Purnima 2024: Get to Know Rituals of the Full Moon Fast

Purnima is an auspicious day in the Hindu religion, the word loosely translates to a full moon. In different regions of the country, it is celebrated as Poornima or Poornamasi and is considered a very important day for devotees to obtain the blessings of God and obtain salvation. According to the Hindu calendar, the full moon appears at the end of the Shukla Paksha every month.

Every Purnima of the year has a unique significance to it and has a special Purnima vrat katha behind it. The fasting method is usually different for every Purnima based on the story behind it and the purpose of the fast. However, by worshipping the gods (usually Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi) on the days of the Purnima, the goal to obtain freedom from all past sins in life and to attain salvation is common. Let us now understand the significance of Purnima 2024.

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Significance of the Nights of Purnima

According to Vedic Astrology, the moon is the symbol of beauty and calmness. Therefore, the night the moon is in its complete form i.e. the night of Purnima, is considered to be one of the most fortunate nights of the year. On the day of the Purnima, the moon completes its sixteen phases in an attempt to be whole again and illuminates the night with its grace. It is believed that the moon directly affects an individual’s mental state, therefore anyone who worships and observes a fast on this day shall be immune to the unwanted effects of the moon and be blessed with peace, beauty, and serenity.

It is also a very fortunate day for devotees to worship Lord Shree Hari Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi to obtain their blessings and to wish their life full of prosperity, happiness, and wealth. Every Purnima that occurs in a year has a significance and purpose of its own. Therefore, based on the respective Purnima vrat Katha and the rituals of the day, the devotees worship, observe a fast, and donate in order to fulfil their needs and desires.

It is widely believed that just like how on the day of the Purnima, the moon completes its cycle and starts anew, a person should also begin again from the full moon day by eliminating all the negative thoughts, ideas, and opinions and approaching life positively. To obtain Lord Vishnu’s blessings on this day the devotee should chant “OM Namo Bhagwatey Vasudevay Namah.”

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Fasting And Worshipping Rituals On Purnima in 2024

On this auspicious day, the fast is fruitful only when the devotee worships by following the right rituals.

  • The devotee should wake up early and take a bath with a few drops of Gangajal in the bathing water.  It is believed that the holy Gangajal purifies the body and soul. The devotee must chant the below mantra while taking a bath.

Gange cha Yamune chaiva Godavari Saraswati !

Narmade Sindhu Kaveri Jal Asminna Sannidhi Kuru!!

  • After taking a bath, the devotee must take the vow to fast and worship Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.
  • Devotees should hear the  “Satyanarayan Katha”, which is believed to be very fruitful on this auspicious day.
  • The devotee must not consume food the whole day, they may have fruits or milk products but should avoid salt.
  • The devotee must offer Panchamrit ( milk, Ganges water, basil leaves, curd, and honey), flowers, and Panjiri to Lord Vishnu. 
  • The devotee must take bath once again during the time when the moon rises in the evening and worship Lord Shiva and Lord Shree Hari Vishnu in order to obtain their blessings.
  • After completing the pooja evening, the devotee may end the fast by consuming Satvik food (vegetarian food only that too without garlic and onion).
  • The last ritual is a donation of necessary items, which should be given to the needy and Brahmins on the next day of the fast. After the donation is given, the fast shall be considered completed.

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Now that we know all about the rituals that are to be followed on the day of the Purnima, let us look at the list of Purnima dates in 2024.

List of all the Purnima 2024 Dates

Purnima Vrat Name Purnima Date Purnima Day Purnima Vrat Duration
Paush Purnima Vrat 2024 January 25, 2024, Thursday ThursdayBegins - 09:49 PM, Jan 24 Ends - 11:23 PM, Jan 25
Magha Purnima Vrat 2024 February 24, 2024, SaturdaySaturdayBegins - 03:33 PM, Feb 23 Ends - 05:59 PM, Feb 24
Falgun Purnima Vrat 2024 March 24, 2024, Sunday Sunday Begins - 09:54 AM, Mar 24 Ends - 12:29 PM, Mar 25
Chaitra Purnima Vrat 2024 April 23, 2024, TuesdayTuesdayBegins - 03:25 AM, Apr 23 Ends - 05:18 AM, Apr 24
Vaishakha Purnima Vrat 2024 May 23, 2024, ThursdayThursdayBegins - 06:47 PM, May 22 Ends - 07:22 PM, May 23
Jyeshtha Purnima Vrat 2024 June 21, 2024, FridayFridayBegins - 07:31 AM, Jun 21 Ends - 06:37 AM, Jun 22
Ashadh Purnima Vrat 2024 July 21, 2024, SundaySundayBegins - 05:59 PM, Jul 20 Ends - 03:46 PM, Jul 21
Shravan Purnima Vrat 2024 August 19, 2024, MondayMondayBegins - 03:04 AM, Aug 19 Ends - 11:55 PM, Aug 19
Bhadrapada Purnima Vrat 2024 September 17, 2024, TuesdayTuesdayBegins - 11:44 AM, Sep 17 Ends - 08:04 AM, Sep 18
Ashwin Purnima Vrat 2024 October 17, 2024, ThursdayThursdayBegins - 08:40 PM, Oct 16 Ends - 04:55 PM, Oct 17
Kartik Purnima Vrat 2024 November 15, 2024, Friday FridayBegins - 06:19 AM, Nov 15 Ends - 02:58 AM, Nov 16
Margashirsha Purnima Vrat 2024 December 15, 2024, Sunday SundayBegins - 04:58 PM, Dec 14 Ends - 02:31 PM, Dec 15

The Purpose of Purnima Vrat in 2024

Paush Purnima Vrat

The Paush Purnima Vrat allows devotees to be free from their past sins and fulfil their needs and desires in life.

Magha Purnima Vrat

Devotees who wish the peace and serenity of their minds should observe a fast on this day. It is believed that the fruits earned by donating on this day are equal to performing the Maha yagya.

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Phalgun Purnima Vrat

Goddess Laxmi was born on this day and it is believed that anyone who worships Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi and observes fast on this day shall obtain the blessings of Lord Shri Hari Vishnu and gain all the riches in life.

Chaitra Purnima Vrat

It is believed that anyone who keeps a fast on this day shall have a clear path to success, prosperity and healthy life with all the obstacles of life removed.

Vaishakh Purnima Vrat

The Vaishakh Purnima Vrat helps the devotee prevent early death and brings health and wealth into their lives.

Jyeshtha Purnima Vrat

This vrat is usually kept by married women praying for the long lives of their husbands and inviting happiness and prosperity in their families.

Ashadh Purnima Vrat

The Ashadh Purnima is a great occasion for the people who have been ongoing for wealth, prosperity and happiness in their lives. They can observe a fast on this day to obtain the blessings of the Lord and achieve all the things they want in life.

Shravan Purnima

The day is extremely significant in the Hindu religion as Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on this day. Devotees tie a Rakhi to Lord Shiva, Lord Shri Vishnu, Lord Hanuman and Goddess Laxmi requesting them to protect them from all the evils in life.

Bhadrapada purnima Vrat

Devotees observe this fast in order to seek forgiveness for the sins that they have committed in their previous lives and ask for the blessings of Lord Vishnu.

Ashwin Purnima Vrat

The Ashwin Purnima Vrat helps devotees pray for health and wealth in their families and helps unmarried girls get a suitable life partner for themselves by fasting on this day. Read more

Kartik Purnima Vrat

The Kartik Purnima is an auspicious day and fasting on this day shall allow devotees to obtain the blessings of Lord Vishnu who shall grant them all that they desire in life.

Margashirsha Purnima Vrat

It is believed that any young girl who bathes in holy water on this day shall find a very good life partner for herself. It is also believed that donating on this day shall help a person get rid of all their sins and attain salvation.

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra On Purnima

oṃ tryambakam yajāmahe sugandhim puṣṭivardhanam ।
urvārukamiva bandhanān mṛtyormukṣīya māmṛtāt ।।

It is believed that chanting the Mahamrityunjaya mantra with absolute sincerity on the day of the Purnima helps a devotee obtain the blessings of Lord Shiva and attain salvation.

Attract the divine blessing of Lord Shiva by placing attuned Mahamrityunjaya Yantra.


We are sure that you now understand the importance of the days of Purnima in the Hindu religion. In conclusion, we hope that the above details inform you everything you need to know about Purnima in 2024 and the respective Vrat helps you obtain the blessings of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva and brings prosperity, happiness and peace to your life.

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