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Jupiter in Cancer: Characteristics and Personalities of Jupiter in Cancer Individuals

The Moon rules Cancer, and Jupiter shares cordial associations with it. Jupiter possesses exaltation in Cancer as well. Since Jupiter provides wisdom, it stabilizes the flow of emotions and the mind (represented by the Moon). The placement of Jupiter in Cancer gives an appealing look to the individual. Persons with these abilities possess a high level of intelligence. They become brilliant mathematicians.

There can be up to 70% water in our body material, just like in the universe, which consists of the five elements called Panchabhuta. As Jupiter rules expansion and the lunar planet, the moon rules watery Cancer. Hence, a healthy and fatty body is a result of Jupiter and the Moon.

Jupiter in Cancer means the person is kindhearted, benevolent, compassionate, honest, and faithful. Their moral responsibilities and observance of rules are impressive. The friendships that they develop lead to emotional attachments. However, they sometimes engage in gossip.

Having Jupiter in this position also provides the natives with a great deal of wealth. Money-saving habits and good money management help them accumulate money quickly.

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