Saturn In Virgo Sign: Saturn Effects On Virgo Natives’ Lives

The planetary transition from one zodiac sign to other have a significant role in molding the general personality traits of their natives. These movements sometimes become the deciding factor for a person’s relationship status and career choices. At the same time, it also depends on the strengths and weaknesses of the planets. If the planet is strong, it will have a greater influence and vice-versa. The conjunction or combination of planets in a house or Rashi also plays a crucial role for natives.

In Vedic astrology, the planet Saturn is a slow-moving planet so, it takes years to arrive in the Virgo sign. If Saturn is in the Virgo sign, the influence would not be as harsh as one expects from Saturn. It is because the taskmaster arrives in the Virgo ascendant who are already strict with themselves. A little more rigidity will not upset them though there will be consequences of Saturn for Virgo ascendant. Let’s delve into more details on Saturn. So, here we go.

When Saturn Passes Through Virgo Sign

The word Saturn or Shani is enough to scare the most courageous person on earth, regardless of their interest in astrology. The status of Saturn in Vedic astrology is that of the strictest teacher and the one who punishes their natives. The planet Saturn brings with it the most undesired and frightening time of life. The scariest phase of life is the one when Saturn had his evil eye over you.

Though we may blame Saturn for all sorts of miseries and despair in life, we need to remember that we get what we deserve from Saturn. It’s what you had sown with your past karmas, that you are reaping with the Saturn in your Kundli. Saturn’s entry into the Virgo sign would be a sign of a warning that reminds you to work hard. Otherwise, Saturn may have other plans for you.

Some of you may agree that Saturn makes us go through hell while we are alive, but it also nurtures us and inspires to achieve success. It inflicts humbleness and gratitude for all that is left after the punishment is over. Saturn’s rigid and torment phase makes a native persistent and perseverant, which helps in letting him toil without effort or tiredness. Slowly, natives may learn to live with roots under the ground and head above it. Let us find out the personality traits of these natives.

Traits And Personalities Of Natives Having This Combination

The lord of the sixth house of the horoscope, the Virgo zodiac, is ruled by the planet Mercury. Under the influence of the Earth element, the Virgo natives are well-mannered and organized. The natives who belong to the Virgo sign are workaholics. They don’t work to live; in fact, they live to work. And unless they get perfection in their work or task, they won’t give it up.

The Virgo ascendants are too involved in the details of everything. They view all the minor details so sharply that, at times, they lose their focus on the bigger picture. They follow a practical approach to work and life. And the best quality of Virgo is that they are ready to work hard and learn new skills to improve and reach perfection.

The Virgo sign makes the natives kind and helpful. They are friendly people and do not shy away from asking for help. Though at times, they may become those who are dependent on others, away too much. But moving on, Virgo natives need to learn about the line between criticism and discrimination.

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The Effects Of Saturn In Virgo Sign

When Saturn is in Virgo sign, it may ask you to undergo a test. While Saturn is ready to punish a person, the Virgo sign is already harsh with self. Saturn makes people work harder, but Virgos are born diligent and laborious people. So, what can be the result of Saturn in Virgo that may be different and difficult? Let’s find out.

With Saturn in Virgo, the native consumes themselves totally into work. They neglect the basic need for food and water for the body. This may result in adverse health issues. The native with Saturn in Virgo takes responsibility for whoever and whatever. This puts his life and reputation at stake. He does whatever it takes to fulfill his duties towards his responsibilities. This becomes the root cause of no time for self and family.

In such conditions, the natives may get frustrated with themselves and lose their temper easily. It makes the person quarrelsome also, leaving him with only a few true friends in life. The Virgo native is considered to be methodical and meticulous, and with Saturn in Virgo, the native turns into Obsessive- An compulsive person who wants to have many things the way he had imagined and put them. This obsession leaves the native lonely.

With the influence of Saturn in Virgo, the natives keep working to achieve that perfect life and lifestyle and miss those small moments of love and joy. Since the Virgos are perfectionists and work till they achieve perfection, the influence of slow-moving Saturn makes them even slower. Hence, with Saturn in Virgo, the native takes too long to complete any task.

The Saturn in Virgo’s career has a positive influence as it makes it work harder and it results in better performance and perfect outcomes. If Saturn is in the 5th house for Virgo ascendant, the native may have to leave the family for some time, though they might be very supportive and understanding. Saturn in the 4th house for Virgo ascendant may pose some health issues for the mother, but the health of the native and his job would be stable. Saturn in the 7th house for Virgo ascendant will have mixed results on the love life of natives. Saturn in the 10th house for Virgo ascendant builds chances for a foreign visit and some extra expenditure too.

This placement makes Saturn in Virgo man becomes disciplined and organized. While Saturn in Virgo woman works with minute precision. Both the man and the woman associated with Saturn in Virgo are well-mannered and career-oriented people who follow the rules at all costs.


The last time when Saturn was in Virgo was back in the month of September 2007. It then moved to Libra in April 2010. In the coming years, Saturn will pass through Virgo sign in the year 2036 and retrograde in 2037. Following its transition, natives may have to pull up their sleeves to work hard. This planetary transition of Saturn in Virgo may come with a bag of mixed experiences, good and bad things would be on the cards. After all, Saturn may assist you in reaching the path of success if you give an effort.

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