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All About Sun in Scorpio According to Vedic Astrology

Ruling Planet – Mars and Ketu
Element – Water
Date Range – November 17 to December 14
Nature – Fixed Sign
Symbol – The Scorpion

In Vedic astrology, the Scorpio sun sign has two ruling planets – Mars and Ketu. Ketu, in this sign, is exalted. It is a fixed sign. Scorpio is the sign of Transformation. It itself implies sudden changes. So it is basically fixed on constant change, be it internally or in an outside environment.

The element of Scorpio is ‘Water’, which represents deep emotions and feelings. This water is not deep ocean water in the initial years of this sign. It is the middle water layer that lies between the deep ocean bed and the surface water. Although the maximum turbulence could be seen on the surface, it arises from the middle water, and it is a huge contributor to their Transformation.

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