All About Cancer Ascendant According to Vedic Astrology

All About Cancer Ascendant According to Vedic Astrology

The Symbol for Cancer Ascendants is ‘the Crab’. Their ruling planet is the Moon, and the element is ‘Water’. You are a Cancer Ascendant if, at the time of your birth, the Cancer sign was ascending on the eastern horizon.

General Personality Traits

Sympathetic Souls:

If you need a shoulder to cry, there is no other better person than your Cancer ascendant friend. These people are naturally sympathetic towards others. Humans, animals, plants and any other living thing in the universe, if in pain, will melt their heart and might witness their motherly nurturing nature.


No one is spared of the universal law of transaction. Let’s face the fact, every human being wants something in return for their deeds. Cancer ascendants are no exceptions. They are extremely calculative, even in relationships. It’s just that in the return their needs are different. They want love, respect and security. MONEY is also there and a major part of their networking.

Family Oriented:

Cancer Ascendants are protective of their loved ones and home. Their family is their soul. Among one of the securities that these ascendants want, family comes as foremost. They make sure all the needs of the family members are fulfilled. Sometimes, they can come across as a bit imposing but that is due to their sensible concern for them.

Traditions and Legacy:

It’s quite common that zodiac sign Cancer ascendants have a strong family background. The authority figure in their family can be into administration, government agencies, doctors, popular artists or someone who holds a strong status in the society. They have a tendency to show off their family lineage and achievements. If the sun is placed well in their chart, they take up the family traditions. They are curious to know about family history and traditions. They have respect for it immensely and would not tolerate any disrespect from others when it comes to their family.

Mood Changes like the Moon:

Moodiness is second to their nature. Sometimes they will be all motivated and other times they might get melancholy. They are ruled by the moon and as the moon changes, it has an effect on them psychologically. Throughout their life, they go through these ups and downs mentally and emotionally. At times, it can get too overbearing for them as well as for the people close to them.

The Pool of Emotions:

Ask for a glass of water and you might get drowned in an ocean. Emotions are abundant in them. They are extremely nurturing and connect well emotionally. If they feel that their close ones are not reciprocating with the depth of emotions that they provide, they will complain. Yes, nagging is a common thing in this ascendant sign. Above everything, they are looking for emotional well being.

Creative Artists:

What is the best way to pour out tapped emotions? Creativity and Art. They are born artists. It doesn’t matter whether they make money out of it. Their homes and offices will display a soothing aestheticism full of complimenting colours. Light blue and green are pleasing to their eyes. They are also fond of gardening and interior decoration.

Dark Cloud:

Melancholy is a usual thing in their life. They tend to hide it and they don’t want people to get affected by this. This is a result of pessimistic thinking. Cancer ascendants are prone to rainy days in life. Years might pass, but they carry the hurt for a pretty long time. Not just this, they might get haunted often and slip into sadness.

Late Bloomers:

A lot of Cancer ascendants get married late. This is subjective, meaning in comparison to the age their family and relatives tie the knot. According to Vedic astrology, they are very particular about their partner. They look for overall security. Apart from this, their career takes a high leap after the age of 30.

Dependency Both Ways:

Whoever they get associated with, knowingly or unknowingly, dependency is formed. Being an extremely dependable sign, Cancer ascendants are valued for their service to others. They also connect with people on whom they can rely. It has to be both ways, as one-sided devotion burdens them emotionally and sometimes financially, which they surely don’t want.

Winning over Enemies:

It is difficult to be an enemy with a Cancer ascendant. They will shower their knowledge and wisdom over them and most likely turn them into admirers or supporters. Of Course, there are exceptions, especially when the family is disrespected or harmed in any way. Then the Cancer ascendants will never forgive and might even give a tuff time to them. But usually, they have the ability to make profits out of their enemies.

Once Bitten Twice Shy:

This ascendant sign becomes very cautious once cheated or hurt. Since they are very sensitive, they feel things deeply and in no circumstances want to take risks in similar situations. They constantly calculate the possibilities and before leaping into one, they want to be 100 percent sure that they will not fall into any pit. Uncertainty is something they utterly dislike, hence they make sure they have weighed all the nitty-gritty involved.

Maternal Influence:

Their mother is a huge influence in their life. Their entire life is mapped around their mother – whether it’s hating them or appreciating them. Mostly, it is the latter. They love their mothers more than anyone. Their spouse takes second place. Even if someone dates a Cancer ascendant, he /she will know it easily as the conversations will, a lot of times, be about his / her mother.

Leaning on the Comforts:

If a Cancer ascendant is working really hard, it’s mostly for having home comforts and luxuries. They want their homes big, comfortable and welcoming. Think of everything one needs to have a no-stress life – that is what they strive for. The comforts extend to emotional support as well, hence they want a big family and children around. They want to retire early in their life, so they have to put in more work before making it into a reality.

Spirituality in their Lifestyle:

Naturally, they are spiritual and it is a part of their day to day life. They are open-minded in this realm and explore many spiritual practices and techniques. They are mutable, able to change their views and adapt according to the environment and people they are with. Not all are religious, but as they are family-oriented, they pick up religious traditions of the family lineage. Religious ceremonies are also performed whenever required.

Recognizing Cancer Ascendants by their Physical Appearance

They usually have round and gleaming faces. Their cheeks and chins are quite prominent. They might have a double chin. They have a sweet and cute look due to their babyfaces. They can often possess dimples. Their eyes are very well shaped, watery and expressive. They are very eye-catching, deep and distinctive. They have long arms and legs in comparison to the middle body. Their overall appearance could be very gentle and soft. This is the exuberance of their inner nurturing nature.

Relationships in the Life of Cancer Ascendants

Their relationship with the family members, siblings and close neighbours is a kind of calculative. That means they see how much love they are getting in return. If the placement of Mercury is good, then they will be giving unconditional love. If they do not receive enough love from the family members, especially from their mother, then they will be on an emotional roller coaster.

Their marriage is based on how much security, be it emotional, financial or physical they will receive from their partner. Whether the partner will take on the family traditions or be respectful of their family or not – keeping all these things in mind, Cancer ascendants consider marrying that person. They are very protective of their children. They might come across as a bit disciplinary and strict on them, but this comes from a fear that their children will suffer if they do not learn.

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Work & Career

They are not very ambitious but they do want to have comforts and luxuries of life, hence, they work diligently. They are quite dependable when it comes to working. Any work that requires nurturing, creativity, art, home or healing related are best suited for this ascendant sign. Real estate, interior designing, the medical profession, landscaping, social work, creative art, the entertainment industry and music will go well with their personalities. Usually, they find success in their mid-thirties.

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Money and Wealth

Cancer ascendants are very good with money. They like to save money. They can be very selective when it comes to spending money – mostly it is on their family or home. Cancer zodiac sign will have multiple bank accounts and if they don’t then it will be on their future list. They might even have one hidden account, especially saving up for their old age. They tend to make profits out of nowhere, this is how intelligent they are. They are very methodical and cautious about money.

Mostly, they belong to a strong family lineage, making them lucky to have a strong financial background. They also get inheritances and wealth from their preceding generations. There might be exceptions depending upon the planetary positions in the natal chart.


The body parts associated with this sign are the stomach and chest. They are susceptible to the ailments related to these body parts mostly but can have many other diseases due to long term emotional stress. Issues such as gastric, indigestion, depression, traumas, intestinal ailments, diabetes, migraine and cardiovascular problems are common.

Cancer ascendants are food indulgent. However, they have to be very mindful of the kind of food they eat, as their stomach is quite sensitive. They also might have acidity often. They are ruled by the moon so they can have a lot of emotions and thoughts. If they do not take care of their emotions, it will take a toll on them. If the moon is badly placed they might be lactose intolerant. Usually, the life span of Cancer ascendants is good.

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What do Cancer Ascendants Need to be Careful of?

  • Don’t be too quick to trust. Not that you should be suspicious but give any relationship enough time to grow deep.
  • Being cautious is good but when it comes in the way of creating bigger possibilities in life, then there is no bigger obstacle than this.
  • Learn to channelize your emotions towards creative hobbies or pursuits. This is a better way to handle buried emotions than burdening someone with your melancholy.
  • Standing by family is a very brave thing. Just don’t be blinded by their misdeeds. Everyone’s family is as important as yours. If you find your close ones are at fault, step in to guide instead of supporting them in the name of loyalty.
  • Accept the differences in people. Not everyone is like you. That does not mean there is anything wrong with them. Diversity is the rule of nature.

The ascendant sign is more inclusive when it comes to understanding your traits. It is expressed through your personality, body type, preferences and struggles. The first house of the Lagna Chart starts with your ascendant sign.

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