The Sun in Libra

Ruling Planet – Venus
Element – Air
Date Range – October 18 to November 16
Nature – Cardinal
Symbol – The Scales

In kalpurush Kundli, Libra is the natural zodiac sign of the 7th house. The Libra sun sign is ruled by Venus, which means it is the Mool-trikon sign of this planet. The symbol of this sign is ‘the Scales’, and they are all about balance in life. The scales are also about the marketplace, which symbolically is represented as a guy walking in the marketplace with the balancer on his shoulder to check whether the deals or agreements are done right.

Since Venus rules it, it is a very creative sign. Art, music, films, cinema, entertainment, and anything related to creativity, beauty, and glamour – all come under the purview of this planet. The 7th house represents marriage, social life, legal associations, business, partnerships, and relationships.

The element air indicates intelligence, logic, and mental abilities. The Libra sun sign is said to be a cardinal sign because it is very flexible.

Sun in Libra: Different Traits but Same Sign

Many people have Sun in Libra, and still, they will have different personalities because the placement of the sun can be in different nakshatras, padas, or navamsa. Chitra, Swati, and Vishakha are the three Libra nakshatras. If Venus is well placed, and the sun is sitting in Swati nakshatra, then this is the best scenario to become an entrepreneur or a business person.

Your whole personality comes from the ascendant, moon, and sun. Sun finds its directional strength when it is noontime. Astrologically, it is brightest when it is in the 10th house, and that is why it becomes the significator of your career.

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Sun in Libra - It Rules the Heart

Sun is your natural Atma Karaka and willpower, ego, energy, stamina, self-respect, dignity, public image, health, father, and government. It rules the heart.

The first thing is that the sun gets debilitated in the zodiac sign of Libra. The deepest debilitation point for the sun in Libra is 10 degrees. It is not very comfortable there. So the things that are controlled by the sun are going to be reduced in this sign at 10 degrees.

When the Sun is Not Debilitated

Sun is not debilitated after 10 degrees. Also, when Neech Raj Bhang Yoga is in the natives’ charts, its debilitation gets canceled. Neech Raj Bhang Yoga is created due to the placement of certain planets. You can get your chart analyzed by an astrologer to know if this Yoga is present in your chart.

Debilitation of the Sun

When the sun is debilitated in the sign of Libra natives, all the significations of the sun are going to go down in your personality. There will be a rise in tamasic qualities. Sun in Libra will feel less vitality, vigor, and energy. Your self-confidence will suffer, and you might have self-doubt no matter how right you are.

Libra is about other people, masses, and relationships, as the 7th house is the public’s house. When the sun is here, it will now depend on others for its own personality or self-identity. Sun is your ego, and ego is individualistic, unlike Libra, hence it is uncomfortable in this sign.

They do care about the opinions of other people because there is indecisiveness in their personalities. Sun in Libra might even blame others for their failures. Sun is the light that shows your strengths and weaknesses, and here in Libra, that ability is diminished. Due to this, the trait of blaming comes up.

Sun in Libra: Creative Sun Powers Up Creative Sign

Libra is a creative sign, and the sun boosts the quality of the house it is sitting in. It will increase creativity, but you have to see the position of Venus as well. If Venus is good, it will be very auspicious in the sign of Libra. One of the qualities of the sun is self-introspection. When the sun is here, these people lack the quality of introspection, but self-expression finds its creative way. The debilitated sun makes them introverted and shy.

Relationships for Sun in Libra Born People

The sign of Libra represents all kinds of relationships. They like to connect with people through creativity, art, music, and other ways of self-expression. They keep finding the perfect balance between others and themselves.

The ego of Libra sun sign native wants to develop by having a constant relationship. That is a natural way of developing their personality. Usually, these people are not very desperate but quite comfortable in a relationship.

If Venus is in the sign of Virgo, then your father will be present but quite introverted; he might be suffering from mental disorders or caught up in his own turmoil. Your father would be criticizing you a lot about your imperfections.

If Venus is with the sun or within the range of two houses apart, then it creates a very beautiful relationship with their father. He might even have artistic abilities. You have to see the 9th house lord and the planet in it for more clarity.

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Reason Behind Self Doubt of Libra Sun Sign People

Libra is 30 degrees long, and the first 10 degrees are considered highly debilitated. Why? Because the sun is individualistic or the king. The king sits on his throne, alone, and he doesn’t want to mingle with other people. He wants to command his throne.

When it is in Libra man or woman, is forced to go to the marketplace metaphorically and deal with people who usually don’t care about who is the king. Libra Sun Sign just means business. He loses his respect, ego, and credibility in this process. So when this happens, the sun automatically becomes an introvert. The king gets low self-esteem, and self-doubt is created.

Sun in Libra does care about the opinions of other people because there is indecisiveness in their personalities.

Rise in Confidence Level of Libra Sun Sign Natives

Even though the sun is debilitated and might have the effect of low confidence at an early age, it eventually changes. Once the native crosses the age of 30, the confidence starts building up as they have been through many hardships. They eventually develop clarity over situations and people. The more they mingle with people, the more confident they become. There will be a change in social engagements, and social life will be enhanced. The quality of self-doubt will also fade away. You need to look at the D-9 chart in which house the sun moves.

Sun in Libra: Last Thoughts

Ultimately, all the results of the sun will depend on the placement of Venus. If Venus is sitting in the house of the sun, it’s good news. Sun, Venus, and Mercury are very close to each other, and they cannot be more than two houses away from each other for a better result of the sun in Libra.

So, we hope you understood & enjoyed reading about the sun in libra. For an accurate understanding of the Vedic astrological point of view, you need to see all the aspects of your chart. The sun sign only gives a few indications of your natural tendencies. Our Vedic astrologer can give you a detailed report about various aspects of your life by analyzing your chart.

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