical can be a mental disease that not only will trouble you but also infect the people around you.

The ascendant sign has a huge role to play when it comes to your inclinations and objectives. It also depends on how the planets are arranged in your astrological chart. Your life path is determined by the ascendant you belong to as it is the inception point of your unfulfilled desires in the past life.

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