Sun in Libra - Know about Effects, Traits, Relationship etc.

The Sun in Libra

Ruling Planet – Venus
Element – Air
Date Range – October 18 to November 16
Nature – Cardinal
Symbol – The Scales

In kalpurush Kundli, Libra is the natural zodiac sign of the 7th house. The Libra sun sign is ruled by Venus, which means it is the Mool-trikon sign of this planet. The symbol of this sign is ‘the Scales’, and they are all about balance in life. The scales are also about the marketplace, which symbolically is represented as a guy walking in the marketplace with the balancer on his shoulder to check whether the deals or agreements are done right.

Since Venus rules it, it is a very creative sign. Art, music, films, cinema, entertainment, and anything related to creativity, beauty, and glamour – all come under the purview of this planet. The 7th house represents marriage, social life, legal associations, business, partnerships, and relationships.

The element air indicates intelligence, logic, and mental abilities. The Libra sun sign is said to be a cardinal sign because it is very flexible.

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