Saturn in Pisces – Difficult Placement of Cold Planet in Last Sign

The various aspects of Vedic astrology make it possible for us to understand and prepare well for the future and nullify the impact of the negative influence of the planets over our life. From understanding the traits to knowing the strengths and weaknesses, from education to love, from career to marriage and children, astrology can make predictions about almost all spheres of life. It can also help us get rid of troubles that are anticipated in the future.

Vedic astrologers are experts in understanding and analyzing the movements of the planets and call them transit or retrograde. A planet transits in the forward direction from one sign into another, while the planet retrogrades back into the same sign, that it had left recently. Both aspects leave some impact on the natives of those signs. These impacts can be good as well as bad. It may benefit the native in some way or harm in some other way. And it may also be a combination of mixed impact.

Here, in this article, we are going to elaborate on one such transit and retrograde of the cold planet Saturn. We shall be throwing some light on what happens with Saturn in Pisces sign and when Saturn returns to Pisces. But before that, let’s gain some insight into the planet Saturn and the zodiac sign Pisces individually.

Saturn – The Cold Master

Pisces – The Intuitive and Spiritual Sign

Saturn in Pisces – Dwelling Imagination and Illusion Together

Saturn in Different Houses of Pisces – The Closure

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