Sun in Capricorn - Know the Effects, Traits, Emotion etc.

Sun in Capricorn – The Practical and Determined Succeeded

Ruling Planet – Saturn
Element – Earth
Date Range – December 22 – January 19
Nature – Cardinal Sign
Symbol – The Sea-Goat

Vedic astrology works as an integral part of life, and there is no doubt about it. Astrology is the study and knowledge about stars, ruling planets, their movements, and the influence of their combinations on one’s life. There are twelve zodiac signs with their ruling planets and are influenced by the five elements of nature- Air, Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth. The natives taking birth in any of these combinations show the qualities and characteristics of that particular sign.

Natives with some special combinations may make one achieve the best of their life or may even take away everything. The movement of these planets imposes its impact on any sign for a particular period.

The Sun in Capricorn influences the life of man and woman with Capricorn as their sign. In this article, the impact of the Sun on Capricorn will be discussed, and it will elaborate on how the energy and power of the master of all the planets are reflected in native’s life. Let’s delve into the relationship of the impact of the Sun on the life of the natives born under the Capricorn sign and explore the Sun in the Capricorn events in astrology.

Sun - The Ultimate Master

Capricorn - The Toughest of All

The Sun in Capricorn - The Confrontation of Opposites

Summing Up the Sun in Capricorn

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