The Elements of Kundli Charts And Their Significance in Your Life

The Elements of Kundli Charts And Their Significance in Your Life

Kundli charts are a term I’m pretty sure almost everyone has heard at some point in their lives. We have a basic idea that it has something to do with the zodiac signs or the sun and the moon. Well, you’re right, but there is a lot more to it, and today I’m going to do deep research and let you know all the little details about the Kundli chart.

What are Kundli Charts?

Kundli represents the position of the planets at the exact time of a certain event like a birth, marriage, or celebration. Kundli is most commonly called a horoscope in English. It helps one find the influence of the planets, the Sun, and the Moon on one’s life. Kundli charts are used to determine the best time to do anything, right from a festival to the celebration of a good incident, and also help to predict the (in simple terms) good luck and bad luck in a person’s life. This is by noting down the sensitive angles and positions of the celestial bodies at a given time.

Several newspapers and now online articles carry weekly or daily published horoscopes that are the interpretations of the Sun, stars, and the position of the planets during that day or week and how it would influence a certain person’s life depending upon their zodiac sign. In the Hindu religion, the Kundli charts are mainly based on the movement of stars and moon, and any ritual or event is always done after taking into consideration whether the stars are at the right place or not. Kundli chart has a great influence in Hindu marriages as well, where both the bride and groom have their Kundlis compared, and thus it is determined whether they’re fit for each other or not and if not, in some cases, they’re not allowed to marry.

As per Hindu astrology, the Janma Kundli, i.e., the kundali birth chart, is considered the most important of all. Birth chart kundli determines the entire life of a person and affects every event in his life. If you need a kundali chart by date of birth, get in touch with our Expert Astrologer.

Let’s discuss some of the reasons why the Kundli chart is important in one’s life.

Benefits of The Kundli Charts

Kundli charts in Hindu astrology play a significant role in a person’s life. It can be said that the Kundli chart is the basis of Hindu astrology.

Do you remember Pandit’s role in every marriage of a Hindu family? It doesn’t matter how advanced and modern a family is, but even today, everyone goes for a proper Pandit’s advice before taking any important decision in life, let it be marriage, a traditional ritual in a house, or a Grihapravesh There are a number of events where a Hindu family always takes the Kulguru’s advice. All these important events, as per Hindu astrology, are based on the Kundli chart of a person. In fact, the movements of the Sun, Moon, and other planets have a great influence on a human being’s life, positively and negatively. Whatever happens in a person’s life are just the consequences of actions and reactions of what we call “Karma”, but there is no scale which actually defines good or bad Karma, however; a Kundli depicts all the events which are about to take place in our lives. Whatever the case may be, one should respect our ancestor’s faith and follow the path shown by them; in the end, what matters is “happiness.” If you ask me, there are many experiences that the previous generations have come across, and found to be true as per the Kundli, that’s why if you wish to anticipate some major events of your life, like marriage, job, business, childbirth, etc. It’s always better to follow the instructions of the astrologer as per your Kundli. With the help of an astrologer, future life complications and unseen problems can either be solved or can be reduced to some extent based on our planet’s movements, and Grihadasha mentioned in the Kundli.

Now that we know how important a role Kundli charts play in our lives, let’s discover the elements that form the basis of the Kundli charts and all the things that are taken into consideration while examining the Kundli charts.

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Elements of The Kundli Chart

In Hindu astrology, there are several elements that are extremely significant. These elements are twelve (Rashis) zodiac signs, Twenty-seven Nakshatras, Dashas, nine Grahas, Bhavas, Gocharas, and Drishti.

Let’s start with the most commonly known element, the Zodiac Signs.

Zodiac Signs (Rashis):

There are twelve Rashis, zodiac signs
1. Aries (Mesha)
2. Taurus  (Vrishabha)
3. Gemini (Mithun)
4. Cancer (Karka)
5. Leo (Simha)
6. Virgo (Kanya)
7. Libra (Tula)
8.Scorpio (Vrishchika)
9. Sagittarius (Dhanusha)
10. Capricorn (Makara)
11. Aquarius (Kumbha)
12.Pisces (Meena)


Nakshatras refer to the 27 astronomical divisions on the ecliptic path that help identify several important traits and are used to decode the Kundli charts. They play a significant role in our lives; the 27 Nakshatras are:

1. Ashwini
2. Pushya
3. Husta
4. Mrigashira
5. Chitra
6. Anuradha
7. Revathi
8. Rohini
9. Uttarphalguni
10. Uttarashada
11. Uttrabhadra
12. Punarvasu
13. Swati
14. Shravana
15. Dhanishta
16. Shatabisha
17. Ardra
18. Ashlesha
19. Jestha
20. Moola
21. Bharani
22. Magha
24. Purvashada
25. Purvabhadra
26. Krittika
27. Vishakha


Dasha means the position and time of the planets. As we know, each planet affects a person’s life in a good or bad way, depending upon the location, dominance, and the period of their presence in a person’s Kundli.


There are nine Grahas or Planets as per Hindu Astrology that influences a person’s Kundli chart, and there are collectively called the Navgrahas. The nine Grahas are:

1. Sun (Surya)
2. Moon (Chandra)
3. Mercurry (Budh)
4. Venus (Shukra)
5. Mars (Mangal)
6. Jupiter (Brahaspati)
7. Shani (Saturn)
8. Rahu
9. Ketu


Bhavas mean the 12 houses in the Kundli chart. These are Lagna bhava, Dhana bhava, Bratru bhava, Shukha bhava, Putra bhava, Shatru bhava, Kalatra bhava, Ayur bhava, Labha bhava and Vyaya bhava. Graha’s positions in these bhavas decide its positive or negative impact on a person’s life.


The Gocharas depict the movements of a planet from one house to other. For example, at the time of birth, the position of these planets (Grahas) is fixed, but throughout one’s life, they constantly move, which again affects our lives.


Drishti means “seeing towards’, here it means the Drishti of a Graha. It is not only the position of a Graha that matters, but the Drishti of a Graha is equally important to know the correct outcome of the unforeseen events of life.

These were the elements that are taken into consideration while analyzing the Kundli Charts of a person. Next up, I’m going to answer a few questions that people have when it comes to Kundli Charts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know my Kundli?

That totally depends on the exact date, time, and place of birth. Depending upon the positions of all the planets at the time of birth, an astrologer can easily prepare your Kundli chart.

Can Kundli predict future?

Well, of course, if we talk about predictions that totally depend on your Janma kundli, though it is 100% accurate, one can say up to 60-70% of predictions are correct. There are many famous astrologers who had predicted about pandemic hundreds of years before the event, which turned out to be real.

Is Kundli important for marriage?

It’s advisable to check one’s kundli before marriage. That will surely help you understand a person better, also whether they can make a compatible couple in future or not. After all, we do look for reliable and trusting partners everywhere; this might as well help you be prepared.

And now you know everything there is to know about Kundli Charts, their elements and how they make a difference in our lives; we hope you get your Kundlis checked and everything turns out to be great. All the best and until next time, Take care.

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