Saturn In Aquarius will Bring Major Change to its Natives

Saturn in Aquarius – Will There Be a Paradigm Shift? Know Here

Just go back a little in the very recent history, the year 1994! Remember something big that happened then? Yes! It was the year when the term World Wide Web came into existence, and the entire world was knitted in a small web through the internet. The wide use of the internet since then has never seen a pause ever. This was the last time when Saturn transited in Aquarius sign.

Since then, there have been myriads of technological advancements. There is practically no corner on Earth, which has not experienced the impact of WWW or the use of the internet at some point in time. This interesting cycle of Saturn in Aquarius was again observed and studied by Vedic astrology in the year 2021. It will continue till the year 2023. And this time, too, Saturn in Aquarius 2021 has resulted in huge technological progress worldwide. The technology that was introduced in 1994 is being put to proper and safe use since the year 2020. There is so much to Saturn in the Aquarius zodiac sign.

If we try to understand the basic nature of Aquarius and Saturn and then compare the two with the present scenario where almost 80% of the world is working remotely, we will come to the conclusion that Saturn in Aquarius 2021 can be one big reason for this difference in work culture. Aquarius signifies Technology, and Saturn signifies remoteness. When they are put together, they make people work with technology in remote conditions. Another aspect is about air travel, where the Aquarius sign is symbolic of Air Travel; Saturn delays this traveling by air. The most iconic is the Social Distance that we are following since 2020, and this is because Aquarius is social, but Saturn believes in maintaining distance. Isn’t it interesting to relate all these with the current pandemic scenario, where social distancing, online remote work, and delayed travel plans are prevalent all across the globe?

So, yes! There is an evident paradigm shift due to the influence of Saturn in Aquarius. Now, let’s check out the significance of Saturn in Aquarius in Vedic astrology and the nature of Saturn and the Aquarius zodiac in general.

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