Know All About Sagittarius Ascendant According to Vedic Astrology

Know All About Sagittarius Ascendant According to Vedic Astrology

The Symbol for Sagittarius Ascendants is ‘Centaur’. Their ruling planet is Jupiter and the element is ‘Fire’. You are a Sagittarius Ascendant if, at the time of your birth, the Sagittarius sign was ascending on the eastern horizon.

So what is your life map if you are a Sagittarius ascendant sign? Let’s discover it.

Sagittarius Rising's General Personality Traits

Sagittarius Rising's Wisdom and Knowledge:

Ruled by the planet Jupiter, the Guru of Gods, Sagittarius ascendants are the epitome of wisdom and knowledge. They have a unique way of expression when it comes to delivering something profound to others – through the ‘Philosophy of Life’. Yes, Sagittarius ascendants have a philosophical bent of mind as they tend to observe life with a deep sense of understanding. Like a teacher, they may leave a mark on others with wise words. Sit with a Sagittarius ascendant and you never know how intensely you may get inspired to pursue something beyond your understanding

Sagittarius Rising's Spirituality and Education:

The 9th house is the house of higher learning. Be it in the form of a traditional educational system or the evolution of human beings through spirituality. They understand that traditional education is for bringing positive influences in the world whereas spirituality is to evolve internally. They would usually go for university-level education or PhD. A Sagittarius rising sign can be a judge with sharp logic during the day and at night might be dwelling into occult knowledge which is completely beyond any rational mind. They can be seers, intuitive and experience a lot of Deja Vu. They dig mysticism and ancient knowledge into deep.

Sagittarius Rising's Fireball:

The symbol of Sagittarius ascendants is a Centaur, which is half man and half horse. This itself implies that they have the wisdom or conscience of humans and energy or power like a horse. They have also fired signs which makes them extremely energetic. They are fast-moving people, quick at action and fast in the thought process.

Sagittarius Rising's Turn Straw into Gold:

Sagittarius ascendants don’t have too many enemies. In fact, they have a beautiful quality of turning enemies into friends – the Midas Touch. With their philosophy and wisdom, they leave a positive impact on the people who are against them. It is very difficult to hate Sagittarius ascendants. The only enemies they have are the ones who are jealous of their intelligence and success. This usually happens at the workplace.

Sagittarius Rising's Charismatic Personality:

With optimism and light-heartedness, Sagittarius ascendants shine out. They are simply good at jokes – some can be really silly jokes when they are around childhood friends. But some humorous remarks are superbly witty ones. They are light in the darkness. Motivation is like their everyday attire. Somehow, they have an innate belief that whatever unpleasant happens, it happens to teach something. It becomes impossible to be sad around them. They are the heart of any gathering and a fun time is assured.

Sagittarius Rising's Freedom:

Sagittarius ascendants are very carefree in nature. They hate anything that involves monotony. Any responsibility that curtails their personal freedom is avoided at all costs by them. They are movable signs which do not appreciate routine work. They simply can’t be tied down to something without their willingness. Freedom is like their oxygen, without which life has no meaning.

Sagittarius Rising's Communication and social circle:

Honest and upfront communication is their forever style. They can have very formal speeches because of the content or gravity of their conversation. They do not like casual talks. They prefer to discuss big things in life, greater philosophy and deep knowledge. They can be blunt outright. Sagittarius rising signs are very particular about their social circle. They associate themselves with people with high IQ and who are above frivolous things. They are friends to everyone but they themselves have only a few genuine friends. Their friendships are very balanced.

Sagittarius Rising's Serene Home:

Enter a Sagittarius ascendant’s home and you might feel like you are in a temple. They like to keep their home environment very nice, serene, peaceful and calm. There would be incense sticks burning, wind chime tinkling, feng shui plants around and probably a secluded meditation space.

Sagittarius Rising's Newness:

Spontaneity is the core of their everyday life. They are willing to learn new things, experience new moments and explore as much as they can. This is what keeps them young. Their mind is very active and frequently stimulated with something interesting to know and practice. This makes them amazing learners. They want more out of life who want to go further and beyond everything.

Sagittarius Rising's Religion and Traditions:

They hold their religion or traditions very high and follow the righteous path. If Jupiter is well placed, then they will be very open-minded, humanitarian and consider all religions equal. They will have higher values and acceptance of diversity. Their religious views are usually esoteric and about higher power. But if Jupiter is afflicted, then they will have a very unclear vision of life. They will tend to consider their own religion over others, will be caste focused or very orthodox.

Sagittarius Rising's Protector:

Sagittarius zodiacs are warriors. They are fire signs and the 9th sign where 9 is a masculine number. They have all the qualities to stand for someone who has been treated unjustly. They will defend someone in need and even attack if needed. It doesn’t have to be a physical attack, it could be verbal. They are extremely resilient people who do not back down from any challenges.

Sagittarius Rising's Decisions:

They might be quick thinkers but when it comes to decisions, they can take their sweet time. Sagittarius ascendants will weigh both sides, listen to other people and then decide on something. They might struggle a bit to reach a conclusion.

Sagittarius Rising's Norms:

The 9th house is about spirituality, morality, religion, higher knowledge, philosophy, beliefs, value system, whatever father or elders have taught, traditions, culture, logic and law. These aspects are ruled by Jupiter. If there is friction to Jupiter in their chart, then they will go against norms. Depending on the placement of this great planet, Sagittarius ascendants will have a tendency either to rebel against or comply with the norms related to these areas.

Sagittarius Rising's Humanitarian:

This is a sign for humanity. Sagittarius ascendants want to invest their energy for the greater good. They have sattvic qualities. They stick to their words, are truthful, very generous and stand up for justice. They deeply care about all the beings and would help others with no expectation for any return. Even at home, they will find little things to make their family happy.

Sagittarius Rising's - HURRY Sag:

Waiting is not their forte. When they want something, they want it real quick. They can be laid back only when they are procrastinating from doing something they are not interested in. Otherwise, hurrying up is their usual way of pursuing things. It’s always better to be to the point while communicating with them at work.

Sagittarius Rising's - The Archer:

Sagittarius ascendants always move ahead with an aim in mind. Their ambition has a magnetic pull that inspires them to keep striving. Mostly, their aim is inclusive of the well being of everyone. Symbolically, they are archers with a target and eternal confidence. This is why they become so successful. At an early age, they are not sure of what they want to do in life. They get confused and carried away. But after exploring enough, once they know what they want, they become one-track minds seeking fulfilment.

Sagittarius Rising's Flexible:

They are not fixated on things or ideas if Jupiter is well placed. They have flexible thinking and splendid listening quality. They know that rigidity begets no solution. With ever-changing situations, constant evolving opportunities, one has to be flexible and open-minded in order to transform into a better version.

Sagittarius Rising's Travel:

They would travel a lot, especially to foreign places. The 9th house includes long-distance travel, pilgrimage, foreign countries and higher education. There might be a possibility that ascendants of Sagittarius would go abroad for higher studies. They are explorers and want to travel to new places and know about different cultures. They are very adventurous people.

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Recognizing a Sagittarius Ascendant by their Physical Appearance

Their smiles are very catchy. They smile a lot or grin – be it with their lips or sparkling eyes. They usually look happy or cheerful. Sometimes they smile or laugh in a silly way like a child who looks very cute. They have a friendly demeanor. Their carefree personality reflects in their hairstyles and clothing. They are very experimental with it. Most of them wear healing stone accessories. Their personalities display freedom and a wild side. An area of their body or any facial feature may appear more exaggerated. It could be their nose, lips, forehead, or cheeks which may be a bit bigger in proportion to the other adjacent areas. They have wider hips or thighs.

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Relationships in the Life of Sagittarius Ascendants

Sagittarius ascendants are very dutiful towards parents. Usually, they get married on time. Their spouse will be quite communicative with them, dedicated towards them, and give more emotional assets to them than material.

Sagittarius ascendants are very active with their children. They make them learn through actions. Sports, hobbies, and extracurricular activities will be a part of their education.

Their relationships with siblings and relatives are very specific. They do not waste too much time and energy on wasteful communication. The communication will be intellectual, philosophical, and about higher learning.

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Sagittarius Rising Sign Work & Career

Sagittarius signs do very well in a corporate environment. They are highly intelligent and in tune with other worlds so they can be healers, preachers, spiritual teachers, & astrologers. They are good at calculations, hence they become good accountants, business people, lawyers, judges, mathematicians, part of government think tanks, teachers, and professors. They can also be great sportspeople and orators.

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Sagittarius Rising Sign Money and Wealth

They are traditional with earning money – not the quick money-making kind. They invest wisely and build gradually. Wealth is steady and keeps increasing with time and effort. They can be very frugal with money. They have to work hard for wealth. In order to gain wealth, they have to take a structured, organised and balanced approach. If the sun is well placed, they will be extremely lucky in terms of wealth and money.

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Sagittarius Rising Sign Health

Their health will have frequent major changes. They face sudden outbursts of ailments and sudden recovery. The body parts associated with this ascendant sign are the liver, intestine, hips, and thighs, hence, they might face ailments related to these areas. They are very careless with health and often suffer a lot due to fluctuation in it. They may suffer from frequent colds, indigestion, pain in the lower body, menstrual issues, intestinal infections, sudden injuries, and high blood pressure.

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What do Sagittarius Ascendants need to be Careful of?

  • Jumping into actions without enough meditative thoughts over it might get you into unpleasant situations.
  • Do not despise people who are not as conscious as you. They are on their way to learn their lessons.
  • Be mindful of the kind of food you eat if you are not making any conscious physical effort to improve your health.
  • Preaching and teaching should only be done when there are willing learners.
  • Do not let overconfidence impede the efforts needed.

The rising sign is in the first house of your astrological chart. It sets every little aspect of your life as a foundation. It gives a tone to your perception and preferences. Understanding your ascendant sign might give you clarity over your whole personality.

Which is the benefic planet for a Sagittarius ascendant

Venus, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu are the malefic planets for this sign.

Sagittarius Ascendant Favorable Color:

Yellow and orange

Sagittarius Ascendant Lucky Gems:

Yellow sapphire and red coral are highly beneficial.

Favourable planets for Sagittarius rising natives

The favourable planets for Sagittarius rising natives are Mars and the Sun. The Moon and Jupiter are neutral planets.

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