जनवरी 2023 त्यौहार | 2023 में जनवरी महोत्सव की सूची

जनवरी 2023 के त्योहार (Festivals in January 2023)

Turn your life into celebration mode! We have a lot of festivals throughout the year as India is known for diversities and religions. So, we live every day like it is a festival. Regardless of where we belong, the greatness of culture is found in every festival. Festivals in India welcome a break from all stress and allow everyone to celebrate with complete zeal and enthusiasm. Needless to say that most Indian festival dates are not based on the Gregorian calendar. Hence, remembering all dates is a big task for us and even troublesome too. This is why we have brought the Indian Festival calendar 2023 just for you. Now know Dates, Muhurat timings, Legends, and Puja Rituals of the festival with one click!

Indian Festival Calendar

Indian Festival Calendar depends on the movement of the Sun and the Moon. So, there are 30 different calendars to set festivals of the discrete region, culture and custom. So, to unify all festivals and bring them to one platform, holidays are mentioned in the Gregorian calendar to keep festival zest alive in us. Though dates are based on the Gregorian calendar, celebrations of the festival are as per regional, ethnic style considering all religious beliefs and traditions. Hindu Panchang or Panchagam is used for auspicious Puja timings and setting Indian festivals on the Gregorian calendar. Shaka Samvat and Vikram Samvat calendars start with Chaitra month and are based on the lunisolar system. However, Chaitra Pratipada of Shukla Paksha falls either in March or April.