Are You an Aquarius? Know Whom to Befriend and Whom to Keep Away

Are You an Aquarius? Know Whom to Befriend and Whom to Keep Away

If you’re an Aquarian – Who can be your best friend? And who can be your potential enemy? You might mingle well with all the Zodiac Signs because you are naturally an affectionate soul. However, there are some Zodiac Signs you will get along with you fabulously, while we suggest you practice caution with the others.

The Aquarius zodiac is a fixed “Air Sign”. It is ruled by the aberrant planet Uranius. An individual of this particular zodiac is innovative & with an extrovert persona. They are fiercely independent and demand a free hand in everything they do. Be it work, be it relationships. They are highly intellectuals, sociable & fascinating individuals.

They are good friends with those who can match their energy or challenge them in innovative ways. They enjoy the company of engaging, energetic & dynamic personalities. Their friends accept them the way they are. They keep challenging them to bring out the best in them.

Let us explore below the best match and worst match for your particular Zodiac Sign.

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Aquarius Compatibility – Best Friend Match with Aries, Gemini, Libra & Sagittarius.


One of the reasons you get along well with Aries is because of their impulsive nature. You and your friend can hit it off from the start and make a strong bond that will last long. You have a lot in common. Both of you appreciate and are curious about everything upcoming. You understand new ideas and methods, and everything modern and conventional can appeal to your senses. You are constantly engaging with everything new that is going on around you. You might have fought once in a while; however, it will not impact your relationship as you both know how to resolve issues quickly. You & your Aries friend value independence; hence nobody will try to control or dictate to others. You will have many adventures together. Both of you will be like magnets; you absolutely cannot keep away from each other.

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Congratulations! You might have found your twin!! The twin sign of Gemini is of an extrovert and independent nature. Very much like yourself. Your friendship with the individuals of this Zodiac Sign will be both satisfying & stimulating. You will both show a very natural affinity for each other. You are both curious & enthusiastic souls. And hence you will be best friends from the very beginning. Time will run fast when you are together. Gemini appreciates everything new & modern, just like you. You will understand their extravagant persona and the fact that they know and connect with tons of people from different walks of life. However, they have very close friends, and you will be one of them. Gemini & Aquarius can be friends for life.

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You might feel overwhelmed and enthusiastic in the presence of a Leo. The very fact that both of you share contrasting traits yet your friendship will be epic. Your cool aloofness and Leo’s emotional sensitivity will blend in well in a relationship or a partnership. Both of you are highly enthusiastic & active. You will enjoy workouts & exercising together. Both of you appreciate music & art. Leo will help you stay connected with your emotions while you will acquaint them with your vast network of contacts. Both of you will make the best of friends while respecting each other’s capabilities & abilities.

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You find an open-minded, adventurous and independent friend in a Sagittarius. In return, they appreciate your humanitarian insights & unforeseeable behaviour. You adore the Archers’ “Just and Fair” attitude, and they are in awe of your “everything is possible” attitude. Both of you enjoy each other’s company immensely. You are both sociable and attend a lot of parties. In fact, you guys are the last ones to leave the party!

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Aquarius instantly make a connection with an individual of your Zodiac Sign because you both are equally crazy! Hence none of you will be amazed at the other’s madness for silly things! When you guys meet, you can go to lengths about discussing current affairs. You have a gala time while indulging in discussions on trending topics, social reforms, path-breaking technologies & inspiring theories. You are both sociable & find joy with each other. You know how to bring out the best in the other.

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Aquarius Incompatibility – Worst Enemy with Taurus & Scorpio


The Bulls & the Aquarius do not have much in common. It is the tendency of the bulls to get possessive over their friends, and you are not used to being controlled by others. On the other hand, Taurus are not very fond of your offbeat taste & preferences, and you find them relatively narrow-minded. The materialistic ambition of Taurus perplexes your witty demeanour. While you enjoy socialising and have a live and active circle, the Taurus cannot understand just why?

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You are both quite strong-headed & stubborn individuals. This could be a reason why you both cannot get along naturally. Such an attitude of yours can bring about frustration in the relationship. You work on solid convictions, while Scorpions have extreme willpower. If you ever get together, you would want to change the other person from scratch! Hence, getting along with a Scorpio for you is a big challenge.

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Ending Note:

The great freedom lovers Aquarius can not get along with individuals with a possessive bend of mind. They enjoy freedom, socialising & offbeat experiences in life. Hence your compatibility, be it in business or relationship, should match well with open-minded, spontaneous & innovative individuals.

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