Know All About Taurus Ascendants According to Vedic Astrology

Know All About Taurus Ascendants According to Vedic Astrology

The Symbol for Taurus Ascendants or Taurus Lagna is ‘the Bull’. Their ruling planet is Venus and the element is ‘Earth’. You are a Taurus Ascendant if, at the time of your birth, the Taurus zodiac sign was ascending on the eastern horizon.

So what is your life map if you are a Taurus ascendant sign? Let’s discover it.

General Personality Traits

Venusian Qualities:

Taurus is a sign where the planet moon gets exalted. It deals with family, women, creativity, beauty, and all the things related to planet Venus. Depending on the other combinations of planets in the horoscope, traits will vary. However, If seen this ascendant in isolation, all the aspects ruled by Venus become their primary personality.

Family Oriented:

Taurus ascendants always want to have a sense of belongingness, and togetherness and imbibe family culture in their life. They are very family-oriented and prefer to live with family members. If there are any malefic planets in their chart, then the scenario will be completely different. They would then choose to live away from their family but with the people who will be supportive of them.

Influence over Self-Esteem:

Taurus ascendants are very sensitive when it comes to their self-esteem. If they surround themselves with supportive people then their self-esteem will be healthy. If they are around people who constantly pick on them, criticize or do not appreciate their efforts, then the self-esteem of this ascendant sign will be seriously affected or damaged.

Look Good:

They have a deep desire to look good and therefore they are generally well dressed. They simply can’t take negative comments on their appearances. Beauty is an essential part of them which sometimes makes them very conscious of how they look. They can be very particular about their face. Taurus ascendants, specifically women, mostly wear makeup and visit the salon often. They are obsessed with looking in the mirror and they naturally gravitate toward beauty.

Comfort and Luxuries:

Venus is the karaka of their 4th house, they have an inclination towards luxury and comfort. They love to relax and get lazy. Taurus ascendants hardly move out of their comfort zone. Sometimes they get so indulgent in their friend circle that they don’t even want to go out. They always want the best things in life as they are ruled by the planet Venus which is the brightest planet in the sky. They go after the things that shine.


The sign of Leo falls in the Taurus ascendants’ 4th house. Therefore they have a very strong identification of the aspects of that house. Until and unless their relationship is good with their mother or family members, they won’t feel a strong base in society. They want to live like a king – own a big house, expensive items, comfortable travel, and good cars. They have the tendency to show off their wealth, assets and properties.


They can be quite stubborn once they have made up their mind. They don’t like to change their plans frequently. If they want something in life and have decided to go for it, they will make all the efforts to achieve it. It is not easy to influence a Taurus ascendant. Being an earth sign, they are extremely practical and grounded people.

Stability and Security:

The slogan of the Taurus ascendant is – ‘I have. They are naturally programmed to find security and stability in their life. They strive to create financial, emotional, familial and physical security. According to Vedic astrology, Taurus ascendants are here to experience the material world to the fullest. Practicality is their spirituality. They are work-oriented and practice ‘Karma Yoga’ effortlessly.

Romance & Love:

The sign of Scorpio falls in the 7th house of Taurus ascendants. These people can be obsessed with love relationships. They may get into many relationships and go through many breakups if there are malefic planets in their chart. They get attracted to secretive personalities or someone who has gone through many traumatic experiences. Because the house lord is Mars and Lagna lord is Venus, Taurus ascendants will be extremely romantic and demanding in relationships. They need a lot of love, romance, passion, commitment, surrender, and physical intimacy.


Good food is an integral part of their life, especially sweets or desserts. They are also very fond of beverages. No wonder they are addicted to tea or coffee. Overeating can be one of their weaknesses and because of that, they can gain unwanted weight. Since they are earth signs, it becomes difficult for them to lose weight. Gemini is in their 2nd house, which is why Taurus ascendants like to try different varieties of dishes and sometimes even get into a dilemma about what to eat. If Mercury in their chart is afflicted, then they will be very picky in their choice of food.


They are talkative and might even get into gossiping. They happen to discuss worldly matters. Communication is very important to them. They feel connected to the other person if that person is as communicative as they are. Their communication with the family will depend upon the placement of the moon in their chart.

Social and network:

Taurus ascendants are very social and love to be around people. The sign of Pisces falls in their 11th house, hence they can feel that they know their friends from past lives. They give their friends and social network a lot. Their circle could be quite materialistic in nature.

Problem Solvers:

Taurus ascendants use negotiation to solve issues at the workplace. They feel that it’s important to have cordial relationships with their coworkers and bosses. They maintain a good balance and are very dedicated towards work.


Venus gets debilitated in the 5th house for Taurus ascendants because it gets debilitated in the sign of Virgo which falls in this house. They have an obsession with their belongings, children, and creativity. This ‘Me and Mine’ attitude can become a huge limitation for them.

Desires and Balance:

Because of the exaltation of Venus in the 11th house, Taurus rising signs always feel that they are short of fulfillment in life. They can get trapped in the circle of wanting more and more. If they do social service or any kind of service to other living beings, they will start feeling more fulfilled.


Taurus ascendants can go through a transformation due to the aspects of the 8th house – a few of them being miseries, death, hurdles, traumas, hidden things, and mysteries. Someone else’s death can make them realize that they will die too and this itself will trigger them to dive into spirituality. Their spiritual progress happens via transformative experiences or anything that will bring them immense grief. For spiritual progress, they will need to inculcate a lot of discipline and perseverance. As the sign of Capricorn falls in the 9th house, they may find a very strict Guru.

Big Things in life:

Taurus rising sign want to do big things in life. They want to bring great positive changes in the society and especially want to help out the meagerly surviving class. They have compassion for the poor and want to contribute for their well being.


Taurus ascendants tend to travel a lot but for business purposes. The 9th house includes long distance travels and Saturn is lord of their 9th house which is about work and karma. They can be constantly on the move, especially far away from home because of the nature of their work.

Aggressive and Anger:

Generally, Taurus ascendants or Vrishabha Lagna don’t react much but if provoked a lot, they can become ferocious and aggressive. The sign of Aries is in their 12th house which gives them sleepless nights. They want peace and relaxation but the energy of Mars will keep them awake. This further creates underlying irritation in them which could possibly burst out when they feel someone has crossed the limit.

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Recognizing a Taurus Ascendant by their Physical Appearance

Taurus ascendants are not very tall, especially when Venus is afflicted. Their faces are more of a squarish shape and may have baby fat under their chin. Their jaws have some depth. The edges of their face could be sharper. They are usually well dressed and quite fashionable. Their skin has a certain glow which shows how much they care about it. Many of them wear accessories, especially around their neck. The shape of their neck is usually very appealing. They are fashionistas or health enthusiasts who are very conscious of their body weight as they tend to gain weight easily. They might appear a bit show off when it comes to beauty and money.

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Relationships in the Life of Taurus Ascendants

Taurus ascendants are more attached to their father although a good relationship with their mother gives them a strong base in society. If there are any malefic planets in their chart then their relationship with their father will not be very bonded.
They usually prefer to marry someone who could give them financial stability and emotional security. But they tend to get attracted to someone who has gone through a lot of hardships and needs lots of love and care.

They are very artistic, communicative and articulate with children. Many times, children of Taurus ascendants feel neglected because they find their parents to be very busy with work.

They can throw themselves too much for children, love and relationships. They become very structured parents.

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Work & Career

Taurus ascendants are ruled by Venus, hence anything that involves art, beauty, and creativity will be a great work option for them. They can become good artists, singers, models, actors, voice artists, writers, interior designers, nurses, children care personnel, horticulturists, fashion designers, and negotiators.

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Money and Wealth

Taurus ascendants are very calculative when it comes to wealth and money. They can be very frugal with money despite their love for luxurious items. They are very inclined towards making money. They are financially savvy because they face a lot of fluctuations in their wealth quotient. Sometimes they will be extremely wealthy and suddenly they will lose all the wealth.


The body part associated with this zodiac sign is the neck. They may face issues related to the neck, vocal tracts, or thyroid gland. They are also susceptible to stomach-related ailments. If Venus is afflicted then its skin will be very sensitive. Other than this, they can suffer from insomnia, physical weakness, high blood pressure, cold & cough, and issues related to reproductive organs.

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What do Taurus Ascendants Need to be Careful of?

  • Be more inclusive. Just being concerned with your own family & friends is a very limited way of living. Give charity if possible.
  • Depending upon financial security will make you insecure in life. Understand that this is a limitation in itself that rules you.
  • Expecting too much out of a relationship is neither healthy for you nor for the one expected from you.
  • Do spiritual practices regularly for needed transformation and fulfilment.
  • Create independence in a relationship for yourself as what has the power to make you can also break you.

Your ascendant sign is a more precise way to understand your personality type. It is the initial ambiance or purview of your perception. Your life lessons are hidden in the ascendant sign you belong to and the planetary placements in your astrological chart.

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