Sagittarius Traits

Sagittarius is the archer of the zodiac. You are on a quest for knowledge (Great respect, BTW). Filled with wanderlust, what excites the Sagittarians is intellectual, geographical, and spiritual adventures. Sagittarius sign belongs to the Fire trio (along with Leo and Aries). Larger-than-life characters, prefer living life to the max. These adrenaline junkies are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of spirituality, growth, and abundance. Brilliant storytellers can brighten up any environment with sharp wit and a raw sense of humor, which are part of important Sagittarius moon traits.

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Archer among the Zodiac: Traits of the Sagittarius Sun Sign

Born between November 22 and December 21, Sagittarius is a restless, progressive, optimistic, and adventurous soul. Therefore, one of the Archer’s characteristics is seeking adventure. Dare to boss them and they will slam the doors for you FOREVER. You treat life like a big roller coaster ride. Sagittarians make great companions and superb comedians.

Made for the outside world, the Archers are always restlessly seeking thrilling expeditions across the globe, no doubt, it reflects the Sagittarius qualities. Sags are super approachable due to their adaptive and flexible personality. Always on the move, this Zodiac sign seeks copilots in relationships. These wild ones resent boundaries in life and seek many pursuits at a time just like blazing arrows.

Sagittarius Eminent Personalities

Hey, catch me if you can. All these popular archers keep spinning around the world throughout the year. Let us begin naming the trendsetters who exhibit these perfect Sagittarius traits:

  • Bruce Lee
  • Winston Churchill
  • Brad Pitt
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Jay-Z

Do you want me to stop cause we have already traveled the globe a thousand times? When all are sleeping, they are traveling, all are eating, they are still traveling, and OMG while all are working, at that time crazy Archers haven’t stopped traveling.

To all other zodiacs, stop being the mama’s boy and learn from Sags. What comes to your mind when you see all these influential eminent Sagittarius personalities? Archery right? Just one-word legends who conquered the world.

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Winston Churchill

Sagittarius Personality Traits

Honesty is rare, but Sagittarius are honest people. Adventure-seeking group, you can’t just keep ’em at one place (Don’t even try). Trying to catch them up will be the hardest like the hardest thing to do. Speed and accuracy are their super strengths and make the best of Sagittarius natives (OMG I am spilling the beans). Two words ‘trust’ and ‘belief’ and one phrase ‘Never give up’ sums them up. Persistence forms important Sagittarian traits.

Want some lessons in philosophy and optimism, a Sagi can give you both of them. The archers are athletic right? The Archer Zodiac is represented by half horse and half-human (the being ‘centaur’ in mythology). You know your higher intelligence forms the bridge between Earth and Heaven (Very Interesting). No doubt, intelligence, zeal, and conviction form the most sought-after ‘The Archer’ traits.

Sagittarius Positive Traits (Good Better Best)

Adventurous (Moves like Jagger)

The youth icon Genus Sagittarius natives are the best people when it comes to adventure. I have visited that place a thousand times. World tourists and people with wings I think would form the best astronauts. Adventure-seeking forms the essence of the Sagittarius trait. Bungee Jumping, Parasailing, River rafting Uff boring I want to jump from that cliff then swim underwater through that ancient 5000 years old cave then are you alright do I stop? Roller coasters are baby rides for them. They would rather prefer group skydiving with fewer number parachutes than other guys, not less than one, though. I am sorry, but they are like that.

Bruce Lee

Optimistic (Feeling Good)

Winston Churchill, the hero of World War 2! Sagittarius natives are like the last matchstick left to light a bonfire. Being optimistic is one of the praiseworthy Sagittarius characteristics. These people can always see the light at the end of the tunnel, which is the best part of them so far. Do not go gentle into that goodnight. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. The Sag guild has Jason Statham of Die Hard; they just keep coming back whereas when it comes to Sagittarius traits in females, positive thinking comes first.

Philosophical (Know All)

Nostradamus was Sagittarian. Archers have higher intellectuals and seek knowledge all the time. If the best astrologer in the world was Sagittarius then you must assume how philosophical they can become. Obviously, Sagittarius man traits showcase independent thinking. In fact, they are represented in mythology as centaurs (very intelligent beings, surprisingly not wearing clothes). Well, Bruce Lee was a philosopher too. A lot of philosophy was required to recover from his blows.

Independent (No Limits)

The Archers are fiercely independent and believe in the theory better done than said. Being super adventurous by nature, they do not compromise against their plans/dreams/priorities. Unbelievably, fierceness, independence, and freedom are the important qualities of a Sagittarius woman. Archers like to conquer new worlds and can move mountains of their free will. Higher intelligence leads to greater demands for freedom. Sagittarius traits certainly like to conserve their degrees of freedom. No doubt, independence is one of the prominent Sagittarian women traits.

Talented (Thank You)

Sagittarius individuals are super talented. Brad Pitt Ughhh. Enthusiastic nature being one of the best traits, Saggis are always on the verge. Travelling, sports, writing, keeping pets the list is long enough to continue till the world doesn’t exist. Archers make great comedians and turn even boring events into laugh riots. The incredible sense of humor forms prominent traits of a Sagittarius man and woman. Archers are quick-witted and you can mostly find them on the front covers of mags and newspapers. In fact, you can always find their cupboard filled with prizes and accolades. Multiple talents form an important portion of Sagittarius characteristics.

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Miley Cyrus

Honest (Best Policy)

I am telling the truth, believe me, I am Sagittarius. Archers need not lie even in the most complicated situations. Even lie detection machines fail to detect their lies because they are always telling the truth. Honesty is one of the major Sagittarius characteristics in females and males. Sagittarius traits have huge respect like Hugh Jackman for this quality among all the zodiac. At times, they have to bear the pain as the saying goes straight trees are cut first.

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Sagittarius Negative Traits (Dark Tales)

Patience can become a problem for them. Sags often take things for granted and take unmeasurable risks which create a lot of trouble. You need a lot of attention which always annoys other signs (Inferiority complex). Savage, you know what I mean. These adrenaline pumps won’t mind hurting others if they want something done.

Brutal (Merciless)

If a Sagittarius goes evil, there is no safe place to protect people. They might go extreme and hurt others. Sags may take paths that result in destruction because they are attracted to adventure-filled missions. They can trail towards the path of crime being high on adrenaline. Being brutal becomes the bad side of the archer.

Bane from The Dark Knight

Attention Seeking (Lights on Me)

You need attention day and night. Now, this might become a problem for others as they might get irritated. Seeking attention – an eminent characteristic of Sagittarius, they work hard to be the center of attraction. Not getting adequate attention might lead them to the path of self-harm. No doubt, self-destructive behavior can take a toll, the worst Sagittarius trait reflects because of the Fire element.

Boastful (Big Mouth)

Sagittarius traits keep boasting and do not know when to stop. This might make them arrogant and pretentious. Arrogance – a prominent negative side of Sagittarius can bring them down. In fact, their sharp tongues can inflict injuries on others. It is natural because acquiring knowledge while visiting places can make anyone self-boasting and sometimes arrogant.

Careless (Lack of Attention)

Sagittarius often forgets the difference between carefree and careless. They take things for granted, which is not a good sign. Taking unmeasurable risks (blind risks) can result in accidents and damages. No doubt, carelessness is a part of Sagittarius’ bad traits resulting in great loss.

Impatience (Cannot Wait)

Sagittarius traits cannot wait for too long. Archers are half horses that pump a lot of adrenaline into them. Contradictorily, seeking adventure is their nature, and waiting for too long is against their nature. Many times this behavior leads to frustrations and mistakes that pain lifelong.

Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter

Reckless (Too Irresponsible)

Sagittarius lacks the art of thinking before acting. This leads to irresponsible or we can say reckless behaviour and actions. They might break things which means a lot of damage sometimes unrepaired.

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Sagittarius Relationships (Balancing the Sides)

Sagittarius is represented by centaurs, and hence their relationships are ruled by animal instincts and higher intelligence. This creates a lot of conflicts. These Archers are looking for free spirits and equally adventurous partners, which reflects Sagittarius relationship traits for this Zodiac.

They are avid readers and get best along with well-read personalities. Good reading habits form one of the important Sags characteristics. In relationships, they often drain all the energy of the partners owing to the Sagittarius love traits. Archers are most compatible with Leo, Aries, and another centaur of course. Virgo and Pisces form the least of their match.

Sagittarius Home-Life & Family (Always on Vacation)

Sagittarius is sure to meet a lot of people on their journeys. They do a lot for family and friends. Fun-loving and always on the move Sagittarius have a large friend circle. That doesn’t mean they will forget all their duties at home. When it comes to home and family they are very much attached to their roots. They would often take their families out on dinners and popular vacation spots. If you love traveling and hanging out better get an Archer for life.

Sagittarius Work-Life & Money (Workaholic Dynamos)

Sagittarius traits would make excellent salesmen as they love traveling and meeting new people. The best place to put them is in a dynamic work environment where they get to meet new challenges every day. Equipped with higher intelligence, they are very efficient at working in teams. Just need to keep a check on their expenses as they are always spending or overspending.

Wrapping Up

Sagittarius Zodiacs are the people who explore the world. You would find many Archers performing research, which reflects one of the Sagittarius traits. Remember the Heisenberg uncertainty principle? It is impossible to detect any particle’s position and momentum at a single point in time.

Strongly associated with movement, the Fire sign trios are a closely-knit bunch. All three share a common need for passion, adventure, and competition. Consider yourself fortunate if you have an Archer for a life partner as you will never get bored.

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